Iran & Puppets of War

"Three Stooges": Obama, Clinton & McCain

In part, an orthodox Rabbi from Jews United Against Zionism talks about the war drumbeat against Iran. Very interesting.


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by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

and very well presented.
Problem is that US citizens are used to the politics of fear and warmongering and quite a few dumb enough to think Iran could attack the US. What with and how? A nuke on a flying carpet?


True but so what

by Karbaas (not verified) on

So you got the Islamists on one side and the Zionists on the other, both trying to stick it to Iran's Maa-Taht. Zartosht joon, help us!!


VERY well done.

by Q on

my compliments to the director.

It conveys the truth in a very effective way.


Oh Yes, This is just the beginningq

by ToofanZeGreat on

The Obama bitch slapping will continue, just wait, he will go far beyond what Bush has done. You iranians in the US that voted, wrote articles, tok pictures and washed his carpet are going to regret it. The least Obama is going to do is to make Iran a pre war Iraq after he is done with his administration, so that the next republican president can easily kill iranians if the sanctions dont kill them first.



by IRANdokht on

A complete coverage of the different hands involved, not just the three-stooges skit that I expected. So easily and eagerly they push the world towards its doom and the end.

Thanks Party Girl