Iran nuclear challenge

Interviews with John Bolton about Iranian nuclear program

Siavash Afshar has a show called CountDown (to regime change in Iran) on Manook Khodabakhshian's satellite TV station.


Part 1


Part 2


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mash mandali

Mr. Mahmoodg(haffari)

by mash mandali on

In another article you wrote that you were interviwed by FBI.

With your attitude towards your motherland SIR, are you sure they didn't interview you to offer you a position?


I agree DK

by Abarmard on

I like the personalities at and follow the office series religiously. I also enjoy their music flash backs or song writers series. Great stuff

Darius Kadivar

Bebin TV is another good one too

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks Abarmand, Yes I like Radio Zamaneh too. I was interviewed a few times on their shows and got a few good friends there too.

Bebin is an excellent one too with Great Humor more focused on culture and youth:


The Kids really Rock and are in phase with their generation but also have tried to recreate the great shows on Iranian TV before the Revolution and interviews of pionneer artists as well as tributes to their work.

I also love their series: History for Dummies...


DK you are right

by Abarmard on

About the Iranian TV and programs. That's why I listen to Radio Zamaneh. We do much better in the Radio programs than TV.


The man with a bad toupee is right on target.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

This is way Gary Sick said about the man.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Richard Burton Narrates: On Nuclear Disarmament (1958)

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

LA TV Bazari Mentality ...

by Darius Kadivar on

There is something I have tried to convey over the years in my writings to my modest level and that is that the Iranian Diaspora is much more heterogeneous,diverse and intellectually rich than what unfortunately has been presented by the Iranian but also western media as reduced to "TehranGeles" and reflected by the often cheap and mediocre programs aired by L.A. 's based so-called "opposition TV's".   

I think that the producers of these programs are themselves totally out of touch with the Iranian public opinion not only in Iran but in the Diaspora. Many should either retire or resign than promote themselves on grounds of "expertise" in national and international policies ...

This counter effective attitude has been a common denominator between nearly ALL opposition groups in the past 30 years not only amongst monarchists but Republicans.

It consists of promising regime change in less than 6 months whenever the Islamic Republic is faced with an international crisis.

This simplistic approach has largely discredited the Iranian opposition at large but also the Iranian intelligenstia which has largely been reduced to this lot of Bazari's who are running their TV's and need to survive through sensationalism and provocation rather than through a genuine concern for their people's predicament or a professional and realistic outlook on the pro's and con's that each crisis carries with itself in terms of oppurtunity for constructive change and support for democracy forces in Iran.

I believe that VOA Persian Service has to some degree tried to make a positive and constructive difference in recent years even if it has not always lived up to our expectations. But their effort in contrast to the LA TV's should be encouraged.

Unfortunately if shortcomings exist it is mostly due to the fact that as Iranians we tend to also put people in the same basket. These TV's have thrived because no one has suggested an unbiaised media Satellite TV platform in replacement. First because it is costly and second because it requires not only talent but also a clear insight into what Iranian feel and think collectively.

Most of these programs target the Iranians inside Iran and think that the average Iranian can be convinced and motivated by Propaganda lets say for Regime Change. The reality is that we don't need propaganda in order to change or motivate public opinion to understand that the current Theocracy is composed essentially of a bunch of bloody henchmen albeit a pragmatic few. The best way of rallying support for change is by offering objective and an unbiaised account on the reality of what is going on.

It is obvious that in the current nucleare crisis that the West does not just have the interests of the Iranian people on mind but that it fears for the security of its allies in the region and that on the othehand Iran is not entirely wrong in defending its rights to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. The question is that both of these justifiable arguments are jeapordized by mutual distrust but also total disregard for the opinion of the average Iranian both from the Point of view of the Western Media ( Iranian Diaspora Media included) as well as the Iranian Islamic Media ( filled with propaganda and censorship of all sorts). 

As far as the Iranian opposition is concerned well when it comes to:

-Die hard monarchists: it is usually expressed by their staunch refusal to acknowledge the slightest accountability in the advent of the Islamic Revolition blaming the Pahlavi Regime's shortcomings merely on Cold War Paranoia.

-Die hard secular Republicans ( Or Mossadeghi's): On the otherhand die hard secular Republicans refuse to critisize the Islamic Republic's disatrous Human Rights Record because they secretly hope that the reform mouvement in Iran would ultimately lead to a secular society with a Republican Sytem of Government. In otherwords that the reformists including clerics would convert to the idea of a seperation of State and Religion. This ambiguous Republican attitude also explains in my opinion why few secular Republicans have indulged in condemning for instance President Ahmadinejad's initial comments on the destruction of Israel and the denial of the Holocaust. Not surprising that they only started reacting against Ahmadinejad's radicalism only after former President Khatami mildly critisized Ahmadinejad months after his outrageous comments on Israel's right to exist and the holding of the anti-Zionist conference in Tehran with the presence of Klux Klux Kahn and neo nazi revionist historians.

By nurturing mediocrity and mutual distrust amongst the large majority of Iranians that have not only a heart but a mind and who belong to a wide spectrum of sensitivities, these so called opposition TV's have failed to offer anything but a platform to the likes of Bolton's and Michael Leeden's of the day rather than the Iranian Intelligenstia today that is much more wise and alert that the one that endorsed and supported the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The Iranian opposition if any should include intellectuals in the true sense of the word and True Thinkers who can enlighten not only the less informed masses on the realities of international politics and real politics for that matter but also who can suggest pragmatic solutions to bring about a civil society which is already in the making thanks to artists, writers, intellectuals of all backgrounds and social classes.

What Iran needs and can achieve is mouvement similar to Poland's solidarnosc mouvement that managed to create a dynamic in the former totalitarian communist nation that led to a pluralistic and democratic state.

To assure its victory the Iranian media that aims to beam into Islamic Iran should promote the universal values of humanism and freedom of thought that already exist in the rich literature and culture of our country Iran and bridge them with those common values that exist in Free societies in the West be it in Europe or the United States.

Insread these TV's have alas conducting themselves like cheap Reality shows with Presentators that have more common points with TV evangelists or neo conservative Brats with Tuxedos.

After all Western Values of Freedom and Democracy should not be reduced to people who indulge in simply appearing on TV with a neck and Tie and Armani or Bijan designed tuxedo but have less diplomas or credentials than a drop out from UCLA in Political Science ?

I hope that the younger generation of Iranian Disapora Journalists and media professionals who a pro-ctively trying to bring innovation, authenticity and objectivity combined with a genuine sense of responsability and respect towards their audience's intelligence will one day bring the necessary and constructive change to these Satellite Dustbin mentalies.

It is High Time to see a constructive Change in the AudioVisual Iranian Diaspora Media that would reflect a more accurate image of the Iranian community at large.

As for Bolton, Why don't you just find another Job and Trim your mustache? ...



by Abarmard on

Is not a bright person, he was trusted by another lower being and was appointed to his previous job not because he could but because of his loyalty to dumb president. Dumb or dumber? You decide.
He doesn't have a clue, similar to his master, about anything that goes on in the world. He is a Zionist in heart who believes in superiority of a religion and race over another.

Interestingly, many US administrations have not come to terms that Iran is not a stray dog that will return to the laps of their American masters. Things have changed and Iran is certainly not a Ghajar or Shah era country with majority illiterate and disconnected.

Some of US policy makers are just beginning to realize that. Iranian hardliner paper said it right:
"US always does the right thing, but only after they have tried all the wrong."


You Kickout Bush & Cheny first! Then we'll kick out the Mollahs!

by gol-dust on

The Traitor Interviewer and Bolton are both enemies of IRAN!

The question is what the hell is Bolton's business with Iran! He is a die hard AIPAC member. What do you expect he would want to do against IRAN? Interviewer another traitor! Two Iran's enemies are talking to each other about how to kick out the damn mollahs and steal iran's wealth, the oil! Kick out Bussh first! we don't need them to overthrow iran's regime, we will do it when we know it is done only for the benefit of iranians in iran, not our enemies outside and inside! 


This guy looks Oriental and sound Indian

by hazratee on

Is he really an Iranian? I doubt it. They come in all forms and shapes and look and sound deceiving. He is pushing for a military attack. I bet he is a pro MKO too.


He asked one good question

by Rehbilitated Red Neck wanting to kick Bush's ass LOL (not verified) on

He asked Bolton about Iranians feeling that the British and the American government brought Khomeini and the Islamic Republic to Iran and they will take them away when they see it fit. Well, Bolton did not answer that question and if you listen carefully in a way he responds as if the above statement is correct and they are just hoping to get rid of the IRI soon, depending on when the people are ready.

So, they brought Islamic Republic to Iran because they figured the people are not ready yet and they might become an industrial nation and take the destiny of their own country in their own hands.


TO mehdi,sharp shooter and

by me (not verified) on

TO mehdi,sharp shooter and news goffer thanks for your thoughtful writing.
and there is no shortage of not very smart people like
mahmoudg and ass kissers like the interviewer who is looking to get a post and magham after the regime change. and definitely there is no shortage of warmongers like bolton and the others in and around boosh and chaney!!
And if any of us wants to know about nukes and who is being using them search for low grade nuke bombs or depleted uranium this warmonger administration have been using in iraq for past 5 years and result of that.
and now some people out thre actually believe they want to bring democracy to iran and countries in the middle east that is the most stupid statement anybody could make!!


Dose of Reality

by afshin on

Let's get one thing out of the way first.  Mr. Bolton is an ex-Ambassador to the UN who could not even pass the muster of scrutiny from the GOP dominated congress and had to be appointed without confirmation in a mid-term appointment.  As secretary Rice mentioned this pass weekend on CNN to Wolf Blitzer, Mr. Bolton is a private citizen and can say whatever he wants.  He certainly does not speak for the US government.  The unpopularity of the current Iranian regime notwithstanding, the government of Iran is not going anywhere.  To Mr. MahmoudG, with all due respect, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.  Obviously you have not been to Iran, and if you have, you don't speak for the overwhelming majority of Iranians, including this one.  No matter how vehmently Iranians may detest thier government, and they do, they will gladly take that instead of being under the yolk of occupation.  No matter how generous, sacrificing and benevolent that invader may be.  No matter how that invader professes their solidarity with our plight and their lack of interest in our oil, most sane Iranians will take the likes of Ahmadinejad or whoever else the IRI will create as their front man, over some viceroy or appointed ruler from Washington.  The past 5 years, well, disastrous 5 years in Iraq has taught us all a lesson.  Never underestimate the value of patriotism.  As dreaded as Saddam Hussein was, his removal from power was not worth the loss of Iraq's sovereignty to most Iraqis and certainly not worth the human cost that the Iraqi people had to foot (Close to 1 million civilian deaths).  If America attacks Iran, and all indications are that is but a neo-con pipe dream, they won't be coming to establish freedom, they will come to plunder.  Pure and simple.  No one on this planet can claim to care about Iran more than Iranians.  No one can be more Catholic than the Pope.  Get this notion that outlets like FOX et al have sold to the American public out of your heads.  No one in the US government, at least not those with power, cares about freedom in Iran.  The entire UN security Council simply looked away while genocide was committed in Darfur and not once did they bat an eyelash.  They couldn't even agree that genocide was being committed, even though by most accounts over a million innocents were simply hacked to death.  Countries that once vowed "NEVER AGAIN!" simply looked the other way while ethnic cleansing took place all the while all humanitarian orangizations and NGOs cried to whoever would listen, that the killing must stop.  Yet it went on.  Because to them they were only a bunch of poor colored people killing each other.  And here, you have the tenacity to muse about the prospect of some foreign invader roaming our streets and alley ways, just because we don't like our government and are simply too complacent at best or too complicit at worse to do what needs to be done to despotic regimes such as ours.  America's a great country with great ideals.  Unfortunately for most the world, it is also a superpower.  Like all superpowers its prime function is to perpetuate its own existence.  Don't think for a second that if and when they do come, they will be coming for your freedom. 


