Iran by Train (1)

PART I: Documentary by Dutch director Ben van Lieshout

... with English subtitles. Part II starts at Khomeini's grave and goes on to talk to this "firecracker" Iranian girl, an art student! >>>Part II


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Not that it's not true

by Abarmard on

Not that you can't go to the same places and find this kind of "scenary" and attitude, but I question the producer's motive, you should too!

Some people at this time and age want "az aab e gel aalud maahi begirand"


What a garbage

by Anonymous2323 (not verified) on

What a garbage documentary.

This is an amazing piece of orientalist trash. . . absolutely biased.

I am no fan of the Islamic Republic, but I also don't like this new crop of "iran experts" from the western world trying to pretend like they know a thing or two about Iran.

Westerners never cease to amaze me.


quite depressing

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Thirty years of death, destruction, and stagnation in every levelof society. Afsoos, Afsoos.


This is a Dutch (Hollandi) Prodcution

by Homayun (not verified) on

They speak Dutch and not German. Just for your information.


It's a Dutch guy, not German...

by پیام on

... but close enough :)


2 Very Sad But Real Videos

by Yek Seda (not verified) on

Having been outside Iran for the past 29 yrs watching the 2 parts video brought tears to my eyes. Tears for a "revolution" that never happened, for the young who were killed in a long nonsense war, for the mother & daughter on the tape who were saying what a 79 yrs-old Khomeini wanted for the country & not the people, for the fruitless screams of people on the streets, for the kissing of a piece of metal by a young girl for her wishes to come true, and finally for the interview with an art student who had no signs of waking up in her talk. Maybe 100 years from now the true story about this so called revolution will surface or may never as the classified information in US & GB are locked up until the eternity.