Israel Rehearses Iran Attack

After Warplane Drill, Ambassador Tells CBS News "Israel Will Not Tolerate A Nuclear Iran"

(CBS) Israeli warplanes have conducted what U.S. intelligence analysts say was a dress rehearsal for a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities - ominous action backed up by ominous words from Israel's ambassador to the U.S. "We cannot take this threat lightly and as our prime minister recently said Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran," Sallai Meridor told CBS News national security correspondent David Martin>>>FULL TEXT


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Reply to "googeh Communist"

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Since when the marxist-islamist intelectuals fill sorry for an occupied Iran? The iranian girls are being sold in Gulf and Iran has become one of the least respected countries in the world and you tell me that Westerners will treat us bad if Iran is occupied? Under great Pahlavi regimes no Arabs dared to pick on us iranians.
People like you who give themselves as patriot are a bunch of "dumb intelectuals" that we could do without on this website. Die of your dumbness.

Javid Shah


One more thing...

by Internets on

I am a contrarian by nature. The more of you guys/gals being complacent about a none-attack and dismissive of a military action, the more convinced I become that these lunatics will actually do it!!!...


Do not dismiss an attack on Iran so lightly...

by Internets on

Some of you seem to dismiss an attack on Iran very easily and I urge to err on the side of caution, with regards to such light dismissal:

It has been proven beyond doubt that the Bush administration is both incapable of long term diplomacy and constructive planning of any kind. The office of Vice president Cheney has been very busy from the outset of the Iraq war (2003) to advocate another conflict with Iran. The tide was in the favor of the doves because of the Iraq debacle, but that tide is now increasing changing and gathering momentum in favor of the (chicken-shi*) hawks. The planned discrediting of Condoleezza Rice and her ME peace initiative between the Israeli doves and the PLO and the removal of Admiral William Fallon from CENTCOM in favor of General David Petraeus (a Cheney ally) does not bode well for the doves.

It is very well known that the Israelis are not well equipped conventionally to undertake such an attack on Iran. However, the Israelis are sending signals that they will take the initiative to make an attack on Iran, to drag the U.S. into a massive conflict with Iran, should Iran carry through with its own counter attack on Israel and/or the U.S. interests in the region.

If an attack (a light Israeli version) should take place on Iran, the Iranian regime may not even react with the kind of fervor that many in here are anticipating and here is why:

1- An attack on Iran will serve the highest purpose of gathering the nation behind its leadership. The iranian youth has been insensitive to the IRI and the regime will use this as a call for unity.

2- Iran will immediately pull out of any nuclear NPT agreement. PERIOD!.

3- Iran will embark on a massive militarization drive spending much of its GDP on military. Currently, Iran has one of the smallest and lightest military spending budgets, as compared to its competitors in the region.

4- The price of oil will shoot up to the point that it may cripple the world economical situation. Iran may not even have to risk its own oil fields and achieve an objective of oil disruption without even firing a shot back!.

5- Iran will forge stronger relations with both China and Russia, further alienating the U.S. and her European allies.

6- Iran will definitely embark on exerting overt influence on her allies in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories to resist the U.S. and the Israelis.

The Mullahs are much more interested in survival rather than their own destruction. Another Neocon boneheaded move as spearheaded by Dick Cheney, will give them exactly that.

Poor, poor nation of Iran and its subjugate citizenship :-(


Will Not Tolerate A Nuclear Iran

by faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

even not a peacefull nuclear Iran. These are not words of wisdom, but words of G.W. Bush. as a conseqwuenz of this Intolleranze may hundred and more individuals get sick on cancer. Greeting


Israel Rehearses Iran Attack

by Luciferous (not verified) on

apparently is the palestine occupying regime itself is very eager to get whipped off the world`s map. The sooner the better.


Ghalat Meekonand Hamleh Konand

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on



blowing hot air

by azadi55 (not verified) on

all these war games and exercises are for show and political reasons. Don't forget you got elections coming up in USA, Iran, and Israel. So everyone is trying to be as patriotic as possible by talking tough and staging these type of exercises. No one will attack anyone, but this type of tension will be around for another year till new people are in the office.

