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propaganda video by the regime? LOL!

by Sharjeel Uqaili (not verified) on

I'm just laughing at the person whos accusing this to be a propaganda video by the regime. Just so you know this video was put together by me, a sindhi/urdu speaking Pakistani. The images were found on the link found at the end of the video.

If the regime had ordered this video they'd atleast have put some good iranian music, unlike me who could only find some mellow arabic/indian lounge music :-p



by Dariush (not verified) on

This is not about protecting mullahs! It is about protecting Iran and Iranians who live there! Rich or poor, good or bad from the worst! The pictures are for you to see the good and the music for you to feel and see the destruction and disaster after bombing! Please try to use your brain!!! If you don't like the mullahs, When you go to Iran, instead of partying, go buy a gun and shoot them!!!



by Anonymous32 (not verified) on

Do you mean in order to stop the invation of Iran:
1) the agents must stop people in the streets and ask them questions

2)separate men and women in the public places

3)accept corruption

4) etc., etc.

what a mentality!!!


The biggest lie

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The surgical attacks are myth, Iraq has been
turned into a killing field. The genocide in Iraq includes hundreds of thousands of death and millions
of refugees. It all started with the so called "surgical" attacks. People who support it are either
fooled themselves or know it and trying to fool the rest. There is no such thing, Iraq will have to deal
with uranium dust for centuries. Vietnamese are dealing
with agent orange today. Its a war crime.



by Jamshid B (not verified) on

Indeed, most of those "silent" Iranians (or better say anti-Iranians) living in the safety of the US and Europe are not only in favor of surgical strikes but they don't even mind carpet bombing of the whole country. And they are very vocal about it. How do you spell "b-e-t-r-a-y-a-l"?


Hurry...Hurry... Hurry!

by Danesh (not verified) on

Time is running out! Hurry up at once~ run!


Bombing campaign is not to destroy Iran

by mahmoudg on

Like most silent Iranians I support surgical stirkes to weaken the regime, not to destroy the little accomplishments of the regime, much of which was seeded during the Shah's regime.  The bombing campaign should be and plans are in place to direct them against the power sources of the regime.  Once the regime is weakened the iranian people will take care of the rest.


To: Anonymous32

by DJ (not verified) on

Be happy that the "beautiful girls and guys" are stopped just for questioning and there are still beautiful stadium and buildings standing. In Iraq and Afghanistan (two of our invaded neighbors), people are stopped and shot dead by occupiers, and the buildings are leveled by their bombs. I'm afraid that it may happen to my beautiful country. I'm not trying to justify or defend the present regime in Iran, but certainly don't want to give an excuse to the bullies to bomb my country either. (Remember, the reason for the US invasion of Iraq is now that "we got rid of a dictator" after the original justification that turned out to be bogus).


Ridiculously slanted image!

by HH (not verified) on

Although I agree with the message and the intention of this clip, I am still rather annoyed at the superficial attitude of the creator. Why only pick images of the "chicy-micky" north Tehrani population and the hideous so called post-modern towers that have so thoughtlessly sprung up all over the Iranian capital. As if this is representative of Iran. I have news for you, in the same way that New York is not representative of the US and London is not representative of England, Tehran - especially north Tehran - is not representative of Iran.

I am sure a more balanced representation of the country and its people would make the message a lot stronger. Unless, what you are trying to say is that only the live of super wealthy, and "tisish-mananies" are worth saving.


Hate to be Party Pooper

by Anonymous32 (not verified) on

To Party Girl:

No doubt that Iran is beautiful and has plenty of pretty people and places. I am totally against bombing Iran and damaging even a little empty house in Iran. However, I feel some points are missing from your presentation that I have listed just a few of them.

1) These beautiful girls and guys can be stopped and questioned anytime in the middle of street by a government agent

2) The stadium is very beautiful, but unfortunately women are not allowed to attend along with men

3) The buildings are so beautiful, but most of them belongs to mullahs or people who are well connected

4) Etc, etc.


