Hossein Derakhshan

Facebook-based campaign to free blogger

From Mary on DigiActive:

What: a Facebook-based campaign to free the blogger Hossein “Hoder” Derakhshan, who has allegedly been in taken into custody by Iranian authorities on charges of spying for Israel. (There has been no official confirmation of Hoder’s arrest other than an article on the Jahan News site and the fact that he has not updated his blog for 2 weeks.)

When: Now!

Where: On your Facebook profile page

How: There are several ways you can support Hoder. A message from the Facebook group, Free Hossein Derakhshan // Libérez Hossein Derakhshan, asks supporters to do the following:

   1. Invite your friend list to join this group
   2. Download and Add this picture to your profile picture: //tinyurl.com/5983v3
   3. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the situation
   4. Write the Canadian Embassy in Iran (address below) notifying them of Hossein’s condition: teran@international.gc.ca.

You can also get news about Hoder on the Twitter channel twitter.com/freehoder.

Why: Because Hoder’s alleged arrest is illegal and he deserves his freedom.

Hat-tip: Hamid Tehrani for Global Voices Advocacy.



The importance of being Hoder

by ghalam-doon on

Weblogistan without Hoder is same old same old.
He kept reinventing himself and by doing that he reinvented the whole Weblogistan. A lot of people hated him but couldn't wait to read his next post.
I don’t agree we're better off without him. 
We need Hoder to challenge us, to make us angry. We need him to make us think that perhaps what we read in this cyberspace is not the whole truth. Perhaps there is another way of looking at things. Perhaps we can reinvent ourselves too!

Nader Vanaki

Hoder is on vacation

by Nader Vanaki on

Just because the man has not posted his typical crappy writings for a couple of weeks does not mean he is behind bars so let us not get carried away.  He probably took a couple of weeks off to go to Anzali or Rasht or somewhere and believe me it is possible to survive two weeks without the internet in Iran or anywhere.  So instead of making an imam Hossein out of Hoder, just pause and think how much less parasite is on your nervous system without his twisted ....mali writings. As I predicted before he will be back on his knees in no time.



Iranian of the day!?

by Pahlevan on

There are two likely scenarios happening here; Either Hoder
is a "victim" of rivalry btw IRI's internal factions, after all Hoder's
ties to Shariatmadari's camp is no secret; Or, as mentioned before,
this a publicity stunt, orchestrated by Hoder himself. Hoder being
arrested for content of his blogs or "spying for Israel" is, to put it
mildly, very unlikely. either way, I don't see anything wrong
with campaigning for his freedom, don't expect me to join though; But,
IMHO, making him "Iranian of the Day" isn't appropriate, after all he's
done in the past couple of years I wouldn't call him the Iranian of the
minute let alone the Iranian of the day.

P.S. LOL at deev XD


moft gerooneh

by deev on

free pizza, sure, free beer, even better, free hoder, not so much


What would Jesus do?

by Abarmard on

Actually I believe Modern Christianity, historical stories of Jesus is the most humane in religious ideology. Although it has made joke of, but the question of What would Jesus do, is an interesting concept to ponder!


Opportunist & Self serving

by SALTY on

There are many people deserving of our support, but this joker isnt one of them!


Do protest Hoder's arrest, but know this!

by farrad02 on

Yes, I fully agree with a campaign to request Hoder's freedom, as we have done before with other bloggers and activists who have been arrested.

However, keep the following in mind.

1- On numerous occasions, Hossein Derakhshan himself has attacked and chastaized others for protesting the imprisonment of activists in Iran and has proclaimed that any objection and protest against IRI in such cases is in essence considered treason and only serves to weaken the motherland against foreign enemies!! I suggest that we do not do what Hoder has done in the near past. We should request his freedom, if only to teach him the right thing to do!

2- Hoder has many times setup phony plots and played people by leading them to believe certain things for his own publicity gains! He does absolutely anything to keep himself in the spotlight and on the Internet headlines! Let's just say, if we find out that this disappearance is a phoney plot that was arranged by Hoder himself, it wouldn't shock and surprise me!

3- Hoder's journey of self promotion and quest led him to protray a front that was pro-freedom of speech and pro-demcracy. His path was clearly aimed at finding residence, employment and media fame in America. But his inconsistent literature led the US authorities to find him a threat and unsuitable to reside in the US. So, they kicked him out!  This left Hoder bitter and revealed his true colors!