Darius Kadivar

Ghalat Meekonand Hamleh Konand

by Darius Kadivar on

It would be not only foolish but a mistake for Israel to attack Iran even surgically for it will simply redistribute the geo political cards in the region with a Russian ally to Iran.

Russia will be not to say already is a natural ally to Iran on many levels. They have a common frontier and want both to reach a level of economic progress. Good relations with Iran is also in their interests because they have had a hard time with the muslims like Tchechenia. So an alliance with Iran will also be their pretext to launch some kind of new cold war with the west and not just the US in order to accelerate their economic ambitions.

Even a non Islamic Iran would benefit from Russian Aid and support on the  international front.

If Israel attacks Iran it will simply accelerate a process that is underway anyhow and Iran will go nucleare anyways with the help of the Russians, Chinese or even North Korea.

So have no illusions the mullah's dream is to see Israel attack Iran's nucleare sites because they know that It will not lead to total war but create enough of a malaise and discomfort to see a new world order come to day.

The more troublesome aspect is that the Israelians will only come across as very stupid like after a fight in the school yard where one is like a cry baby fighting another kid for stealing his lunch. It will also entirely banalize the issue of the Holocaust and only encourage revisionism on the Nazi crimes and that is truly terrible to see that it may well take root in our own country Iran where we have never had an issue like anti semitism or jewish hatred encouraged even at the worst periods of the Iran Iraq War despite the revolutionary slogans against the West and Israel.

Tomorrow these damn mullahs may well rewrite history without ever being challenged for it just to promote an ideology at odds with anything Iran has stood for in 25 centuries since Cyrus the Great founded our nation.

The Israelians would be more wise to invest in the Iranian Civil society and trust the Iranian people in their struggle than brandish useless threats that if put into action will only hurt their own long term interests but also that of us Iranian democrats at large.

my humble opinion,





Lol at bombing all Harams

by Anonymous9879 (not verified) on

Israel should bomb all holy places in Iran like Mashad (Harm of Arab boy the Reza), Qom Haram Masoomeh the Arab girl and Fayzeeh school in Qom and some holy palces in Ardabil and Tabriz instead of bombing nuclear facilities because the real danger comes form those places.


Go ahead make Mahmoud's day

by KB on

Lets suppose for a minute that Israel attacks Iran. Lets suppose with the help of the US they are able to do serious damage to Iran’s nuclear and military infrastructure, what then?

Leaving aside how the Iranians might retaliate (and I believe, they will with all their power), how would the rest of Muslim world react to this. An attack on Iran would almost guarantee that Israelis will never feel secure inside or outside of their country. It will be seen as another act of aggression by the Israelis towards another Muslim country. Despite what the so called “friendly Arab” governments say, on the Arab streets there is immense resentment towards Israel and actually a lot of support for Iran. Should Israel attack, we may well see unrest in the region and may be other countries dragged into this conflict due to pressure by the people.

A country of 8 million ( of which at least 1.5 m are Arabs) would struggle to survive amongst hundreds of millions people in her neighborhood who want her gone.

By attacking Iran, Israel might just make Ahmadinejad’s statements about making Israel disappear come true.

Oh by the way to those Iranian Zionists who want to see Israel attack Iran, What are you doing on an Iranian site?Your loyalty is to Israel, you do not have friends and family in Iran who would inevitably get hurt in an attack.

I say to you guys long live Iran and Iranians and death to their enemy.


Do Israelis want to end Israel?

by Abarmard on

that would be a suicide for the Israelis. Iran would respond in 3 fronts. No way they can be this dumb.

What's happening here is that they want to make sure that the oil prices stay high so the neo cons can drill on the shores of the US.


Its only for redneck votes

by Alborzi (not verified) on

An attack on Iran will have unforeseen consequences, both economically and retaliation by groups like hezbullah and hammas. They know and they know Iran knows. In fact Iran passed the threat stage when they sailed their third nuclear carrier in Persian Gulf and the fire Fallan. But the talk is being done for the benefit of domestic rednecks, its just a "turkish trick" :-).


