Hossein Derakhshan

Controversial Blogger’s Detention Confirmed

(10 December 2008) The family of Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian blogger whose whereabouts have been a mystery for more than a month, has confirmed his detention, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today.

The Campaign called on the Iranian Judiciary to either immediately release Derakhshan or to charge him with a recognizable offence under the law and provide for due process and a fair trial.

“We are extremely concerned for Derakhshan’s health and safety. His family should have immediate access to him,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the Campaign’s spokesperson.

Derakhshan, known by his blogging name Hoder, is a controversial figure who wrote in both Persian and English. He returned to Iran a few months ago after several years of living abroad.

The Campaign has confirmed that security agents from the office of Tehran’s Prosecutor General, Saeed Mortazavi, raided his home in Tehran on 1 November 2008, detaining him and confiscating his personal belongings. For several weeks, rumors have circulated on the internet about his detention, but Iranian authorities have provided no information about his situation.

Since his detention, Derakhshan made four brief phone calls to his family, each lasting no more than a minute. His family has not been allowed to visit him and does not know where he is being held. Phone calls from Derakhshan to his family stopped two weeks ago, raising serious concerns for his health and safety.

“It is heartbreaking for any family not to know where their son is, what the charges against him are, and have no official explanations,” Ghaemi said.

“In this, as in many other cases, authorities are exercising raw power over citizens with no explanation, no accountability, and no transparency,” he added.

The Campaign called on the Iranian Judiciary to fully respect Derakhshan’s rights under international standards and Iranian law and allow his family and lawyer to visit him.

For the latest human rights developments in Iran visit the Campaign’s website at www.iranhumanrights.org

For more information:

Hadi Ghaemi, in New York: +1-917-669-5996
Aaron Rhodes, in Vienna: +43-676-635-6612


Nader Vanaki

Let me clarify

by Nader Vanaki on

Another way of putting it is: 

Hoder considers himself a political, social, and philosophical analyst.  He is also a player and he knew the game rules from the get go.  So now he has been invited to Hotel Evin for a period of time.  Relax, nothing will ever happen to him.  So the bleeding hearts of Iranian blogger community can focus on other important issues at hand. 

Although he never forced himself on anyone maybe other than his.....I don't care much about his low level of insight into things that ordinarly a taxi driver in Tehran would inform and amuze me alot more.

Let me ask you this:  When was it ever that he said anything nice about anyone?  FIND ME THE REFERENCE.  The man had nothing but venom to spread around and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine.  He is accused of the same thing he accused everyone else.

He will be out within two months and he will have a new cheezy story to tell and we will all go back to be a happy cyberspace community.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Nader that's fascist. You don't agree so jailing him is answer?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

NO! Wrong. That's the problem. No one said Iranians have to agree. The same problem is here in America. People don't agree and they want the other side to die and be in jail or suffer. If you don't agree, just ignore if you can't tolerate. Hoder didn't force himself on anyone. He was a pain in the ass. That was his crime. Unfortunately the law doesn't protect him there.

Nader Vanaki

Fred, Dariush, Zigourat, and the dude with crush on Alex Trebek

by Nader Vanaki on

Another way of putting it is:

If in order to not have Hoder's crappy pseudo intellectual babbling piped in the internet somewhere, he needs to be kept under incarceration, then so be it.

I used to watch his TV program in Iran and that was the only time he made any sense. So after 4 or 5 programs he was canceled and he became this wandering clueless blogger.

He has plenty of time to think now.  Go back to his feature babblings from a few months ago and read what comment some fellow Irani left him in Farsi.  He was warned.  He claims to be this genius who can not even accept Shirin Ebadi's accomplishment, and he did not see this coming?  Aiy baba kheili sadeh hastid.


He looks happy to me!

by Don't worry, be happy (not verified) on

hasn't that picture of his, smiling and showing his teeth, been taken recently inside the prison? He seems to be enjoying himself, then why all the worries?


Zigourat is right

by ghalam-doon on

Just remeber someone else could have opened the door for the Iranian bloggers. The same way that someone else could have invented the electric light bulb.

But it was Hoder who opened the door for all these bloggers who have forgotten where it all started.

Lets have some sympathy for the Blogfather.


it's a sad day

by zigourat on

It's a sad day for freedom of expression today.

Our blogfather is in jail. Remember how much this guy deserves our sympathy while he spread this new way to express our opinion. How many Iranian who were frustrated with censorship used this tool to say what they wanted to say. They broke lots of taboo about religion, sex and social life.

Yes maybe he is self centred guy so is he deserves prison for being like that.Yes he likes provocation does he deserve being in jail for that.Yes he became pro Ahmadinejad he is got the right to express his feeling about one political man who was elected by Iranian. Some people of this site have Manichean view. If one has not my opinion he deserves to be in jail. Bravo! How much tolerance one has. Hopefully one is not ahead of some country otherwise one would act exactly like Khamenei & Co.

