How Muslims are treated In USA

ABC Primetime report



To Anonymousa

by Mobarez (not verified) on

Your comments regarding Sadchicago dad's story is just one single event or accident with no proof. But here in America the majority of foreigners have bad experiences with many Americans(racism). I went to college in America and I did experience racism and discrimination against me just because I introduced myself as an Iranian. Yes, in Iran Christians are allowed to build Churches, Jews have their own synagogues, Zoroastrians have their Maabad to pray etc. You can make a trip to Iran and convince yourself. Go there and see the beautiful Churches in Tehran and Isfahan and.... . Don't close your eyes and believe in what you see and hear from CNN, Fox, and the Zionistic media in America. I see the Chicago dad's foof steps here and there, when there is something negative to report about the Iran and Iranians. God knows what is wrong with him!!!. Is he a Zionist?


There will always be apologists for racist behavior

by Q on

Let's hope we, as a community can get past this, recognize it, condemn it and not justify it like ass-kissing parrots.


Islamic Republic's Vile

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Islamic Republic's Vile Racism in A Brochure


Just read SADCHICAGO's DAD regarding his son when he was in Iran and was not allowed into a public pool in Iran because his father was American under his blog stereotyping:


How about discrimination against minorities in Iran and other Islamic countries??? Are Sunnis allowed to build a Sunni mosque in Iran??? Are Christian allowed to build a Church in Iran??? Are Christian allowed to prostelyize in Iran or Saudi Arabia? Christians are not even allowed to bring bibles to these Islamic countries....Stop being hypocrites...


Hitler is dead but his manners still alive!!!!

by sasan (not verified) on

American stupidity has no limits. you can not expect something better from Cowboys(just some of them).


To My Dear Brothers by Aisha

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Poverty of Men's Primal nature.

To My Dear Brothers by Aisha Eteraz:

My dear brothers.

Put the loads you carry down for a little while.

For the space of time you sit at my table, be easy: you are safe.

You think I do not notice that you are exhausted when I open the door.

You smile, I am barefoot and you tug on my braided hair;

to see me this way is, for you, home.

I define your inviolable space. This does not offend me; I am happy to give you peace >>>FULL TEXT

Alahazrat Hajagha

My land, Your Land

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

This is my land, this is your land,
From California to New York Island.


I screamed loudly as why not in Iran

by Outcry (not verified) on

Islam has been very harsh and cruel to Iran and Iranians. In Iran, on every shop, you see a sign for womem's veiling:

This sign reads, “No service to people with loose veil, not even to our old customers”.

Islamic "Republic" hell even forces nurses in the hospitals to mandatory veiling as the precondition for offering services to patients.

Islamic countries force kids (Child - Bacheh - kudak) to forceful veiling (Hajab)!!

Can you find the a verse against "discrimination" in Quran so as believed to be words of "GOD"?
No. Actually, discrimination of others by moslems has merits, believe it. Moslem mens do not even shake hand with women!

I like to see moslems to stand up for rights of others. Can they?


read the article, watched

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

read the article, watched the video and read
Please Read the comments on another blog:


all comments so it is fair for me to come up with this conclusion that:
1- Discrimination against woman, some ethnic group and religious minority in Iran is state sanctioned, has been legislated to form a civic law which is being strictly enforced by armed police personnel.
2- Sporadic discrimination in the west (US for me) committed by few individuals is not sanctioned by governments and vastly condemned by the society if discovered or witnessed and in extreme cases the perpetrators could actually be incarcerated, prosecuted and punished.

From ella:

Muslim are a race according to many so why is it when women wearing hijab are treated badly in the West then people call it racism but when christians do not want to wear hijab in Iran but government make them wear hijab you do not call it racism?
If muslims are race so are christians - therefore - the government of Iran is prescribing institutionalized racism and majority of Iranians do not protest against institutionalized racism.

The equivalent of wearing hijab in the west is not wearing hijab in Iran.
Parvaneh, what would be Iranian’s reaction to woman who wanted to shop not wearing hijab, not in Tehran but in some small town? Or in Qom?

Ideological symbols - I heard somewhere that not wearing a tie was ideological symbol, wearing a loose veil is ideological symbol and wearing hijab in the west is ideological symbol.
However wearing or not wearing veil in Iran is also connected to discrimination of women because women want to have a free choice - to wear or not to wear.
As for historical background of the veil, is it not strange that many women in Persia in 17/18 century did not wear veil?


Faramarz: And you sound like an enabler...

by observer (not verified) on

Do you understand the meaning of an enabler?
It means somebody who helps racists to continue to be racist.


And the tables turn!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

How ironic and funny! Now that the tables are truned and discrimination is against Muslims and not administered by them, they become such innocent victims.

For centuries Muslims in countries such as Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria etc etc have discriminated against Jews, Zorasterians, Christians & Bahais. As a matter of fact, Jews are given money to leave Iran and Bahais are harrassed on a daily basis.

Hell. Women are discriminated against on a daily basis in our glorious Iran.

Does anyone (and by that I mean the typical coward Iranian man) says anything? No.

Just be glad that a portion of the American public including the Jewish lawyers of the ACLU stand up for the rights of all, including Muslims. If this was an Islamic country and you were from a different faith, all your asses would be either thrown out or in jail.




Racism 101, for those who don't get it

by Tafreshi on


Excllent piece of journalism to prove our point to those who constantly write hateful blogs about moslems on this site. Without naming names, they know who they are.

The question is why they hate moslems so much? They claim they are of Iranian or moslem origins but their writing is venomous towards moslems. We need more videos like this on Iranian website.

Thank you. 


It makes me to be hopefull

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

It makes me to be hopefull to see some free spirits like those who stand for humanity and justice. Arrogance, bigotry and racism are all attributes of a sick soul and can be found in any one on Earth.


Very Informative

by Shaer on

Thank You .. :)


Cheezy keh avaz dareh geleh nadareh

by Iva (not verified) on

And moslems discriminate against the whole world. Same SOB moslem woman will wash her hands (Ab keshi) if she touches a non-moslem because everyone except them are NAJES … We all know that very well. Conning moslem will use democratic way of western life for their own advantage and once they are on top they suppress everything and everyone … that’s Islamic way.

How many times you have seen a moslem stand up for the rights of “other” people, say Baha’is … funny, if moslems could stand up for their rights, they wouldn’t be fooled by hocus-pocus of islam and live under undemocratic conditions such as the one we witness in Iran.


God Bless AMERICA! Shame os

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

God Bless AMERICA! Shame os IR



by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

A must watch experiment for all!