Israel will not attack Iran

by Hakim (not verified) on

Regardless of what Israel wishes, Israel can not attack Iran and stop Iran's Nuke Program. They just don't have all the necessary tools needed to do so. Of course, anybody can attack anybody else, but one has to think about objectives of such attack. Israel's attack on Iran will guarantees Iran' nuke Bomb and Iran's retaliations which will put Israel on a wheelchair. If there is any wisdom left in Israel, they should think twice before attacking Iran.


War, The Economy's Blood

by 135 (not verified) on

-By end 70's Israel had +200 nuclear warheads which was revealed by an Israeli; Mordekhai Vanunu. He was kidnapped in Rome by mossad through a covert co-opt between SAS, Mossad and SID. He was transferred to Israel and served more than 20 years in prison from which 11 years was in an isolation cell(holds the world's record).

-Yesterday energy ministry has released a timetable which upon from 22nd June, Tehrani's will be having a 4 hours daily power cut due to shortages in water.

This has nothing do with nuclear, religion or ideology bullshit but keep Iranians backward, inefficient and waste their resources and developements.

On the other hand, US and Israel economies will go bankrupt without selling arms(has the highest turnover than any other trade, i.e. oil, drugs, etc).
So, there always MUST be a war. They create a war. They even create a country, to go in war with.

It is quite obvious that during last five years they were transporting and transforming the existing concept of war in Israel to a broader and different platform, Iran.
Everybody in the world was sick of having Palestine-Israel conflict in the news. Besides, during last five years the whole world was backing Palestinians and considering Israel as the aggressor.

Recent ceasefire with Hamas and talks with Syria are guarantees given to Israel confirming, there won't be any eventual local or neighboring retaliations through insurgencies while Israel is in war with Iran.

And now is the time to create the pretext and convince the mass of having no choice than going to war by rising the bombing attacks. Where? Iraq and Afghanistan. These false flag blasts are growing wider and larger by day(just follow the news).

The forecast; Israel attacks a nuclear site, and followed comes a huge false flag retaliation attack on for instance; a US carrier(we'll be watching then the footage that shows the heartbreaking torn apart soldiers' bodies floating in the water) or a missile attack on an Israeli dense populated city(imagine this footage yourself).
And Voila, you have a newly launched war. It might be really heavy to digest but it is as simple as it sounds in "reality".


past fetrat "Arash Kamangir"

by iranian man (not verified) on

if you are an iranian then you are the lowest human being on plant earth. if your wish comes true, your westerner friends will treat you so bad that you do not believe it. khaili past fetrat va kasif hasti.

long live iran and death to war mongers like you


I support an attack from Israel

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Israel cannot and will not co-exist with an ultra religeous regime who openly threatens to wipe out its very existance. Not after holacaust, anyway.
Israel has the right to defend itself against a regime who has taken the iranian people hostage and planning to take other nations hostage with the help of nuclear bombs. We the iranians in exile should understand this and support Israel in its fight against tyrants in Tehran.

Long live Israel and death to Mullahs


oh for ffs

by ToofanZeGreat on

take a look at a map, yes 50-100 israeli jets can fly as much as they like in the med. sea. The problem occurs when they will have to fly the other way, over arab countries, to bomb and come back, and where will they refule? How will they pick up their downed pilots as which they are training for? Wow, Israel must own some techonology the world has not seen before if they are planning to knock out a massive nuke program with only a 100 pathetiq jets. Dont get jolted by psy op headlines like these, my kid brother could have done better. Israel cant attack, the US has no interest in attacking. Iran has rehearsed several times pumping israel full of Shahabs and cluster bomb rockets. War wont come, only sanctions, and iranian abroad should help out by fighting against this with investment and so on back home.


