A Jihad for Love

Trailer for documentary on Muslim homosexuals

"In a time when Islam is under tremendous attack from within and without, 'A Jihad for Love" is a daring documentary filmed in twelve countries and nine languages. Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma [CNN interview] has gone where the silence is loudest, filming with great risk in nations where government permission to make this film was not an option." Iranians featured in this documentary: Amir is filmed as he waits to receive asylum, with a group of three other young gay Iranian men-Payam, Arsham and Mojtaba- who arrived in Turkey before Amir. While in Iran, Amir was charged with crimes of “sexual preference, sexual contact, illicit speech, illicit dress, makeup, and mannerism”—and for these “crimes,” Amir was sentenced to a flogging and received 100 lashes, after being brutally beaten and tortured while in the custody of the police..." >>>



I absolutely concur with

by skatermom (not verified) on

I absolutely concur with Nima. I'd like to also add that the level of bigotry by some folks on this website is shocking.


we do not have gays in

by nima (not verified) on

we do not have gays in Iran..
we do not have Christians in Iran..
we do not have Jews in Iran..
we do not have Arabs in Iran..
we do not have Turks in Iran..
we do not have Kurds in Iran..
we do not have ...well you get the idea..
but we do have idoits like you (Alborzi) and
Amadinezhad in Iran.
Iran....Advanced? in what? Human rights???
oh pahleeze...


We do not have gays in Iran

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The ones you picture are either Shahi or Mujahed, by definition Islam does not have gays. In fact Iran is very advanced on the subject and allows sex change, but law is based on the definition, so do not mix apples and oranges.



by nima (not verified) on

I have to give to you though, you have adapted well to some "western attributes", including the one equating Homosexuality with HIV/AIDS. you'd fit in just fine in the ranks of religious zealots across the world...heck you'd be even rubbing elbows with the Pope!
For your information, HIV/AIDS has been/is most devastating amongst the heterosexual communities worldwide. I'd refer you the www.who.org
If you are gonna be a bigot, just come out be one!
your attempt in hiding your true intentions are
futile! your core is showing!


amazing how the issue of gay

by nima (not verified) on

amazing how the issue of gay relationships has been trivialized to "sodomy" and a mere sexual act in the first few commentaries!!!
once again, Iranian communities remain very stubbornly closed-minded. It seems bigotry is somewhat intertwined in the blood of a large portion of Iranians- and that includes the ones living abroad-enjoying all aspects of a free society and yet denying others these same rights!!!!
I have said it before, and just for the record reiterate it again...these are the same folks who would attend public hangings of gay males. They'd cast the first stones
upon the "condemned", and then head back to their "heterosexual" lives.
Now granted I have never lived in Iran, and don't claim to know much about the internal affairs, but don't try to come over here and take my rights away in this country...take your ass out of whichever western society you reside in, and leave these "perverted" liberties behind.


we got some more serous problems

by bacheh tehroon (not verified) on

Gay and Lesbian right is not the main issu eo four society now. Dear Iranian fellows; our country (if you are still Iranian and have not changed yourself to PERSIAN (read it with farsi accent)) is occupied by Mullas. it is deteriorating. Why don't you want to understand. A guy who loves to be sodomized by the same sex is ill or normal, but we got more seroius problems, like simply being human. Even this is neglected in our society. So, I would suggest JJ to turn this agenda into a fruitful discussion instead of showing off gays, lesbians and rich boys who don't know what to do in life rather than being eccentric.



by Anonypishi (not verified) on

How can you be a good Muslim, Christian or Jew and gay?

How can you be a Republican and gay?


How can you be a compationate carnivorous?


and let me ask you this

by You know who I am (not verified) on

how come CNN does not make a movie about 70,000,000 millions heterosexual Iranians that simply because their country has lots of oil and other natural resources have to be oppressed by the agents of the British and American Mafia? West's sympathy for the homos is only to push Iranians farther down to rip them off or their natural resources.....

The day that the last British leaves Iran, the issue of homosexuality will be resolved.....


Islam does not recognize gays as moslems! End of story!

by gol-dust on

It amkes good movies! Look, People of all religions have gays within them! They might feel affiliation to that religion whether it is judaism, christianity, islam, hindu, budhism, etc., but that doesn't make the religion a religion of gays! None of the abraham religions accept the gays and considers their act as a sin! Do they go to hell? Hell no! After all, they were either born that way or raised in an environment suited for that! What is hell anyway?

Religion is something persoanl, and there are gays who are much better humans than non-gays! So, what is the big fuss about this? As long as they don't want me to accept it as an acceptable way of life, and normal, and keep shoving it on my face, who cares! it is their body and they can do whatever they want to do with it! If it was normal, human race would have been wiped out of aids million years ago!