Kiosk Live in LA

Rock band's first concert in Los Angeles (March 7, 2008)


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Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

These guys are great

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

And the good news is that they're good guys as well.  But the even better news is that Arash is correct in the video when he says there are a lot of truly talented & creative people oozing out of Iran. (He's probably right about the reasons too).

At BeyondPersia we hear weekly from great new bands (like 127, HyperNova, Pouya Mahmoudi and literally dozens of others) looking to come out here and have their chance at success. This is great news for our evolving cuture.

 It is up to us to recognize the need for alternative fresh sounds and support these guys by (for instance) buying their music (not copying their CDs:) and by buying tickets to events (not bootlegging their performances:) and generally by voting for better art with our money, so they can make a living too and produce more and more.

Finally (and I know this is going to upset some people) but we have to demand higher standards by openly rejecting the same old sub-par suff we keep getting recycled to us as "art, music & TV " by the cheesy tehrangeles media machines that haven't improved in 3 decades.  It's Ok to admire art and then demand a higher standard for it, like we do with everything else; medicine, cars, sofware, food, shoes, designer handbags...

While everything doesn't have to be Rumi & Hafez, what's important to us and how we protect it says a lot about who we are as a culture. 

:) JMHO--Respect.


Talented Kiosk keep up the good work!!

by IRANdokht on

Music with conscience what a concept!

This one remains one of my favorites: Ey Daad az Eshgh and my favorite video To Kojayee

Best of luck to you Kiosk, I hope to catch your next live performance



Kiosk ROCK!

by Majid on

That's ALL I can say.

Long live talent.

Wish you could perform more often and come back to So Cal. soon.

Any new work in the making? 


Come to San Diego...

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

I loved your work ever since you arrived to North America with your first official album (Adam Mamoli).
Your second album (Eshghe' Sorat) is awesome too...
Do you have any plans to come to San Diego? There is a big Persian community here & you play a kind of music that even non- Iranians enjoy... I've heard that many times from them...
Anyways, Wishing you all the best & Thank you again for rescuing Iranians from superficial & cheezzzy new Iranian music where most of them using not more than few 6 & 8 with the help of a retarded computer ... And not to mention the shearaye Bande Tomboonies...
Love & Peace...



by Anonymous fish (not verified) on

It is good to see other genres being introduced in to the Iranian music, however, Kiosk's sounds and style, are just taken from Clapton and the Eagles. Music without some originality.... I don't know about that.


Very talented. Wish you

by Dariush (not verified) on

Very talented. Wish you success