Kiarostami's Mozart

Iranian filmmaker stages "Così fan tutte" in France

This year's opera festival in the French city of Aix en Provence presents Mozart's renowned "Così fan tutte" directed by Abbas Kiarostami.


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always looking for controversy

by sheila.dadvar on

so basically what anonymous5 and ye irooni are saying is that either whatever you do should be strictly related to iran or you are not iranian. for some reason i can't wave that scene from the movie red violin out of my head where the violins are burnt in order to protect the people of china from the influence of evil west, or baning the use of ties in iran after the revolution because it's westernized and will corrupt the mind of innocent iranians (it has not yet been clear to me that how come ties are bad and suits are not, coat shalvaar is wester too, right?)
don't get me wrong. i know that there is a vast range of iranian culture to cover. meanwhile we don't need to isolate ourselves in order to preserve farhang-e ghaniye farsi.

kiarostami has always portrayed the simplicity of life in iran, the relationship of individuals in that culture. and yes i know that even his previous works have their own critics. and i know that everyone is entitled to their opinion. i just think that we need to take a deep breath every now and then and pick up a different shade of glass to see the world through, kind of what kiarostami has done, it's his interpretation of a western music. i don't think a big crowd of austrians would protest if one of their fellow countrymen would have a project based on an iranian art of any sort, and probably neither would we.

p.s. it was an iranian poet who reminded us that bani adam a`zaaye yekdeegarand (or yek peykarand for those who believe the latter is correct) i don't remember the poem going something like this: bani iranian a`zzye.....


How about an "AFARIN" for Mr. Kiarostami

by AM95 (not verified) on

I salute Kiarostami for his talent and bravity to try something new!! Why not? Why can't we be more suportive of our countrymen's effort to display their talent and hardwork and the fact that make US look better in the world. Please don't get me wrong, I love the old Rostam story, but one thing at the time.



by ye irooni (not verified) on

Harfe delamo zadi, merc.
kiaRostami make an art or/and film that shows how truly parsi we are?! are we?
may be an opera of Shahnameh will do that? DUH........
how Rostam destroy zahak type character, hun thats a great idea.
Rostam win over Zahak of time Mr. Khamenie.
iran and iranians need artist who truly care about parsian wholeheartedly.
use this great suggestion baba jaan,
get with the program already you even have Rostam in your last-name, get the clue?

ye irani,
r u?

Azarin Sadegh

Bravo Mr. Kiarostami!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I love opera but Così fan tutte is not my favorite Mozart. I think his best opera is Don Giovanni. I wonder how Kiarostami (with his unique sense of observation and his unique talent of story telling) would have imagined the last scene of Don Giovanni with the Commendatore:




produce what really matters!

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

how about producing art which reduce the pain of your country-men in Iran!