Jendeh: Gazolin

Iranian band in UK



I agree with RezaSs, eff

by SinaWeena (not verified) on

I agree with RezaSs, eff Persian rap. That stuff is the most embarrassing thing a Persian has ever done. This is not too bad. Born in the US, I'm Iranian American myself and I've been in a couple bands growing up, but I never added any Persian influence in my music. I do enjoy older Persian music, whether it is Faramarz Aslani killing it on the acoustic or Moein with his incredible voice. I still believe the two genres should be kept separate and anything in between just destroys our culture because the popular culture is being spread by expansion diffusion. Kids in Iran are being repressed and oppressed and through their frustration they create these horrible rap songs. Blocking youtube in Iran and all that crap isn't going to stop anything, it's just going to make it worse. This Hichkas guy is still putting his music up and hes somewhere in Iran. If there is a will, there is a way. If the government continues ignoring the younger generation, they will have nothing but idiotic drug addict rebels looking for freedom, through music or drugs,one way or another, it is going to come out.


As bad as it might sound,

by RezaSs (not verified) on

It beats Persian Rap.


God forbids we Iranians get

by Ali (not verified) on

God forbids we Iranians get obsessed with something! We misuse and abuse it everywhere until we overdose on it. Nowadays, "freedom of expression" is the new fashion. Our art, poetry, literature, political view, personal relationships...etc all have become effected by the distorted understanding that we have of this notion.

Take a look at the Iranian weblogs, they're filled with profanity and vulgarity, our poetry has become delirious and perverted and without any substance, the people have become promiscuous, we have lost our moral boundaries and all sense of quality. A guy can take a guitar and yell "ba samimitarin doostam khabideh jandeh!" and this is called "music", "experiencing"....etc

Wake up people, before we know it we've turned into a nation of superficial morons with all issues of the Western country and without any of its strength!


you can always tell who the .......

by constitutionalist (not verified) on

...old and expired are on this site.

they are free to express themselves through music no matter how it holds up to traditional "classical" standards.

when only one form of music is taught, the creativity gets stuck in the mud kind of like a religious dogma.

I commend all young Iranians for experimenting and trying new things. Having listened to some heavy metal and alternative rock in my younger days, it is clear these guys need a lot of practice. They're young they have plenty of time.

just don't get trapped in the "lifestyle" for too long and you'll be an amazing musician by 30 or 40 depending on your level of commitment. Art and Music are like everything else in life they take consistency and dedication to become an "ostad".

Music is a great way to motivate, teach and enlighten the youth in Iran. But, a lot of the music from the Iranian diaspora doesn't relate to Iranians inside Iran. I would also recommend any foreign born Iranian musician to go and live in Iran for as long as possible, so they have a feel for Iran.


Taste of a New Generation

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

This is a great song. It would be much better if it was a woman singing it!

Please keep in mind times are a changin'. Youth will experiment with what they listen to. So if we listen to Bob Dylan and Metallica, that will come through the music younger Iranians make.


What a Crappy Song!

by Anonymous23 (not verified) on

I don't beleive this song should be censored.

But with all do the respect, it is a really crappy song! It is absolutely bad music, period.

Lyrically these guys are joke. The sound is very cliche as well.

I don't understand why so many Western Iranian bands and Iranian artists are playing Western music and then singing over it in Persian. It absolutely does not sound good. The same goes for Kiosk. I know they are a big fan of the site and supports them, but the music is bad.

I am not hating on Western music, but don't think that Persian over these western tunes works at all.


very kool music AND

by urstru!y (not verified) on

artistic form of music video presentation...VERY GOOD.


It is not because we have a

by Ali (not verified) on

It is not because we have a choice "not to listen" to something that we should tolerate any garbage as Art.

Our standards in arts have become so low that no talent, no skills and no depth is required to be published and attract an audience! For how many decades haven't we produced a single Forough, Shamlou, Vigen, Banaan, let lone a Molavi or Hafez?!

Why do we always pick the worst of every culture we come into contact with?!! And now we are falling in the same trap of mass consumerism, fast-food art and vulgarity that the American culture is struggling with.

We need to draw some lines, set some standards and create some regulations if we want to pass on anything worthy of our rich civilization to the generations. And songs like "Jendeh" do not meet these standards!


Wicked Song !

by Dude (not verified) on

Wicked Song !


* save what's remained of our culture.

by Luciferous (not verified) on

and how? "we" consume what ever "IRANIAN" offers. As consummers - so I mean - one can not save anything.
*We are already in the mids of the decline of our civilization.
that may be true but only for "IRANIAN"s. Not for Iranians, living at home. Take for example the MELAL ORCHESTRA and so many others which are struggling in Iran to prevent THEIR culture, the iranian culture, getting lost. They are very successfull.


Ali is right...let's start

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

Ali is right...let's start practice by censoring him!
I love this song. It's old.



by bikar (not verified) on

Dear Ali.
According to your opinion we should ban this kind of music, because why? You do have a choice not to listen t it and god has given you a finger change the site or the channel.
Don’t be so radical. Please.


I am really starting to

by Ali (not verified) on

I am really starting to believe that there needs to be some form of regulation and censorship in the field of Arts to save what's remained of our culture. We are already in the mids of the decline of our civilization.