Iran national basketball team in U.S.

First Olympic appearance in 60 years

Associated Press, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Normally basketball is an afterthought for Iranian sports fans, given the popularity of soccer, weightlifting and wrestling. But with Iran's national basketball team preparing for its first Olympic appearance in 60 years, that has changed. "For every athlete, it is like a dream to participate in the Olympic Games — especially for us because basketball in Iran is not that ... important," captain and forward Samad Bahrami said. "Everyone is looking for you and taking care of you." By beating Lebanon for the FIBA Asian Championship last year, Iran clinched its first Olympic basketball berth since 1948 — a different era for both the Olympics and the world. The '48 Games took place in London, which was still cleaning up the rubble left by years of bombing raids during World War II. Iran itself was only a decade removed from being known as Persia>>>




by Monda on

Lovely to see our Basketball Team here! Not only are they talented but very goodlooking!


I was getting disappointed

by hazratee on

Since no one mentioned it. CBS nightly news was the only one who broadcasted the event couple of nights ago. It sure made me very happy, a bizarre feeling.


Kaveh F

Thank you

by Kaveh F on

Thank you very much for posting these. It brought tear of joy in my eyes. I only wish I knew ahead of time to go to Utah and cheer these fine men.


My dream

by Majid on

ONLY if gaav...ments, religious leaders and politicians would leave "people" alone!