4- Hoder's dead-end in America and hurt feelings over this rejection,  turned him from someone who had travelled to Israel to promote a rapprochment between Iran and Israel and a pro-reform stance into a staunch anti-Israel and anti-reform radical in a matter of weeks! (about 3 years ago). Hoder became a staunch booster for President AHmadinejad and any objection to AHmadinejad by anyone was  considered to be an act of treason!

5- After his ideological and political u-turn, Hoder had no way but to return to Iran and try to find his way back into the IRI's media organizations to somehow satisfy his desire to be consumed and/or watched by the masses (in whatever form and for whoever that allows him to be presented to the masses!) He began this back pedalling journey by trying to get on the PressTV broadcasts from London for months since its start! But Hoder's past statements against Khamenei and his travel to Israel, was not something that IRI security aparatus would overlook easily or can sweap under the rug!  I think what may have happened is that Hoder's father who is very close to certain power centers in Iran, has arranged for a brief incarceration to quiet any protests about his return from more radicaql Hezbollahi circles!

6- In summary, don't be surprised if Hoder is freed soon and finds his way to prominance on IRI TV or in Tehran's print media. There are already droppings of his wisdom about the inter-workings of CIA-sponsored operatives in radical websites and newspapers here and there.

 I suspect that soon you will see more and more of his "confessions" on IRI's media outlets and soon after he will be sipping lattes in Tehran's trendy coffee shops!

But again, protest we must!





Let him learn

by iran writes (not verified) on

No, having a political opinion is not a crime and Hoder is free to have his political views as well. But I do not believe this guy a bit. I'm not so sure he is really in custody or under arrest. That is exactly what happens when one acts and talks so irresponsibly: one looses all credibility. However, I think even people who do not have any credibility are entitled to some basic rights. But the problem is I think he is there for some reason. Most likely, he is going to appear on TV and confess to everything that the IRI wants him to. Let's wait and see how many of us will be on his list to be linked to whatever the IRI desires.
I think it is good for Hoder to taste a little bit of the reality he's denied so long. He thought everything is a joke. He thought being arrested, being forced to leave the country, being accused, etc., etc., all are just a game. Read his blog, how he praises Ahmadinejad and Khameneii, and all those nuts. Why should we campaign for him? Let his heros, Ahmadinejad, Shariatmadari, and the rest, go and defend him. I'm sure Ahmandinejad has enough power to rescue Hoder, He does not need us, the fundamentalists are powerful enough to help him. Let us all be good friends and colleagues and let him learn, grow and hopefully mature. Let him experience pain, let him taste the bitterness, these are the true lesson one might learn something from. Let him learn about the horror in IRI, or else, let him come and tell us how wonderful everything was. Just wait.

Darius Kadivar

He deserves our Staunch Support !

by Darius Kadivar on

I don't see why we should feel happy with Mr. Derakhshan's arrest or predicament ?

No one deserves being held for his or her beliefs.

There should be NO AMBIGUITY in Defending somebody else's individual and Human rights regardless of whether one shares or not his or her opinions.

I wish him well and hope he will be released as soon as possible and in good physical and good psychological condition.



by aaj sr (not verified) on

all the past and present news shows:
-He is part of regime, or directly, indirectly helping the regime:
-He has traveled couple of times to Israel and boasted his trips in his blogs, interviewed by various media in Israel and then (so far nothing wrong ) BUT, traveled back and forth to Iran without any incidents!!.
-His articles published in Tehran Kayhan and they have used his writings against those individuals whom he blasted them unfairly and in most cases falsely.
-The authorities in justice department have said they do not know anything about him or his arrest, even though one cannot trust what justice department in Iran says or do, but there is no news from his family crying out loud, complaining about his alleged disappearance.
-He always wanted to be controversial and it seems this time is no exception.
-He hurts so many many people by writing false information and accusing many without a shred of truth and fact, one can suspect IF (a big IF) he is arrested he may deserved it.
-The theory is that 1- he is trying to find some more fame, or better say "infamouse"
-He may very well show up somewhere, claiming he was arrested but somehow escaped. He very well can be spying for the regime , so "public be aware".

All said, I wish him health and happiness (of course FREEDOM !!!) and hope he converts to a decent individual, once for the rest of his life; come forward and present his apology for what he has done to many innocent, hard working, honest individuals through his deceptive, unfounded, false writings

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Mr. Cartoonist! Is political opinion a crime?


he should stay out of the politics

by hajiagha on

stay out of this politics to be safe in Iran