Iraq: Horrible truth

What's not being reported

Sometimes the truth is horrible. This video contains disturbing scenes of American troops sadistically taunting Iraqi children, randomly throwing grenades at sheep herders and the infamous puppy toss with David Motari. Juxtaposed against a hollow and hypocritical Presidential address this is mandatory watching for every American citizen. George Bush is a war criminal and unfortunately so are some of his troops.



Haji agha yesterday you

by Ajab (not verified) on

Haji agha yesterday you wanted Bush to attack Iran and JJ didn't censor you. What happened? This is what they will do if they go to Iran. Are you afraid of being censored or speaking your mind now? Chicken? You want Bush to attack Iran or not?


IRAN: Horrible truth: YOU

by Anonymousn (not verified) on



LET't not forget Evin and many other secret prisons in the Islamic Republic and get just as outraged...

Iran's stoning and eye-gouging, beatings, face-cutting, limp-amputating, kidnapping, crane hanging, coffining, shocking should all be criticized if the author wants to have any credibility...And this what the IRI does to its own people and there is no war...


numb nuts

by Anonymously (not verified) on

ABCD, you're so beyond stupid that words cannot describe it.

If you are Iranian and/or a human being, I hope if there is an invasion, your family and relatives are the very first one who has this type of treatment by the US military. There is only one type of living creature who deserves this and that's you and the uneducated shit for brains American soldier.

This is not democracy people,it was a great misspelling by the forefathers of the word "hypocrisy". Don't fool yourself, this should not be a surprise AT ALL!!!


why Komenei told amrica is shiytan bozorg

by hajiagha on

جی جی جان باز اگر من فحش خواهر و مادر دادم به امریکا و دمکراسی کی....ری تو مطلب ما رو سانسور کن حالا با چشم خودتان هم می بینید باز انکار می کنید من یک مطلب رو تو قران خواندم که خدا می گفت ما کافران را احمق با چشمان و گوش های بسته..خلق کردیم و انان همچنان به حماقت خود ادامه می دهند و ان را خوب و پسندیده می دانند و برای خودشان دلیل موجه می اورند...  تا روز قیامت...شاید همین هم جنس بازی و جنگ و حما یت از بوش احمق ...مطلب قران باشه


After watching this clip, I

by Fatollah (not verified) on

After watching this clip, I have no respect left for America! People and governments should take responsiblity for their actions! Iraqis fighting American occupation are freedom fighters, pure and simple!


reply to: A B C D

by Fatollah (not verified) on

That is good! What exactly do you mean by that? You mean destroying Iran!? Well, whatever future brings, Iran is not Iraq and Iranians are not Iraqis! GET IT!


to democracyRules

by sasany (not verified) on

Did you forget the Abu-goraib prison in Bagdad and what the US-soldiers did to the Iraqis. Do you hear something about the torturing people in Goantonama base!!!!!!. Do you know anything about the waterboarding used in military as a torturing method all used by US-army and many others.... . Were the abusers punished? Was the punishment fair? Do you have any evidence to support you claim?


Dangerous Beliefs

by DemocracyRules (not verified) on

The worst problem with ideology is that it makes people WANT to believe certain things are true. We all need to be careful and skeptical about all claims of wrongdoing.

The puppy abuse claims have already been proved to be false. The video is not real.

I am a Canadian, but I know that democracy extends itself into the US military. Critics and "whistle-blowers" abound, and US soldiers mostly get caught and punished if they break the law.

As we all know, there are rotten people everywhere in the world, but that does not prove that the whole US Military are monsters. They're not.


This is the "DEMOCRACY" that "W" Preaches

by almo5000 on

I suppose the Iranians and Iraqis would choose their own governments (in the case of Iraq, they would choose Saddam) anytime over these "democracy preachers".  These democracy preachers have their heads stuck in the Israeli  asses and they see the world and ME the way those murderes in Tel Aviv describe it.


God Belss (you know what!)

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

These soldiers need to be investigated and brought to justice! Let's not forget that they are just about 18-20 years old. They are shaming America and they need to be punished for these dirty acts.



by amirkabear4u on

What else can you expect from a cowboy government. Their justice is as much quesionable as past dictators we see in history.


Wake up Iranian !!!!

by Sasan (not verified) on

I feel no pity for Iraqi people because they killed many Iranians in 8 years war and have destroyed a major part of Iran. On the other hand I think it is the right thing that they defend themselves and kill American soldiers who behave like Nazi animals. Those Iranian who are in favor of military action against Iran should watch this video clip over and over to see what the Nazi Americans will do to their brothers and sisters in Iran if they get attack by USA.


Do onto others...

by please (not verified) on

AND don't do onto others as you'd have them not do onto you...


In Charge and In Control

by Dr. A. Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

In The same way that you control TV in your living room so the public toilet will not open its door right into your living space by deciding what is that you wish to see and not too see, one can also exericise authority has to what can be seen or played right out on his computer screen.

You call the shot! And you do all the firing!

Now let me tune my both computer tube and my TV to watch some horror movie by alfred Hichcock...



To George Bush his family and the soldiers

by Amir N (not verified) on

What goes around comes around.



by Dariush (not verified) on

This was just the tip of the iceberg. This is nothing in compare to rapes, murders and other cimes thay have committed in Iraq and around the world. This is the democracy they plan for you in Middle East!!! I dedicate this video to those who have covered their ears and closed their eyes to the truth!!!


Bush should have invaded

by A B C D ... (not verified) on

the Islamic Republic of Iran. But, it is not too late. McCain will take care of the Mullahs and their thugs.


and sad...

by disapointed (not verified) on

and sick.


i am 35. was 5 in the

by sheila.dadvar on

i am 35.

was 5 in the revolution. was eight when the war was started and 16 when it ended. came here when i was 23. i might not have seen the world, i, however, have seen this side of the world (the u.s.) and that side of the world (iran).

the kids, teenagers, young adults in iran 'd be recruited for beseige, sent to camps for few weeks, returned to the real life with rifles in their hands, beleiving that they'd be the ones calling the shots. after all, the younger you are, the less sin you've commited and therefore, the education that you received in the camp would be your ultimate guide, your uniform, your pass for having the right to sort people by good or bad. kinda like mobser-e kelaas who would never fail to give stars to khoobhaa and exes to badhaa, except this time the rifles and the dark green patrols would do the job.

i don't know how bored you would get, being a young energetic kid who has nothing to do but keep gaurd, day and night (i do know that kids are kids and not very good decition makers, granted some of whom will never mature up, so it's not just kids who screw up). i don't know whether they abused thier power at any time (i don't beleive that all of them were strong in mind). but if there were anyones who did misuse the authority given to them, i can only imagine what they could have put families through

these u.s. soldiers are also young kids bored out of thier freaking mind, scared shitless of their next day, moment, turn, and they miss home. they miss fooling around, they miss their friends they grew up with. and they have power, thye have weapons.

war is the ugliest form of humanity. i have lived it. that one ended long time ago, still, up to this day, the sound of siren shakes my nerves.

thank you mr. president for turning this country's kids into monsters and iraq's kids into defenceless victims. 



i don't like wars

by Hasfarr on

i don't like wars


that's bad

by Hasfarr on

that's bad


> to all the ''Support our troops'' bumper stickers

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

... ''Support our troops'' bumper sticker drivers never looked so stupid. Amricaiha shahkar an be khoda...