Iraq: One Winter Soldier's Tale

The American News Project documented some of the sessions of the Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan conference. The conference was sponsored by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and took place March 2008 in Silver Spring, MD.




by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

The "people" you mentioned are in fact ONE person. And he's on holiday. He should be back in a week or so.


two wrongs do not make a

by Anonymously (not verified) on

two wrongs do not make a right. What are you saying Shoja? Ever thought why some people are pushed to the limit? Lame


Yes... where are the warmongers?

by 44 (not verified) on

Yes... where are the warmongers?

The picture of the man beside his bicycle is etched in my brain. How many more of these are there, how many...?

Dear warmongers, is this what you are advocating?


Poem "Who Stole my Sorrow"

by shoja Adel (not verified) on

Who saw my tears
That I’d never shed before
Who stole my sorrow
Hidden in the bottom of my heart
When I saw the twins crumble

Now I am standing on the wall
I missed Jennifer’s first walk
The M16 feels heavier today

Sand finds its way to my eyes
I see Ahmad is coming
I like his piercing dark eyes
How he plays soccer with other boys
I wish I could teach him to play football
He is not smiling today

Why is his shirt bulging?



Where are the warmongers?

by Abarmard on

Zion, Fred, Kashani, JR and the rest who claim that Iran is the cause of all the problems in the middle east, or that the US should take Iran out.

Doesn't it hurt to realize how low some can go?


It is a genocide

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its fascinating, years ago at Northwestern, I was talking about Hiroshima and firebombing of Tokyo. Its a war crime, but my American roommate could not accept that US is capable of war crimes. This is the same, I am sure if some other country was doing it, Americans would be outraged, but they consider themselves as frever innocent, even after a documented crime. Go figure.


He didnt go to jail because

by Christian (not verified) on

He didnt go to jail because he didnt kill 2 white men and a white 12 year old boy... if those people would have been white then they would put him in jail. Those men are christins and it is a shame how they are maifesting the love Christ showed them and told them to show others..


I am crying and crying

by A human being (not verified) on

it is so hard to understand that someone has go over 10,000 miles and murder an innocent man for what he has been thought by his military!. Guys like him are spiritually and emotionally are broken up and they probably commit sue side or murder someone else right here before law enforcement takes them out.
So, war increases hate and destruction for everyone. stay away from it, no matter what.

let's work on peace!


Why isn't he in jail? why

by over there (not verified) on

Why isn't he in jail?
why did he join the Army?
oh yes, I forgot, to get financial help for his education
we know Bush never goes to jail.
people who start and participate in wars like to kill, specially and mostly kill innocent people that's how they show suppurative by fear
What is he talking about, now he is sorry.