Iran Pushes Science

Efforts to establish Iran as a technology leader

National Geographis [>>>WATCH VIDEO]: Embryonic stem cell research, animal cloning, and a controversial nuclear program are part of Iran's efforts to establish itself as a science and technology leader>>>WATCH



They are a smart bunch

by Alborzi (not verified) on

When I was visiting a couple of years ago, I was amazed by how much they are achiving despite sanctions. In fact the sanctions has led to a more self sufficient industry. The competition for getting into school is even harder than getting into med school here. The level of HS is higher than the AP (my son does it) here. Unfortunately (and this was so historically) the universities do not maintain such an edge. However I must say that I like their concept, their medical graduates are not as good as here (especially after intern ship), but the number of graduates proportionally is higher ergo more access to some level of medicine. (in this country) its all or nothing, either you get the best or you will get worse with no treatment.


Great job!

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Great job! That's the only way to go!

Cheshme those useless ashghaals (so-called hamvatans) sitting in their comfort zones outside and bitching about everything koor!


Thought this was relevant

by Anonymous00009 (not verified) on


Cheshme Zionistha koor

by ahmad.bahai on

Braveo young Iranian scientists.