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Nuclear First Strike on Iran?


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What a load of crap

by Bavafa on

I have not heard such big load of crap in a long while… on the second thought I was listening to GWB the other day so never mind.



Where Is Everyone?! Zion? Atoosa? Anyone?

by aaminian on

My, My, My, what do we got here boys?! Another example of highly inflated Zionist MA FA' propagandist elephant dung.

Oooohhhh friends of Zion, where arrree you now?! Any comments on this video? Anything? That's what I thought!


Oh Boy! stop nagging boy!

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

This guy does not remember that there's no name of USSR on earth map anymore and USSR people are happier campers NOW.

Do these people really think that even a regular uninformed citizen will buy this?
Let's talk about Peace.


Evangelical Propaganda

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

This is the same garbage you hear on the Christian channels by assh88le Hage and the rest of evangelical fanatics.

These are the same people who support AIPAC.


Lebanon War Summer 2006

by shirazie (not verified) on

Israel feels It needs to do something since they lost their war with IRI in southern Lebanon.

They are in a Panic Mode. After all without US military know how, they are just another Arab country without Oil.

Come down Boys. Learn to live with your cousins. you do not have to marry them


Why is crap like this

by sadegh on

Why is crap like this neoconservative, Likudnite hogwash getting airtime on this site???? This is total BS propaganda and completely infuriating...just listen to this moron...'it's all about akmenijed, the maaaadi and sheeii and soooonis, and ayyyrabs and sheeeyiiism''s the israel aggressors who have attacked bloody every nation on their borders and threaten Iran with nuclear obliteration...we will fight to the last man standing...payandeh iran...

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



Come and get it.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

We are ready when ever you are.We will never be afraid of
four million Jews.You should start been nice to your Arab neighbors instate of creating more enemy.You are only making Iran stronger and Iranian more united.



by tehran24 (not verified) on

Aa Metti


by Aa Metti on

What a bunch a bs......... get a life !



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

The people in charge in the U.S, Iran, and Isreal are all in it together to rip off the rest of the world. Every time these guys BS the stock market spikes. It's kinda like a staged wrestling match for idiots to watch.


with crap propaganda like

by normal people (not verified) on

with crap propaganda like this even normal people turn against jews!



حضرت سلیمان در کنار رود پس قلعه (not verified)

ما هم باید از اسرائیل یاد بگیریم و همیشه خود را مظلوم و در خطر جلوه دهیم. این شیوه اسرائیل و سالی یکی دو تا فیلم در مورد هولوکاست بهترین شستشوی مغزی است که اسرائیل به دنیا دادهاست. جنون و دیوانه گی دولت اسرائیل را دست کم نگیرید.



by SharpShooter (not verified) on

This is a very scary clip. Thanks for taking the edge off of a scary situation, though. Your comment is very funny! I can even see the speeches they will be giving on IRIB immediately after the attack, as they quickly try to score brownie points for having become victims. "Doshshshshman...." delivered by Khamenei and "Akhar-e-zaman" delivered by Ahmadinejad, and "Mahdi Bia Mahdi Bia," delivered by Mesbah Yazdi... I wonder who would be doing the "Jaam-e-Zahr" speech and when?

How did things escalate to this ugly point? Do they ever ask themselves that in Tehran and Tel Aviv? Millions of lives in danger and both sides continue with their ignorant and stubborn rhetoric and actions. As for the ones in Tehran, they really don't love Iran and Iranians, I am convinced. And as for Israeli's, they better stay put and stop showing their teeth so much. In war and peace, it takes two to tango. Bring war on a country and receive war on yours. Work towards peace and receive peace. End of the story. I hope people come to their senses before it's too late.


Mehdi, it was on purpose

by farokh2000 on

Like we say muddy the water and you can fish better, or "az aabeh gelalood mahi migireh".

They all knew that the Jews and Arabs could not co exist. They put them there to creat a perpetual conflict so that they could butt in everyone's business there and steal land and resources.

Eventually, their own greed will get them and this plan will blow up in their faces.


Israel's Propaganda

by raha darband (not verified) on

Why is Gordon Brown repeating a mistranslation ?


ZioNazis promoting a nuclear war as solution - what's new?

by Mehdi on

The speaker tries to make a very solid case that it is inherent within the Islamic teachings that the Jews must be all killed for the ideals of Islam to come true (trying to get international support for a nuclear strike on Iran by lying and misrepresenting as usual). Assuming this is true, which it is not, why then a bunch of highly educated people in the West decide to erect a Jewish government right smack in the middle of what could be considered the Islamic world? How could they possibly benefit from that? Did somebody put them up to it for some hidden purpose? Is their religious beliefs, such as "chosen people" or "promise land" etc, just as backward and destructive as Muslims and they deserve each other? Does anybody else find that an interesting question?


Oh boy

by Abarmard on

Come and fix this one!

I can just see it...if Israel attacks and the songs begins in the Iranian TV's:





Please come and NUKE US! WE JUST CAN'T WAIT!

by mahmoudgorgon (not verified) on

We, the millions and millions and millions of Iranians in Iran are impatiently waiting for US and Israeli Bombs especially NUKE BOMBS to come over our heads and ANNIHILATE us all so we can get rid of the Mullahs sooner. We just can't wait for it... Please RUSH! Please, Please, Please Do not leave us anymore in one room with these monstrous nasty Mullahs.

What the hell are you waiting for Mr Bolton, Cheney and the rest of the Iran-lovers? mahmoudg in the US is our spokesman. We know him here as "mahmoud gold brain": mahmoud maghz tala!

We are so tired and frustrated to live under the Mullahs that we prefer to be surgically NUKED, our children burned, our cities destroyed and our future generations for the next 10 thousand years or so maimed and afflicted with the aftermath of your benvolent NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS.