Iran in National Geographic

Grab one before they're gone!

Heads up! The August issue of the National Geographic featuring Iran on the cover has hit the stands. Make sure you secure a copy NOW! Good Luck ;-) !!!



Persian Gulf and where to get it

by Jaleho on

I have not read it yet, but the map shows "Persian Gulf", with nothing else in paranthesis. This is so on both  "Empire of Persia" map, and the back of it, Iran map.

I happened to be passing by the bookstore in Princeton University in the weekend and bought my copy. I am sure all the university bookstores would carry it. 


The Iran map has in red ink Tunbs Islands with the qualifier "Administered by Iran; claimed by U.A.E

The Abu Musa is written with red ink  with qualifier

"Island is claimed by Iran and U.A.E and jointly administered by them"


So Sad

by JustMe (not verified) on

29 people have been executed by hanging in Tehran just in one day, and we Iranian in the US delemoono be in khosh kardim keh Iran is in National Geographic. So sad.


"Superpower Nostalgia The

by teenager (not verified) on

"Superpower Nostalgia

The legacy from antiquity that has always seemed to loom large in the national psyche ..." & "They feel exceptional".

va bad neveshtan

"For large objects only one strategy has a chance of succeeding: We'll have to bomb them back to the Stone Age." (page 149, "Target Earth")

mageh sang ham age dareh? jeghadr chert o pert menevisand tu in majaleh.

dar zemn naghsheyeh sasania ro ham eshtebah keshidand va beh arzetoon begim keh sahel khalijeh fars az bala ta payin maleh ma boodeh va shayad dovareh besheh ageh ina hey zer zer konand ..



yanee we are not amused ..



Persian Gulf?

by xerxesq12 on

Would like to see the name of Persian Gulf...


Grocery store

by |>IA (not verified) on

your grocery store should have it..I got my copy at Ralph's. it's definitely a nice read =) for those who wish to read it online too, you can read it here: //ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/08/iran-arc...


where to get...

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

Where do we have to go to get a copy...where do they sell National Geographic?