Iran-U.S.: Davos debate

U.S. envoy debates Iranians -- a no-no

WASHINGTON (Los Angeles Times) -- America's sometimes- freewheeling ambassador to the United Nations ran afoul of his superiors by taking part in unauthorized debate with two high-ranking Iranian officials during a conference of world leaders last week in the luxury Alpine resort of Davos, Switzerland. Zalmay Khalilzad made an unscheduled appearance Saturday at a World Economic Forum discussion of Iran's controversial nuclear program, whose participants included Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Mojtaba Samare Hashemi, a top advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Khalilzad did not veer from the U.S. position, but broke rules that permit Bush administration officials to discuss issues with Iranians only under limited circumstances and with advance approval >>> FULL TEXT



You all will be on public trial.

by :<D (not verified) on

They start by speaking Arabic as if it validates their spewing garbage.

These idiots (savage in heart)have sold their own souls to a foreign culture and they expect all Iranians submit. If we do not, they offer lash, torture, jail, death, loss of job, loss of schooling, maiming, private and public hanging, force leave from country, and more.

Son of bitches, we do not want to submit to this brutal cult. We are Iranians.

Truth will prevail. You all will be on public trial. Think about your family members that in future will testify against you and your actions.

Iranians will free their homeland.



by 34D (not verified) on

He looks exactly like Mr. Khalilzad, but vocally
sounds exactly like Curious George;
AAAA EEEE OOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Translation of Arabic for Hershey Bar

by Chicken Shiet (not verified) on

Dear Hershey,
This is the translation of what he said in Arabic:

"in the name of God, may all mullahs, Akhoonds, Ayatollahs be hung by their balls, be covered with honey near a colony of African ants on a hot summer day"....."May Islam be eliminated from the face of the earth, and 6 examples of muslims in Abaa and Ammameh be placed in Zoos around the world for people to see and feed"...."so that never again humanity be exposed to such a virus".



by Bored iranian dude (not verified) on

Pas ageh hagheh philistiniya bashe keh referandum dashte bashe, chera mardome Iran nah?? Khak to sar. So when saddam was threatining Teheran with Chemical bombs, you decided not to develope it because the Imam thinks its naughty.. you fucking losers.. you fucking fucking losers.. All talk, no strategic brains.

daryae khazar ham you cut into small pieces, giving away your share like the pussies you are.

Khalilzad could have just picked his nose instead of talking, why? Because they have the power, Iran does not have shit, who's "right" does not matter, who wins "debates" does not help. The world does not work like that, it works through the barrel of a gun. The US has the guns AND the money. Iran has a corrupt regime failing in every aspect of society, represented by the "intelligent" gentlemens up there. Listen how the american and the russian delegates say basically "Iran, sit down, shut up, we are the big boys". Thats enough, nothing else matters, like it or not.

And the arabic journalist hits the nail, they chose 1.4 billion instead of 79 million. Thats the problem.. they dont.. thats what they should be doing. 79 iranians first and foremost before any arab, russian, american or Israeli.


Absolutely ridiculous.......

by Kurdish warrior (not verified) on

I can’t wait to for the day to have Mojtaba Samare Hashemi and Ahmadinejad standing trial in international court for all the crimes they committed specially the one in Vienna.


What did he say in Arabic?

by Hershey Bar (not verified) on

Manouchehr and Mojtaba clearly did better than Zalmay. M&M were on top of all issues involved in this debate. Can someone translate for me what Mojtaba said in Arabic in the beginning of his speech?


Good call

by BS buster (not verified) on

Regardless of who's right or wrong, somehow the f'n IRI needs to be removed. Then, I personally would love to force these guys into a barber shop, followed by a shower, and a neck-tie store.


According to my calculation

by Engineer (not verified) on

1/3 of words came from Khalilzad's moth was AAAA HAHAHAH E E E E.....


Hard to believe he has attended without blessing of his boss!

by shahpour (not verified) on

Definitely the American ambassador was outperformed by the Iranian representatives in the debate. Perhaps that's why the American administration was (or pretended to be) pissed off by Khalilzad's participation in the event. The Iranians (whether we like their appearance and style of clothing or not) behaved professionally, politely, and explained their points of views in a logical manner.

Thanks for posting this video. It was very informative. It's a shame that we don't see report of events like this in the American media. So much for the freedom of press!


I think we need more dialogue

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

We need more dialogue not to discuss political or economic issues with the IRI agents, but rather to prove to the world why America should remove IRI from power. aka regime change. That is the only way we can ensure a region that would live in peace.


Who is paying for the trip?

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Who is paying for these people from IRAN to travel to one of the most expensive & luxurious spots in the world? While these parrots talking pirates are there in Swiss then how come none inquires with the Swiss bank accounts & the real estate ownership disclosures of the former & the present Iranian plunderes??? All instead talking like tape recorders & very "sha-fuf!"



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Now can every body see: american imperialism is lost, has lost and lays in its death bed. The following brings the proove. Please acknowledge:
White House whines about Davos seating
Wed, 30 Jan 2008 23:59:54
Zalmay Khalilzad
White House officials snipe at the US ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad for sitting beside Iran's Foreign Minister at Davos forum.

The Bush administration officials said Khalilzad's appearance beside Manouchehr Mottaki at a panel on Iranian foreign policy on Saturday, came as a surprise to senior administration officials.

Khalilzad's spokesman, Richard Grenell, told the New York Times that the US ambassador and the Iranian Foreign Minister did not shake hands or meet separately.

Grenell added that Khalilzad was engaged in "just a multilateral conversation with the moderator."

Khalilzad was still in Europe and could not be reached for comment.

Political analysts believe the manufactured controversy over Khalilzad's seating signals divergence among the Bush administration over Washington's foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran.
Even I, as an amateur in political sciences realized that the american Mister does not have any arguments and bares any basic sense for logics. my favorite FM of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN made just cute and nice as he spontaneously begann to speak english in order to save time. It was for me a real pleasure being able to follow the negogiation indavos, thanks "IRANIAN". Greeting


to mama

by local man (not verified) on

BTW, i didn't see any Jew in this clip.. plus why is all iranian including you and politicians connect country's problem like inflation, unemployment etc,to Jews? what has jew to do with that? i think the answer is: incompetency of iranian politicians and the stupidity of people like you.


to mama

by local man (not verified) on

I don't really care about the Jews or Muslims or Christians. To me all religions are the same shit in different piles. But the question is how did he out smart jew?..i don't get your point. i guess your understanding and interoperation has only one way and it is exactly like iranian politicians way. I called bunch of uneducated Poshteh koki and angry man.


mama: who is a jew? Khalilzad is Muslim

by Q on

what the hell?


Forget about this, forget about that

by mama (not verified) on

Just forget about the clothes and how everybody is dressed. How do you think about the under-dressed Iranians outsmarting the crafty Jew?
I think the crafty Jew is and embarrassment to all Joueds.


How to dress?

by local man (not verified) on

Just forget about the politics and how they smart out others in debate, for a second just concentrate on their appearances. How do you think a foreign minster of a country or country's representative should dress? if feel like they are going SAREH KOUCHEH to buy BARBARRY for their family's friday breakfast. They are the embarrassment to the iranian nations.


Jew lost

by mama (not verified) on

the crafty Jew lost the debate