Iran Countdown

Impending military confrontation between Iran, US and Israel?



چي اونوقت عايدتون ميشه ؟

Lucifercus (not verified)

The question is on individuals who have a lot of hate in their hearts. may be they would feel better afterwords only if that happens what is said in the comment. But:
First: It would com different: War would tear US to shreds
Second: War would tear US to shreds
Third: War would tear US to shreds
Forth: War would tear US to shreds
Thausands: idem
Thereafter the hatefull hearts would all tear to shreds.
As a matter of fact neither Us nor any country else has the potencial to behave respectless against honorable Iranian Nation.


Psycho/Comical Warfare! Where is Chuck Norris?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

The producers of this clip were too cheap to pay Chucki! I am disappointed!

Darius Kadivar

Thou Shall Not Kill ( Ten Commandments)

by Darius Kadivar on

Behold His Mighty Hands ...


برنامه ی مردم بعد از حمله چیست؟

Lucifercus (not verified)

burying the killed aggressors, why do you ask?


Aee Namosalmonha

by Shah HOSSEIN (not verified) on

Come and get it.
Hot and ready.
Bring your friends too
plenty for everybody.
When ever you are ready.


عجیبه تو زمونه

prham (not verified)

عجیبه تو زمونه ای که دنیا تمام نگاهش به جنگ ایران افتاده یکسری از بینندگان این کلیپ که معلومه توایران هم متولد نشدن از همه زاویه ها به این کلیپ نگاه میکنند غیر از نگاه اصلی که ایران در خطر هستاونهم دلیلش بخاطر نظر اولین بیننده که با حالت شک نظر میده .اصل مطلب فدای خودبینی
طرح و برنامه ی مردم بعد از حمله چیست؟


dumb video

by Anonymous** (not verified) on

it's aching for war. let the seeds of peace grow until we can't see the sky any longer


Was it Pro-IRI or Anti-IRI?

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

What was the movie for?

It had this "Mission impossible" music on...

We see how Iran and Russia are friends.

Iran seems to have a military and weapons in the clip.

And we end the video with what appears to be a photo of Henry Kissenger. Henry Kissenger the same guy who was a cabinet member during the Nixon/Ford years. He was a cabinet member during the Vietnam conflict and the bombing of Cambodia. He is 0-2. He lost 2 times.

Is this clip supporting the strength of the Islamic Republic of Iran or is the clip showing the disaster that might happen if there was a war?

All in all, it is an anti-war clip.


It is easy to start a war!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

It does not take much to start a war,but ending it is hard.Peace on Earth.


چي اونوقت عايدتون ميشه ؟

حميد ايزدي (not verified)

چقدر انسان بايد پست باشه که قدرت امريکاواسراييل رو به رخ ايرانيان هم وطن خودش بکشه
خوب گيرم که امريکا و اسراييل ايران را بمباران کنند و مليونها نفر از هم وطنان و اقوام و خويشانتون رو
بکشند و لت و پار کنند ، اونوقت کرمتون ميخوابه؟
چي اونوقت عايدتون ميشه ؟


والله نبفهمیم ما



Anyway, if you add an 'ak' at the end of the iranian missile "ghassed" it beccomes "Ghassedak" which moves over the course of wind. So when you fire it, you don't know where it hits down. That's how Mahmoud moosheh like them huh?



by afshin on

And the point of this video is??