Hillary hecklers heaved

Hillary Clinton & freedom of speech

>>> Here is a cool clip.

Hillary Clinton came to our University last Friday (San Diego State University). Out of curiosity I decided to go see what she had to say. I ended up leaving 15 minutes after she had started her speech, with a great deal of disappointment and regret. She was one hour and thirty minutes late and she bull shitted (is that even a verb? I will make it a verb) throughout her speech. I heard from people that there was no conversation (question and answer) after wards either. So let me break it down for you, she comes to an academic arena, and preaches and lectures and then leaves. Wow, that is a great way to approach the students, what a puppet This is no negative review on Clinton, I support no party and no individual. Just a thought. All politicians are the same. I heard the same speech in Iran from Khatami many years ago and recently Ahmadinejad, bunch of promises that will never become reality. The language of politics has become universal. I am apolitical, so why am I writing this. Lets get to the point. You want a see FREEDOM OF SPEECH American style, bear with me for a couple of seconds more. I met these guys that had a banner, which said: "Nepotist tyrant hands off... Iran" Nepotism means "Khishavand Garayee, ya be ghole khodemoon Party bazee." It is a nice word, do not forget it. First the Bush family now the Clinton family, you know, kinda of like Elitism. These two American lads also were also very concerned by their country's foreign policy. Watch the clip, you will see >>>



Really now

by pissonit (not verified) on

You are all full of shit up to your eyeballs.
Go take an enema,


To Honest Hassan and Huma

by Hassan Kocheh Chap (not verified) on

Hassan Jaan,

I actually happen to know the writer, first of all its a He. Secondly, Eng is his second lang and he is majoring in it.

But thank you and Huma to take the time and reconsider your thoughts towards the writer.

My comment was a little 'harsh' too because he (the writer) was hurt by ur comment and I wanted to make him feel better.

scitiloP = sB

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No need to be sorry for having an opinion, unless you know you are wrong and feel guilty about it.

Even though Mitterand was/is a Socialist, France itself is a unitary republic, and the UMP is the political party in power. Anyway, the French healthcare system is highly respected for the quality of the care it provides, as it should be.

But their system cannot possibly work here. First of all, the French population is 65 million, versus 303 million in the U.S. Just by virtue of the size alone it cannot work here.  You also have to remember the mindset of the two countries. France is a much more homogenized society than the U.S. Their behaviors and values are less diverse than in the U.S. In other words, there are more French people on the same page than Americans. Despite the fact that the French eat richer, higher calorie foods, consume more alcohol, and still smoke as it is still socially accepted (more so than here), the French enjoy overall better health. They are more active to begin with and place greater importance on preventing illness rather than waiting until more expensive medical intervention is needed, as is common practice in the States. That is a mentality that Americans simply do not have and never will have, and that kind of behavior cannot be successfully legislated.

Also, who is going to pay for this? It's certainly not free. Look at all of the income taxes, sales taxes, value added taxes, capital gains taxes, fuel taxes, alcohol and tobacco taxes, and on and on and on. Look at the infrastructure and financial management of this country. I think you'll agree that it's so horribly mismanaged already. Proposing that the government implement and manage a healthcare system? Comparatively speaking, it makes the current broken system of HMOs look state of the art.

As far as this woman's personal life goes, while it is none of our business, she has allowed it to become everyone's business. For example, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy had multiple affairs, and plenty of dirty laundry. But unlike the Clintons, FDR and JFK didn't bring it to work.

A candidate who is campaigning for election to public office is in reality an individual who is applying for a job, just like anyone who is reading the Help Wanted section of the newspaper and goes filling out job applications. I don't know if you are in any kind of business ownership or management position where you have to make personnel decisions, like myself. I for one, cannot see hiring anyone for a management position when they clearly cannot manage their own home or personal life. Or even an entry level position. We all have issues, but we need to keep them out of the workplace. It is unwanted baggage that can only have a negative impact on the business. The U.S is a business, and the Clintons' personal baggage has interfered with business.



Azarin Sadegh

to Kaveh: I am a democrate because...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I have lived in Europe (in France) for 12 ears and I have enjoyed the great years of Francois Mitterrand (a socialist btw). So actually being a socialist is a plus for me (sorry to differ).

I am a democrat because I believe Republicans protect the interests of the rich and only the rich (and big companies) So I like Democrats/ Socialists better and their idea of universal healthcare and stronger social justice.  

About Bill Clinton, I think Bill Clinton is an asset to Hillary and not a burden. I really like Bill Clinton and I have always admired his intelligence. About the infidelity issue, honestly, it is none of my business and if his wife has forgiven him, then who am I to object?  I don’t care and I don’t want to know about the private life of Clintons, or any politician, as long as they do well their job. So, the quality of Hillary’s marriage or her sex life is pointless. I don’t plan to hire her as my marriage counselor or the neighborhood priest! Besides, who’s perfect? Do you really believe other politicians are saints? 

But I think Us was in a much better shape during the Clinton years, much better than any recent Republican president’s, and I am sure Hillary (hopefully with some help from Bill) would fix our economy by creating more jobs, provide us with the universal health care, end the war, and improve our image in the world. With Hillary as president, we know what we ashould expect, but with Obama nothing is sure. He is just talk and there are issues he has skipped voting on, so we don’t know where he really stands.

As a last remark, why should I expect the US president to protect Iranians in Iran or elsewhere, when our own president is not doing so?  


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

For someone trying to avoid politics, I must say that it appears that you have been run over by the political bandwagon.

First of all, why are you a registered Democrat? Furthermore, how does that automatically preclude you from voting for another party's candidate, whether they are Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or whatever?

As an Iranian, you are naturally suspicious of everyone and everything, according to your own words. Based upon that, why on earth would you favor a political party that is built upon the principle of big government, and especially a candidate who is promising to implement programs that are entirely rooted in socialist political doctrine? 

