Iran on a bicycle

Saman Tavakkoli Faresani's cross country journey on two wheels


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This video took me awaaaaay

by JT (not verified) on

This video took me awaaaaay.... I forgot myself and where I was, while watching it.

It erased the moments of concern and unease I had while reading some of the comments on this site just prior to seeing this clip!

The traveler, the two wheels, the people, the scenery and the music...

Thank you so much.
I'll be waitng for the next part.


I enjoyed watching the superpower of ME

by XerXes (not verified) on

What a country


How wonderful, Saman U made

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

How wonderful, Saman U made my day. What a beautiful footage and great choice of music. I love all parts of Iran and the people, specialy the Chahar Mahal Bakhtiary. Thanks and Bravo to YOU.



Party Girl you have the best postings

by ramintork on

I'm sure many of us dream of what Saman has done, perhaps one day!


Zimistaan chakmyan bolbol !

by Majid on

Simply BEAUTIFUL ! Another clip of (smiling faces, beautiful places) !

Great background music by Behnam Saboohi, specially @ 2:58-4:20, the Gilakee music (Kal mandali) and @5:00, (Navaa-ee).

I wish I could do a cross country cycling !

Everytime I see a heart warming video from VATAN, it reminds me of this Aazari poem:

"Zimistaan chakmyan bolbol...bahaarin gadrinee bilmaz"

(Bolboli ke zemestaan nadeedeh ghadr-e bahaar raa nemidaanad) 

Thanks party girl for yet another lovely clip.

I'll check the web-site to see what's more there.



by SaeedA (not verified) on

I wish I could be traveling along side of you..You are making all Fasoni's proud including yourd truly in TEXAS.. Good Luck.


Loved it!

by Behzad (not verified) on

Beautiful! Nicely done, and good job on your journey.