Payandeh Iran!

by Persian Gulf (not verified) on

Whether this is a propaganda by the regime or not, it doesn't change the fact that Iran and Iranians are beautiful, and a bunch of criminal thugs in the US (and elsewhere) want to turn this beautiful country into another Iraq. Compare these images to those coming from Iraq and Afghanistan, two samples of US sponsored democracy!

Payandeh Iran, Nang bar doshmanaanash!


These people that you have

by mh (not verified) on

These people that you have photograpahed are in the minority and it's not definetly the real IRAN!!!!!


These pictures are suppose

by Anonymousss (not verified) on

These pictures are suppose to prove what??? Do you really take us for fools????This is a blatant attempt to deceive the Useful Idiots in the West...

The music is horrible...


Please, this is obviously a

by sohrab (not verified) on

Please, this is obviously a propaganda video by the regime but, why is playing in the hands of the mullahs by posting this?

Funny how they‘ve banned youtube in iran but they use it as a propaganda tool….“Iranians not oppressed” ? give me a break


I agree with Hajiagha!

by Kamangir on

We all know that if the US and its allies wanted, they culd get rid of IRI regime 'without' a war. However; that doesn't seem to be their only plan. They could have gotten rid of Saddam without this mess. As hajiagha is pointing out, they want to destroy Iran's infrastructure first and then the IRI. There're so many reasons why such attack should never, ever take place.


why US want bomb Iran

by hajiagha on

because you guys in Iran are going to became powerful country and .independent from out side  move from third country to better place ....they want bomb on you to destroy your economy like Iraq


Bombing NO. But, repression in Iran must not be ignored

by Iran forever (not verified) on

Party Girl: Thanks.

Repression in Iran must not be ignored:

Iranians for Interdependent Iran, democracy, freedom, and Human Rights


I agree with Kamangir

by IRANdokht on

Yes Iran is a beautiful country, rich history, wonderful talented and smart people, but the people are oppressed too. Lets not forget the poor economy, the big gap between the classes in the society, the depth of poverty, drug abuse and prostitution there. These pictures did not show the ugly side of the iranian society. This clip shows the people who are resisting the IRIs strict laws against personal freedom and individuality.

This video clip did not show the beggars, the druggies, the prostitutes (male and female) and those kids who work 12-14 hours a day swirming between the cars in traffic to sell flowers, candies and faaleh hafez!!

I firmly believe that there should NOT be any military attack against Iran but not because the people are not suffering! I am against it because that kind of action will only destroy Iran and Iranians and empower the regime.

Thanks Party Girl, it was a very nice video even though I don't agree with its support of the regime



Do not fall for redneck propeganda

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Iran has never started a war.
Ahmadinejad does not control army or foreign policy.
IAEA is totally satisfied with any nuclear material it has any questions, USA and Israel cannot say that.

People who advocate war are the same people who advocated the genocide in Iraq.
War is a crime against humanity.


We shouldn't mix things up.

by Kamangir on

We shouldn't mix things up. Who is foolling who?  Iran is a great nation, culturaly very rich and with a very young and bright population. Iran will always be Iran. However; this Iran is being ruled by the lowest of the low of its population. Usually it is the other way around elsewhere! but in Iran, during the last 30 years the most illiterate, anti-Iranian, backward thugs are ruling it, by means of terror and opression. The economy is doomed, the middle class strugling to make ends meet, the brigthest and most educated leaving the country behind, prostitution and drugs destroying it cultural basis. Women do not have the rights they deserve...etc...

Now, I won't post any links that shows the other side of this beautiful 'Iranian switzerland' some are trying to sell. Mainly because I know that the intentions of partygirl are good. However; the 'antarinejad' and his kind are giving a very pathetic image of Iran to the world an image that will last for decades to come. Let's put it this way:

The vast majority of Iranians are very civilized and sofisticated. We've a beautiful country, much more beautiful than many Western nations. We have nothing to envy culturally, but, we are being ruled by a sub-culture that is NOT iranian and does not represent us (pro-IRI commentators, keep quite this time!) and the only reason this culturally low mafia is rulling us, is because they are selling our resources in a way that no other dumb-ass would do.

We shouldn't mix things up.



by Dariush (not verified) on

Dorood bar Party girl. Very good job.