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Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" for comments made on Iran


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Vote for Barak Obama, he will visit Qom in 2009

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

If elected Barak Obama will visit Qom in 2009 and covert to Shia Islam. He will also be granted honorary Iranian citizenship.

Direct talks will begin with the government in Tehran.

All sanctions against Iran will be abolished.

Adult entertainment will return to Iran. Iran will become the middle east's "Amsterdam".

Sex will cost 200,000 Iranian Rials. That is roughly $20 U.S. Dollars.

Vote Obama, once and for all.


Hey Anonymously

by Vote for MacCain (not verified) on

Probably your ass is trembling and you shit in your pants, if MacCain
hangs Akhoonds. Then you can't benefit Akhoondi corruption at home
and be in the US at the same time and preach for democracy at home.

Anyone who hangs Akhoonds and cuts the benefit of bastards like you
is doing good to Iran.

By the way can you solve this: Ass + Hole = ?
No? Answer is You :)


Vote for Mc Cain

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Hey "Vote for MacCani",

I think it is a good idea that you do vote for "MacCani" as long as you don't vote for "McCain". You idiot. How did you manage to pass through the math question on this site?

Do you have to have an IQ below 50 to be a Republican these days? It sure seems like it doesn't it?
Keep acting, if acting, this dumb and you won't be allowed to vote any more.

But you go ahead and vote for "MacCani" this round.


Old man

by Anonymously (not verified) on

The old man has completely lost his marbles. In fact I think he never had any marbles to begin with. The few, colorless, boring marbles he did have, he left behind in the torture chambers of Vietnam.

Vote for him and continue keeping America the dumb nation it has become.



by (not verified) on

Yes, Try to make some sense to these oposition groups who want and wanted the bombing of Iran, ""because of revenge" thinking the liberals in Iran would go along with that and know when they see oh, even liberals are against it, same opposisions are pretending to be against bombing. Just pretending! so they don't loose a few supporters they may have had otherwise they don't really give a damn about Iraniand in Iran!!!


Mr. Barry Goldwater Jr AND Vote for MacCani

by Abarmard on

Barry Goldwater Jr, we don't really give a damn if he knows the reality of war and is a warmonger. We want someone with that knows Democracy and Freedom along with a little brain, not in the same level as our current president.

Taking the blinders off would make any true human cry for America!!

Vote for MacCani, have fun waiting for a foreign force to free your country. What a freedom you will have then and sure you will never lose it since it's pure American, I mean Persian. And perhaps the same way that Saddam is out and freedom is in inside Eyerak, in eyeran also will be the same!!! Can you say treason and traitor? I think I can:

Vote for MacCani ;)


K O for president!

by parazeet on

Keith is the best.

McCain is like my angry grandpa. Didn't he sing Bomb Bomb Iran? So what if a couple of hundred thousands of our cousins perish in "liberating" our motherland? So what, if Pasargad and MenarJonban get flattened by carpet bombs? We have our own carpets to hang on to! Tongue in cheek, but true.


This man is GW x 50

by farokh2000 on

This is another candidate of the GOP that has no integrity, morals or credentials. Just because he has seen Wars(not really a War but another invasion by U.S. of course) and been in Vietnamies prison for his crimes does not mean he is qualified for anything.

The man is full of complexes for what they did to him in prison there, in addition to the fact that he has no credentials or brains to be a top CEO of anything. He can't even remember or distinguish one country from another, just like GW.

I would not even trust him to collect my garbage at the curb or take my dog for a walk.


to Irandokht and the rest of the donkeys (pseudo-democrats)

by Barry Goldwater Jr (not verified) on

John McCain has something that no other cadidate has: he knows full well what the reality of war is. You are blinkered by your own misguided infatuation with anything democratic. Remove the blinkers and you see better.



by Majid on

"......... and MacCain gets the green light to send his trops to hang Akhoonds................."  ?????

WHAT  ???????

Are you kidding me? HIS TROOPS?

He doesn't own his BRAIN ! let alone a TROOP!

Meegee nah? look at the clip again !



by Anonyed (not verified) on



Doesn't make a difference

by Kamangir on

Extremists, Al-queada, hezobollah, hamas, jundullah, etc... were created and fed by the CIA itself, in order justify their syntetic war of terror. No wonder, the jackass of MacCain uses different names, this product of theirs has.

Months ago, I was reading a 'Times' magazine extensive artice on the Middle East, that would go country by country and then the last one on the list of 'countries' was: Terrorists. I was curious and went to that chapter and read the following:

Terrorists are abundant in the Middle East, they come in all colors and shapes (this turistique guide went on about the several factions involved...)  If the Times, writes like this, what do you expect from McCain?



by p (not verified) on

How does this fool get votes from actual living breathing human beings?????

Blows my mind.


Hillary with Roosary ...

by Vote for MacCain (not verified) on

Hey, Irandokht

Hillary will go with Roosary and shake hands with Antaree.
Akhoonds call obama, oo baa maast ! he is with us!
So, democrats will send cheesy smiles to Akhoonds to get cheap oil.

Israel will bomb iranian reactors, Akhoonds will fire rockets at Israel and MacCain gets the green light to send his trops to hang Akhoonds.
Iranians will dance in the streets and kiss American GI's.

Screen plays have long been written for both cases.
Now, who is better? Hillary with Rossary oo baa maast or Old fart?


by on

Ha Ha Ha!  Totally funny!!           He is soooo old. He can barely stand up or even speak!  I'm gonna laugh really hard if this grandpa is elected president!  It wiill be like the last stroke needed to send the US down the toilet for good.

And to think about the fuss they are making about Hilary's Bosnia video!  What about this video?




re: vote for ??

by IRANdokht on

I still remember when the students held the hostages long enough so Reagan would get elected

Republicans will not get rid of the akhoonds, don't be so gullible

this guy will continue the threats of a military action on Iran and make the akhoonds regime even more powerful and popular

he's not to be trusted nor supported



old fart and old chalghooz

by Vote for MacCani (not verified) on

MacCain is younger than Regan when he became president and
not much older than the assholes who rule iran.

Akhoonds will spend millions to see him not elected so their
misery will last 4 more years.

Bush hanged Saddam and MacCain could hang Akhoonds.

So, let "old fart" drop "old chalghooz" and ye sifoon roosh.


You go Keith!

by Majid on

He's the man with BALLS!

Learn Fox news, L  E  A  R  N !


John McCain is so OLD for presidency that in a year or two you need a pair of pliers to pull his "gooz" out of his k**n!

That's a new definition of "old fart" !


the new GOP clown

by IRANdokht on

Today in CA, John McCain had such a different tone about wars, completely opposite of his "bomb bomb Iran" mentality.

I think he proved that he's not only unaware of the rest of the world's mentality and relationships, he also is a liar and opportunist.

Olbermann rules :0)