Iranian Ninjas

Karaj Martyrs Group



Bollywood extras?

by ramintork on

They could become great Bollywood extras when this regime changes!



To "ninja ya oonja ?"

by Majid on

Ey val and Damet Garm.

Sounds like you know what you're talking about, and I love it.

What else (more) you can tell us about Mr. Farhaad Vaarasteh?



Haji is Right!!!

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Haji is right! What can these guys do if they can't find a wall?!!!!!!!



by Kamangir on

Very Nice!




Certainly entertaining

by Ninja Ya Oonja? :) (not verified) on

As a long time member of Bujinkan Dojo (one of the only two major dojos teaching Ninjutsu or the martial art of the Ninja. . .the other being the Genbukan Dojo), I recognize the basic stance they start in, and that's about it.
Their Gi (uniform) is the right Gi but the acrobatic kicks they engage in is not Taijutsu (the unarmed hand to hand portion of Ninjutsu)

Unfortunately once again we grab the basics from Japan come over to Iran an add the element of "artist bazi" to it. As a child I practiced Kan Zen Ryu Karate with Varasteh but I was shocked to find out when I left Iran that Kan Zen Ryu was actually Varasteh's creation and not one of the styles originating from Okinawa.

Seems like the instructor in Karaj may have gotten some training in the basics and then added the "Fardin" element to the art.

I'm sorry but lifting your foot that far up to kick something if you're a guy merely exposes your testicles as a prime target for a well placed kick.

Most kicks in Ninjutsu aren't much higher than stomach height with some aimed at the chest.

If you are doing 15 back flips across the room to get to someone and then kick them in the face, the guy has enough time to pack his bags, search for tickets online and reserve a flight, call a cab and get into it before you get to him to kick him!

Or if he's really slow he has time to expect your attack and prepare for a defense, but doing 15 back flips to get to a guy and kick him would not be a technique in an art that uses the element of surprise in 50% of its techniques.

Amazing gymnastic and athletic display. Not Ninjutsu however, but I'm glad they like the uniforms. . .I have always been fond of our black Gis myself. Eid mobarak to them and to you guys. :)

Oh, and Anon77 :) there is a lawyer in the house. . .just remember that self defense cannot exceed the force necessary to defend yourself, so once you are safe you can't continue and kick the tar out of the guy!

Also note you can never use deadly force to defend your property(big legal myth). . .you can only use deadly force to save yourself from getting killed in your house, never to off your sister's annoying boyfriend who just won't get the hell out ;).

My soke (grandmaster) once said, "the most effective technique to win a fight is to not get into one"


To Hajiagha

by LA (not verified) on

Hi Haji
I'm so happy , you made a comments that actually make sense. ..Good for you man..


It's called Ali Varjeh...LOL

by Majid on

This is a great " ALI VARJEH " show, AKA (Jack in the box)! 


second grade stunt men

by no_name (not verified) on

This is at best second grade stunt men stuff. Looks like bunch of jobless kids who have seen one too many Hollywood movies. First of all that ridiculous outfit is laughable and is anything but stealthy. Imagine them walking like that in any street...they'll stick out brighter than any neon sign. Second, the monkey stuff is not going to be lethal, all is going to do is at best is get the target dizzy or floored from laughing too hard. This like having harlem globetrotters trying to play in NBA finals. They might be great showmen but they are not going to put a dent against a professional team. what a joke!



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I can do that jumping in the air and kicking someone 's face, but the rest I really can't. It looks really ferz merz. Pity it's all for violence.
This is why I'm so afraid of someone attacking me in the streets, because I can make mush out of them out of pure reaction. Is there a lawyer in the house?


Iranian monkey

by hajiagha on


If this guy can not find any wall's what they can do? jumping on tree/ ha ha ha ha go get job and ask where are your money and gas and oil go....this dark place where jumping in and modern exercise stadium in Canada or USA? sucks mullahs