I'm very sad also to see some Iranians who think they are for freedom of expression but they are exactly likes dictator.

It's a sad day for iranian community today.

Anonymous Observer

There Is an Old Story

by Anonymous Observer on

That says that there is a snake in hell that eats everyone and everything around it, and when there is nothing left to eat, it eats itself.  That is what is happening with the IRI.  They have eaten all the legitimate opposition and now they are eating their own.


the litmus test

by Fred on

The litmus test for gauging the sincerity of Advocates of human rights which due process is one of its vital components is cases like this one. This chap used his fifteen minutes of fame for the benefit of his Islamist republic and mercilessly attacked all those who want an indigenous regime change branding them all as mercenaries and spies. But that does not translate to making an exception in his case as well as when the time comes for his higher-ups in the Islamist republic to face the music, their rights to due process need to be safeguarded at all cost.  


حسین درخشان

Reza007 (not verified)

حسین درخشان جاسوس جمهوری اسلامیست.چون دستش رو شده بود.باید خودش توسط خودشون دستگیر می شد(شیوه ی جمهوری اسلامی)

Darius Kadivar

So Unfortunate

by Darius Kadivar on

I really Wish Hossein Well and Hope that he will be set Free soon and in good physical and psychological condition. This is Truly sad and unfortunate. As a Contributor to this site and regardless of what people may think of his writings he deserves our full and unconditional support.




by Salar (not verified) on

What arrested? they have reported wrong. he is in training in evin hotel (next to evin prison) and attending the conference on how to be a better IRI agent, learning and updating his skill set on clandestine and two face operations so he can REINVENT himself yet again. I heard this time, they have totally reinvented the popular assasination and torutue techniques for agents abroad course, must be fun. how naive some are!! or are they?

pahlevoon, when are you going in for your much over due retraining, I mean "changing", at evin hotel? Mortazavi is taking down names for next conference. hurry, seats are going fast.


He deserves it. This man

by Pessaregol (not verified) on

He deserves it. This man should get a life rather than getting involved with dirty politics. He knew he would have got arrested if he went to Iran so why should we care about him?



by SALTY on

As I said in another tread, what goes around comes around. I personally dont think that he is really arrested. They are doing this so in couple of months when he shows up all smiles. They would bring all the other genuine reports of arrests under questions. But even the report is credible I am not going to lose any sleep over this prick!


اونایی که می گن

AnonymousMM (not verified)

اونایی که می گن باید از ایشون دفاع کرد و فلان... اومدیم فردا شریعتمداری یا رجوی رو هم بردن اوین. باید پاشیم ازشون دفاع کنیم؟ به ما چه؟ خودش خوب می دونست داره چه کار می کنه خودش می دونست ممکنه بگیرنش و با این حال رفت ایران. حالا هم خودش می دونه. اصلا از ما چه کاری بر می آد؟


I am not sure what to make of it

by Abarmard on

Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty. I got to hear him the first time in VOA, I had read his views about the IR and his voice against censorship. then suddenly he became a hard core supporter of the Iranians government. Although sounds strange, but not to me. People change. They read, talk, think and change. Nothing really weird about it.

Similarly in Iran, many change, realize things that they never thought about or knew of. I believe that the IR has a right to be suspicious yet has no right to take him without any charges and leave his family worried. I believe his visits to Israel is the cause of his arrest.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL did you all notice his picture is next to the khar ??

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

on the homepage hossein ... then khar. very subtle ;)


اهوازِی بنظر

Anonynow (not verified)

اهوازِی بنظر میرسد شما تنها کسی هستی که دست این شارلاتان زمان را خوانده ای!


واقعا عجب آدم

Anonynow (not verified)

واقعا عجب آدم ساده ای هستی!!


Can't support this guy...

by ahvazi on

He reminds me of the worst of our society. Hogh-e-baaz and Doe-Roo.

They allowed him to go to Israel, they allowed him to attack everyone who disagreed with the IR, then they arrested him...Khar-nashid...haamash filmeh!!!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Man you guys are cruel. Is there anything you've left alone?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He's in jail. He might be getting raped. Isn't that enough karma for you guys? Stop writing this stuff. It's so embarrassing for our community. One day we are pissed at IRI the next day we're happy to have their wrath projected on someone we don't like. What the hell?! We must look like a bunch of assholes. If you hate him, that's fine, but don't dance on his grave like this. That's too easy. Don't do the stuff that you hate about Hossein. I disagree with his tactics and style. But I can't wait to see what unfolds from this. Seriously. 


به خنده تمسخر آمیز او توجه بفرمایید!!

