Iranian Carpets

Documentary by Abbas Kiarostami

"Is there a place to approach and spread a carpet?" (Sohrab Sepehri)


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Love and hate relationship

by ramintork on

I have a love and hate relationship with his movies, or perhaps I should say a hate and love relationship.

The first time I see one of them my mind is in a Hollywood Blockbuster mode and like a fat kid expecting a big Mac I get bored with a high fibre diet he has to offer.

The second time I see it, I fall for the lyrical quality and simplicity.

His films are as close as you can get in expressing persian poetry in the film art form.

The taste of Cherry was remarkable. We get a very personalized view of the main character by being his passenger in his car, and we silently plead for his life as if we are one of the characters he meets and we move to panoramic views that show his relationship to open empty fields, perhaps a metaphor for the inward and outward worlds we live in, and how we get cut off from the world.

I also liked the "Where is friends home" but the theme of kids acting in their natural states of innocense has been overdone by the Iranian Cinema since that film.