Official public service announcement in Iran

ABC: Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condom Use among the youth for preventing HIV & AIDS.




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I am personaly not 100% sure if there could be a cure with "restitutio ad integrum" for AIDS. But the other day i read the following message. Please acknowledge:

UNRC hails Iran's human development
Mon, 24 Dec 2007 09:29:43
UN Resident Coordinator in Iran, Knut Ostby
The UN Resident Coordinator in Tehran says the world can learn from Iran's success in family planning and fighting AIDS and narcotics.

Iran's successful experience in providing human, cultural, and social welfare, especially in family planning, fighting AIDS and battling narcotics must be passed on to the world, said the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UN Development Program (UNDP) Representative in Tehran, Mr. Knut Ostby.

Mr. Ostby made the remark in a meeting with the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Mahmoud Mohammadi, on Sunday afternoon.

During the meeting, Mr. Ostby described Iran's cooperation with the UN office in Tehran as appropriate and satisfactory and said that the Islamic Republic has a great deal of potential for cooperation with the UN.

Iran must document the progress it has made in respect of human development indicators (life expectancy, adult literacy, education, and standard of living), family planning, and fighting AIDS and illegal drugs so that it can be passed on to the rest of the world, he said, adding that the UN office in Tehran was ready to help with that task.

For his part, Mohammadi said that Iran is ready to expand its cooperation with various UN organizations, noting that the United Nations belongs to all countries of the world, meaning that the people of all its member states must benefit from its various activities such as its responsibilities to promote justice, development and welfare.
In Iran - so i have read - is a medicin developed against AIDS. And just recently also a medicin named ANGIOPARS which helps the regeneration of vessels. Likewise medicins can help patience with diabet who are in risk loosing extremities because of vessels degeneration.
It is said that the AIDS-Virus came in to the being as a result of experiments in some american laboratories. The first known patience were homosexual men. Most of them were hollywood artists such as Rock Hudson. In order not to let this Info get public the western media got promptly active. They sent in to thier "free world " the imaginated News: Aids is a diesease by Monkies in africa. Further on: Aids virus is transformed by sexual intercourse! after a while this accusation was redused to another imaginative version: The africans eat the penis of monkies to get better sexual powere. So they are now sick. The official version about origin of aids virus says: It comes from Africans. Greeting


To Anonymoose

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Nader Vanaki!

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Khoda be dade moon berese

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> I'm glad they finally came up to the conclusion of running a proper campaign to prevent aids in Iran. But what this actually shows is how critical the situation is. I mean, for a regime wich was so reluctant on even giving datas on the matter to run a TV campaign...means that the situation has really , really gone bad my friends.


HIV/ Aids

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I was talking to my Dr. HIV / Aids vs. Cancers. He said that it is better to have HIV rather than having cancer, because there is more medicine for it these days. I found that very interesting. I hope they would find a final cure for everything.


I cannot believe this

by Nadar Vanaki (not verified) on

I wish my partner had access to condoms when we lived in Iran. He did not want to use condoms when we were together. I wish he did, I wish he did!



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In Praise of Owl with Vision

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Full of starts
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To this visionary owl
I Happily give a grade of "AY" in upper case

AboLHassan D.
February 2008