Anonynow (not verified)

او در طول تمام مدت چند سال گذشته به ریش کسانی که نتوانسته بودند دست اور نخواننده میخندید.
حسین درخشان همیشه آدم جمهوری اسلامی بود و هم اکنون هم با یک برنامه از پیش تعیین شده به تهران رفته و ظاهرا در زندان بسر میبرد و خدا داند شب ها را در کجا به شب زنده داری میگذراند و وقتی هم که لازم بشد بر میگردد و برنامه جدید را آغاز خواهد کرد. درمیان اظهار نظرها برای کسای که واقعا دلشان برای او سوخته بود خیلی متاسف شدم.

Nader Vanaki

Hoder will appear with a new personage

by Nader Vanaki on

For every accomplishment achieved by an Iranian like Shirin Ebadi, Akbar Ganji, Massoud Behnoud, Ahmad Batebi, and even Marjan Satrapi, Hoder had to criticize and spread his venomous attacks against those personalities.  If he was not attacking his countrymen he was posting his ramblings on post structuralism thus telling the world he has finished a couple of college credits in philosophy.

The man has nothing else to say, so this brief stay at Hotel Evin will serve his future purpose of becoming controversial and newsworthy.  He will come out an even bigger ass kisser than he already is.  More than being the father of blogging, he is the father of cyberspace ass kissing.

He will be back on his knees in no time!


I hope the all the

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

I hope the all the judiciary, and information ministry personnel take their shoes off and hit this moron in the head. Kind of like the way he defended IR after they did this to poor kazemi.


Hoder himself asked for people not to protest his arrest

by farrad02 on

Why don't you people go read his posts in the weeks leading to his return and while in Iran?! He said clearly that any protest against his possible arrest will only serve to weaken his beloved IRI regime! He wants you to be quiet about all this!

It's quite possible that Hossein's father with his influence and connections in the IRI regime has arranged for a few months of incarceration to secure a safe stay afterwards for him! This guy's father is well connected. He will be bitching against all your bleeding hearts when he comes out of Evin! At any rate, I don't agree with anyone being in jail for political reasons. I hope they free Hossein immediately!


Why isn't Canada speaking out!!!!!!

by sarekar (not verified) on

ببخشيد كه من انگليسى بلد نيستم،اما فكر نمى كنم تو كانادا زياد به كار بياد،يعنى فارسى بهتر جواب ميده ..دولت ِ كانادا نوكر ِ پول ِ سرمايه دار ها يه ايرانى ِ..و سرمايه دار ايرانى يعنى چى؟يعنى دولت جمهور اسلامى...مگه واسه قهرمان ملى(خوش ندارم بگم شهيد) ،خانم ِ زهرا كاظمى چه كردند؟البته اين آقا بايد چوب ِ گل ِ معلم ها يه خود رو رو نوش كُنه ،چوب ِ معلم گله هر كى نخوره خله،
حاجى آقا يه خود ما هم بهتر ِ كه ماست ها شو كيسه كُنه
همون نونى كه دولت ِ كانادا بش ميده هم نون ِ جمهور اسلامى يه،هم بايد واسش روزى صد دفعه خدا رو هم شكر كُنه


Hossain Derakhshan was in

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

Hossain Derakhshan was in Israel a while back. He is in trouble. The Iranian government are killing people for spying for Israel. These people are not even Jewish. He did a big mistake going back to Iran. God Bless Hossain. I wish him the best to see him outside of Iran one more time.


A Man of Thousand Pictures

by ghalam-doon on

Unlike other people that they've arrested so far, he
definitely doesn’t have a shortage of pictures. It shows the love affair he had with himself! 

I was reading some of the comments that people left for "Sibil-tala." The level of hatred that this guy has created is just amazing. These are the same people who supposedly are for “freedom of speech" and "human rights" etc. Others who realized their double standards, have decided to remain silent. I'm pretty sure we'll find the same kind of reception for this entry.  Hossein Derakhshan is sitting in a jail cell with little help from the outside world because he is arrogant and self-centered.
 He thought he could change the way people think simply by attacking and belittling them.

But on the positive side, he is a unique individual. He can reinvent himself and try to reinvent the whole world around him. I think this time around he went too far. The Islamic Republic is not ready for Hoder yet. In fact nobody is ready for his "fara-sakhtari" world.  But he'll come out of the prison anew; a new Hoder.

We should support him just because of that. The Iranian Blogsphere needs its Blogfather.

BTW, This is what Hossein says about this Human Rights Organization:


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

oh puhlease. What doe NIAC have to do with anything

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This guy is not American and besides, the mission of NIAC is about civic life in American government so far as I understand it. Give it a break why don't you. Is there a Canadian NIAC? Start making noise! I want to know the gritty details about Hoder's jail experience.... if he lives to tell it?


NIAC can use their influence ...

by I wonder (not verified) on

Why doesn't anybody ask Trita or NIAC to use their influence to help this Hossein guy out?!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

is he a Canadian citizen? Why isn't Canada speaking out?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Or anyone of his colleagues in UK? Anyone? No statement no nothing??? How sad. This guy is the blogfather :(