Jewish new year

Iranian Jews wish happy new year (Passover)

The Eghbali family members in the US each speak to family (in Israel?) in Hebrew and English, except for the grandmother who speaks in Farsi. What is interesting to me is how the grandmother spontaneously leads her family in praying for peace and an end to the war in her message.


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Peace to you all

by Mosalmoon (not verified) on

I am an Iranian Shiite Muslim who is very proud of her Jewish landsmen and women. We are all decent human beings who deserve to be respected equally. We all should firmly stay away from the negative propaganda that the world's powers are try to spread through media in order to divide us. If we get back the power in our own hands, we will be able to together in peace and happiness.

Mona 19

Happy Passover

by Mona 19 on

Wishing you Happiness,Peace,Prosperity, and good health on pecach and always.



> move on

by Tired Iranian Dude of All that S**t (not verified) on

Baba base dige, persian this, jewish that. Get a life people 4 real.Enough chert o pert


Israeli flag in the background

by no_name (not verified) on

I glad we have such a diverse community in Iran and happy passover. However, just because they were raised in Iran doesn't make them have any affinity for Iran or Persians.

Just take a look at the Israeli flag in the background. I didn't see an Iranian flag, not even one from the Shah's time.


Happy Passover

by Mehdi on

May the dream of religious freedom become fully realized everywhere! Best Wishes.


Loved the grandma!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

She is the true Iranian Jewish who did not forget her heritage,especially when she repeated the word insha allah(god willing).
Wish her a happy pass over.
Peace on Earth


Songstress and Gol dust

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Songstress, What do you mean by “I hate non-Persian or non-Kurds calling themselves Persians or Kurds" I'm confused...If they are Persian with Moses as Prophet then they are Persian Jewish and Iran as their homeland...I didn't get you on that...From my experience I don't agree with you on your POV about Iranian Jews being narrow minded and that they are not in communication with others groups....I think they are very hardworking and friendly to others.

As for Gol dust
Just because some of us doesn't speak Farsi, in my case Kurdish at home, doesn't make me less Iranian than you...Iran is full of different religions, groups and languages...Try to understand this my friend..


WE all should be very proud

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

WE all should be very proud of our heritage. Jews, Armanian, Zorastrians, are all part of persian history, and civilizations. We used to, even now, live with Jews, go to school with, and socialize together. I think when we grew up in Iran, we had no idea, what the word racist, or prejudice meant. I am very proud of all Iranian jews, because they keep connected, and are involved in Iranian communities. Iranian Moslems,jews, Armanians. zorastrians, Bahais, are great examples how people can live together with love, and peace. Happy Passover.


IRI supporters

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

There are many Muslim Iranian abroad whose kids also don't speak persian (farsi), but they are very loyal.

Jewish people and all other Iranian minorities in Iran, they are the real heroes.

How jewish have been discriminate?

On a daily basis they hear in the news Jewish bashing slogans
Their house get broken into, anti-semitic graffiti, they can not teach or go higher up in the government, they get discriminated openly in the work place, on the streets

So to those ignoarant and arrgant IRI supporters, remember what happend to the Nazis, Stasi, Apartheid, fascist, communists, and Bathists (saddam) remember their fate yours will come soon.

Dig your hole, hide in the rat holes like Saddam.


The Granmother was the only real Iranian speaking in Persian!

by gol-dust on

During the grandma's speech something funny happened to the man upfront! Pay attention to his lips trying to control his words as he was annoyed about what she had to say in Persian! The rest of the kids uttered no Persian words!

Now how can anyone claim they are Iranians where they speak no persian? They have been in Iran for thousands of years speaking persian, but as soon as the kids are raised abroad they forget their historic persian language, and they learn Hebrew and the language of the country they live in, but no persian! It makes me wonder about their loyalty to their Iranian heritage and Iran! With all these patritism, no wonder there is so much corruption!


On Iranian 9Jews from a Muslim Iranian who grow up with Jews

by Songstress (not verified) on

Kurdish Warrior and Others,

I hope Jews stop using non-Jewish names (i.e., Jewish Warrior and Mehdi) to promulgate lies about the Jew. (1) Jews are not Persian, so stop using the phrase "Persian Jews". As a Persian and Kurdish woman, I hate non-Persian or non-Kurds calling themselves Persians or Kurds. (2). I want to high school with lots of Jews including Jews from Iran in one of the richest suburbs of Los Angeles. My Iranian Jewish classmates matriculated to CSUN and USC for the most part. The best Iranian Jewish students matriculated to UCLA. None matriculated to the most elite universities. At Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, and the Ivy League universities -- one hardly meets an Iranian student who is not a Muslim. (3) Jews from Iran in Los Angeles and especially in New York self-ghettoize themselves. By this I mean, they don't befriend people from other religions or cultures. As a result, they are dull people and view others through crude stereotypes.


Viva Persia and all its people

by Proud of Iran (not verified) on

Nice footage! I hope one day all Iranians, regardless of their faith and religion, can live peacefully in beautiful and lovely Iran. Damned IRI made this shit in my coutry; Jewish Iranians are among the best in Iran.


Persian Jews

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

are one of the most successful minority groups in USA and they are very proud of their motherland. God bless them.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Well said Aa Metti

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I can relate to those words. My father was born in Iran but left when he was 6 years old for tribal and family reasons. I and many like me born in Bahrain, have great allegiance to Iran regardless who governs it, although we wish Iranians had a better say in their own lives as we too live under mock-dictatorship but with American blessing.

The funny part is when I first visited Iran in 1969, I was referred to as 'Arabo' and in Bahrain we are refered to as 'Ajam'.

Still my heart ticks for anything Iranian/Persian but now after nearly 60 years, I see my soul elevated to that of a Human Being. As a result, I see everyone the same.

Khuda negahdar

Ahmed from Bahrain


We need your suport during this bad times.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Long lived Iranian jews.We love you and we are honored to have you as our Ham-vataans.Real Iranians.


happy passover...

by Tahirih on

to all of my Iranian Jewish hamvatanan.

Zendeh bad Iran,


Aa Metti

All Iranian

by Aa Metti on

Jewish, Muslim, Zorastian, Bahai, or Christian.....Iranians will always be Iranians regardless of how we pray, where we pray, or who we pray to !!




RE: Majid

by toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Can you please enlighten us how jews are being discriminated in Iran?


Few months ago there was

by Majid on

Few months ago there was this news that Israel offered some kind of incentive package to Iranian Jews upon their arrival in Israel if they leave Iran, and the majority of Jewish population in Iran showed absolutely no interest of accepting the offer !!

And that was a "big" slap!

With ALL that discriminations and hardship they face on a daily basis, they chose to remain in their "MOTHERLAND".

What does THAT tell you about them?

"dam-e hamashoon garm". 

Darius Kadivar

Iranian Jews are Iranian Period !

by Darius Kadivar on

They have been Iranians nearly as long as anyone of us. I do not see why we had to make an issue out of the "Jewishness" or not "Jewishness" of our compatriots.

Anti Semiticism should be sent to the dustbins of history as well as Ahmadinejad's stupid comments.

I hope that the current crisis will come to an end and lead to a more peaceful solution for everyone. Lets not forget all our Iranians back home nevertheless who are also victims of the current IRI and its henchmen.

War is Not the Solution to anything. Democracy and Human Rights should be.

Lets hope for the better and the return of these Iranians back to their motherland.




Zendeh Bad Iranian Jewish Community

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I am so proud of all Iranian minorities that despite all the hardship they have faced, they have never betrayed their country and stood loyal to the motherland.

God Bless you all

You are what makes Iran a great country. We will free motherland from the invaders.