Easier solution

by MRX1 (not verified) on

There is no need for war. if U.S navy closes straight of hormuz to Iranian oil, this regime will collaps in several months. when hezbolahi does not get his paycheck and there is no petrol in his car to run around and beat people up the end will come fast! you will see exodus of agahazadeh's and prominant mullah's to dubai, austraila, canada and that will signal begining of the end.


Please come and NUKE US! WE JUST CAN'T WAIT!

by mahmoudgorgon (not verified) on

We, the millions and millions and millions of Iranians in Iran are impatiently waiting for US and Israeli Bombs especially NUKE BOMBS to come over our heads and ANNIHILATE us all so we can get rid of the Mullahs sooner. We just can't wait for it... Please RUSH! Please, Please, Please Do not leave us anymore in one room with these monstrous nasty Mullahs.

What the hell are you waiting for Mr Bolton, Cheney and the rest of the Iran-lovers? mahmoudg in the US is our spokesman.

We are so tired and frustrated to live under the Mullahs that we prefer to be surgically NUKED, our children burned, our cities destroyed and our future generations for the next 10 thousand years or so maimed and afflicted with the aftermath of your benvolent NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS.



US-Israel, the liberators of Middle East - joke of the year

by Mehdi on

Anybody who actually believes that these criminals with their well-known history have the intention of bringing better conditions to Iran, must be on drugs or brainwashed badly or something really sad. Amazing that such nutcases are actually in position of power. A sad day for all humanity. Iraq and Afghanistan are their latest handiwork. The amount of excuses they give and the amount of time and resources they are asking for to "get results" in those two countries will go way past our age and our children's age. What is their intention then?



by SharpShooter (not verified) on

1. Does Iran have nuclear weapons or the makings of them?

Yes--> A "surgical" or any other kind of attack on Iran could detonate a nuclear explosion the extent of which is not predictable at this time. Iranians will die first and foremost and then other people in the region who would breath the contaminated air and drink the contaminated water. You tell me these same Iranians want this "surgical" attack? No, they don't want it.

No--> You just wished a military attack on your people in very densely populated areas where the nuclear plants are now located, for nothing.

2. Do you have relatives who still live in Iran? You don't sound like you do. I do and I don't want a war on Iran. Speak for yourself and not the "millions of Iranians!"

3. This is why those Los Angeles TV's are so destructive. They turn each and every seemingly educated Iranian into a regular "Hakha," hellbent on eliminating the friggin' mullahs at any cost, out of touch with reality and humanity.

4. Says who that a military attack on Iran will free Iran from the mullahs? Wouldn't it be rich if according to your precription, "surgical attacks" are conducted, thousands and millions of innocent people are killed or sickened, AND the mullahs would stay in power, using the same attacks as justification for their prolonged existence? That could very well happen, too, you know!

Jeez. It feels like talking to grade-school students talking to you. Grow up.


I support it

by mahmoudg on

I and many thousands if not millions support a surgical attack.  The US does not have to send the troops in, but pounding of the regimes assets with do the job.  Just talk to the Iranians in Iran who are wishing for Iran to become the 51st State of the Union!!  This type of thiking shows that the pysche is ready for military removal of the regime.

News Goffer


by News Goffer on

I am so fed up with the Los Angeles-based war zealots! I just hope nobody thinks this Mr. Afshar is representing the majority of Iranians. He certainly does not represent me when he so gleefully talks to John Bolton about a military attack on Iran in the second part of this interview (minutes 2:50) . He seems to be so impatient for it, I am ashamed to hear, quoting "Iranians inside Iran" as the ones asking for it. This is just so disturbing.


right on the money!

by ali1 (not verified) on

I totally agree with this view...
akhoonds are gonners- we just have to give them a shove