Hmmm...Who's the

by sadegh on

Hmmm...Who's the aggressor?, the Israelis have been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians for the last 60 years, in cahoots with the imperial powers France and Britain invaded Nasser's Egypt simply because he has the audacity to nationalize the Suez Canal, unilaterally bombed Egypt, Jordan and Syria in '67, invaded Lebanon in '78 and '82 killing thousands, bombed Iraq in '81, Lebanon again in 2006 killing thousands again, bombed Syria in 2007, and are now gearing up to attack Iran. The Israelis have attacked virtually everyone in the region and Iran has not attacked another state since the time of Nader Shah...The record speaks for itself.   

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



I think the great news is

by Anonymous333444 (not verified) on

I think the great news is that it doesn't take much to destroy the Demona Nuclear plant in Israel either. Iran is well capable to level that facility and spread the nuclear joy across that piece shit of land they have occupied for 60 years and remove this cancerous state. It will only take less that 10 Shahab Rockets to destroy this site. The good news is that smaller rockets that are in Lebanon can also fullfil this task too!!


No way!

by ali reza (not verified) on

If Israel had a plan to attack Iran, they would have done it without any publicity like the way they it did with Iraq,and Syria.


حیف باشد که ز کار همـه غافـل باشی


These blood suckers own more than 200 atomic bombs, since their existence they have put the region under blood and fire and now they try to show their hegemony by these war games. If they do such thing, the middle east would really become a mud of blood. Why do you think mullahs use the money of our oil to build schools in Lebanon?

But I really think they won't attack for two reasons first, they aimed to push the hezbollah out of Lebanon and that was a real desaster for them. And then when they attacked Irakien nuclear facilities in early 80's, they have done it by surprise. Now they are barking too loud for such an hazardous expedition


Jewish lobbyist

by Anoyed (not verified) on

Jewish lobbyist dictate the foreign policy of USA. Even the hopeful US president candidates
have to suck up to the Jews to get their support....

Israelis do not what is waiting for them if they ever dare to attack Iran...


This is called Suicide

by hazratee on

Israelis are smarter than that to be that stupid. Whoever messes
with Iran would
end up with a destiny like Iraq.


West being punk'd by the Mullahs

by Saman on

Last I checked Israel had hundreds of nuclear bombs and Iran has none. So how does that make Iran a bigger threat than Israel is something that only Israeli Ayatollahs can try to explain. As far as attacking Iran … “bring it on” because that’s exactly what the mullahs have plans for!


I don't know

by MRX1 (not verified) on

which is more scary: threat of war looming over Iran, death, destruction, loss of territory, disintegration of Iran, oil flow disruption, major recession affecting the planet likes of it that has not been seen in ages, or the idiots who I presume are Iranian and keep posting messages in this web site and say things like bring it on! we will bury Israel!
If you people have death wish go and kill yourself, but what do the poor people in Iran and Israel have done that they deserve this kind of thing!



by faryarm on

No on here realizes the consequences..."$500/ barel one says...that would be the best outcome.

..Such Military Madness would lead to worldwide conflagration and the spread of chaos and catastrophe, one that WILL change all of our lives , east and west ; all our routines. would turn upside down....then we can all say goodbye to armchair discussions on these forums and resort to having to deal with things we can't even think of at this very moment...





That is the way it is?

by ali reza (not verified) on

Acccording to former president Carter,Israel has 150 nuclear bombs,but why Iran can not have any,but I guess that is the way it is?


end of Israel

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

if Israel attacked Iran, that would for sure constitute the end of Israel. bring it on fools.


Lets bring it on. I am sure

by moemoe (not verified) on

Lets bring it on. I am sure Iran will annihilate Israel. $500/barrell oil to foloow as well.


Choosing Between What?

by Payam S (not verified) on

Did the reporter from "Pentagon" suggest choosing between bombing Iran and Iran with a bomb is a tough call? I'm sorry, but I don't think that is a legitimate choice. Based on what evidence is he suggesting Iran has a bomb in the first place? By the way, Israel is the only country in the world whose majority of population are advocating for a war with Iran. It goes to show the extent to which the Israeli society is militarized, thanks to the Israeli state and its propaganda machine.