The (Iranian) Sopranos

Three women performing in Vancouver

Kamelia, Nasrin and Shirin (full names?)


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by lulu (not verified) on

Khanoome herfehee, hame ke mesel shoma nistand.ino negah kon bad az iraniha bad begoo. age to inkareh hasti hame mesle shoma nistand.


man cocerte in khanoomhaye

by 1234567 on

man cocerte in khanoomhaye honarmand ra dar London didam va LEZAT bordam. man be in khanoomha eftekhar mikonm. merci


khnoome sakhtgir

by 1234567 on


inro negah kon va bad zood ghezavat kon!



What Sopranos?!

by Parisa Movahed (not verified) on

I mean where's the Tony, Paulie and Bacala characters....

Siamack Baniameri


by Siamack Baniameri on

Wow! The lady in blue, screaming and pointing her finger, reminded me of my wife on the night she caught me coming home drunk from a nude bar with my pants missing.

DK, next time, please be a little more descreet.


take it easy,

Siamack Baniameri


darya dadvar

by Maral on


ادیت نگو بلا بگو

سختگیر (not verified)

چرا این فیلمها اینقدر وحشتناک افتضاح قطع شدند؟ یهو وسط اجراء از یک جا میپره یه جای دیگه. با این کار هم حس بدی به بیننده دست میده و هم آدم پیش خودش فکر می کنه انگار توی اجراء خرابکاری شده، خواننده خارج خونده و ادیتور خواسته یه جوری ماست مالیش کنه که معلوم نشه. کاری که ما ایرونیها توش خیلی حرفه ای هستیم

Mona 19

Very nice performance ...

by Mona 19 on

Her singing(first lady) spoke right to the hearts of listeners...
A blend of opera and persian traditional folk music ...Thanks for sharing Mr.Kadivar.


Have a Great Weekend

Mona ;)


I wonder if that

by curious (not verified) on

is the picture of AlaHazrat Shaheh Shahan Aryamehre in the background?


Not fat enough

by Eye rainian (not verified) on

If they want to make it as sopranos they need to gain a lot of weight.The lady in blue should not point her finger and bulge up her eyes.It did not look good ,but I liked the last part where one of them sang a Persian song.It is not over till the fat lady sings.


Contact Number!!

by farshadjon on

 Dear All,

If you find any contact number from Kameila jon, please pass it over!!

 Thank you!!


Beautiful and naaz

by Benyamin. Canada (not verified) on

Beautiful and Naaz