You are favoring a carpetbagger who never lived in New York until it was time to establish residency in order to gain election to a vacant Senate seat. At least Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived in California since the 1970s. Hillary Clinton didn't even have a New York driver's license!!

Additionally, this woman's character MUST be called into question. Bill Clinton's infidelities are widely known, but probably not to its fullest extent. Meanwhile, Hillary has stayed with him through  these floozies that represent just the tip of the iceberg. But again it must be asked,  what does that say about the woman who stays with such a guy? It says to me that she has no self-respect, which means she has no respect for others, including the very people she is supposed to represent. It also says that she is just as morally filthy as her husband, and is with him to further her own personal agenda. That, in my opinion, makes her more dangerous than Junior Bush could ever dream of.

Knowing that Hillary Clinton thinks this way about her own constituents and her own countrymen, what in the world makes you believe for even half a second that she has any consideration for Iranians, whether back home or in the diaspora?

Azarin Sadegh

to Kaveh

by Azarin Sadegh on

First of all i try to avoid politics. second, I don't have time to watch TV. Actually we don't even have a working TV in our house! So it is easy to forget Fox...but I have unlimited access to internet.

We have three options: McCain, Obama and Hillary. Right?

I am a registered Democrat, so it eliminates McCain.

Between Obama and Hillary, at first, I loved Obama's speeches. They were inspiring and totally new. (He should have a wonderful writer).

I watched a few debates and I realized he always says what we like to hear. I know all politicians lie, but some lie more than others. The future that Obama draws for us, is too rosie. As an Iranian, i am naturally suspicious of evryone and everything!

So i started to doubt in him. I wasn't sure he is too idealistic/inexperienced or just a good liar.

We are trying to recover from 8 years of Bush (and his inexperience or madness, i don't know which one!) So It brings down my choice to only one: and that is Hillary.

I believe Hillary is the better Democrat candidate, but still if Obama is chosen to represent democrats, I will vote for him.

Voila! I hope it clarifies my position.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Forget FOX for a moment. For that matter, forget ALL of the media outlets.

What is it about this person that convinces you she is the best?


To: Homa

by Honest hassan (not verified) on

Homa john:I appreciate the kind words. I did mean everything I wrote. I believe, we all (Iranians) are going to get the hang of this "tolerance and democracy" thing. Some of us sooner, and some later :-)

Azarin Sadegh

Fundraising for Hillary Clinton

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just donated something to her campaign...because among the few choices we have, she is still the best, no matter what Fox news is trying to make us believe...sorry guys :-)

Thanks for reminding.



Osama, clinton, fox, bush, congress, media all Zionist control

by gol-dust on

Is this supposed to be an anti-clinton video? you think osama, mccain and the rest are not under zionist control? think again! Osama will be totally in their control soon! just give the flip flop a chance to enter the real politics! Osama is a snake oil salesman who is only giving false HOPE! Desperate people would like to believe him! He is another politician who is after his own american dream! change for worse! Let's make US another third world country! Too bad Bush has destryed this country so much!


To: Honest Hassan

by Homa (not verified) on

Dear Honest Hassan – Indeed your honestly can be detected from your reply to “Hassan-e Kocheh Chap”. I must say Afarin and would like to ask if you really meant what you wrote, which in that case you ought to be proud of yourself. Your reply to “Hassan-e Kocheh Chap” is very respectful and obviously a testament of your fine character when confronted by constructive criticism. Cheers!!!!



where I can date women

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on


Hillary is a conservative

by XerXes (not verified) on

She is a conservative in my book. Obama is a true Democrat. I hope that he makes it, US will become a country that the worlds dream of. Regardless this embarrassment (Bush) is going to be out no matter what and that's a great cause of a celebration for the US and the rest of the world.


Kaveh Noorayee, you have it the other way

by unregistered headless chicken (not verified) on

Obviously,being male, you don't understand female games.
The woman, doesn't bloody care what the guy does. What she cares about is her own self-aggrondissment. Period.
Very few men or people would put up with her. she has Bill by the short and curleys
she's nothing more than a Soap opera cliche, and bloody dangerous as a person in charge of the military industrial complex of such magnitude.

If she becomes president, the first thing she will do is bomb Iran, because she has to cover a 3 trillion dollar deficit for her own imgage.


Hillary would turn Valentino gay

by Headless unregistered chicken (not verified) on

Or even more gay, whatever his nature was. But she is a warmongering thugesse, just to appease the usual US citizen fears and propaganda and I'm glad you left. She screams and rants sound bite nonsense and then she cries with her contact lenses in tact. (remember those gigantic lenses she used to have?)
Puke, vomit, disgusting. And she sits like a whore with her short legs. No policies, nothing, just the usual ranting thug.

As for a political dynasty, grandpapa Bush did so well with the Nazis, I'm sure the Clinton's who are obviously warmongering thugs, can boasts a few too.

Anyway, good for you!

Kaveh Nouraee

If You Favor Hillary,.........

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Then you deserve what you get.

Hillary Clinton is the most self-righteous and self-centered bitch on the face of this planet. She honestly thinks that SHE is superior to everyone else in every way shape and form.

And that's just how she thinks of other Americans. So what in the hell makes you believe she thnks any higher of Iranians?

First of all, she was 90 minutes late. THAT should tell you right there that she has absolutely NO respect for anyone, even those who make complete asses of themselves baking cookies and holding up signs, screaming "we love you Hillary" as though it was 1964 and The Beatles just landed at JFK.

Second, this is a woman whose husband, another piece of shit, has repeatedly slept with other women. Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broadrrick, Monica Lewinsky, JUST TO NAME THE ONES WE KNOW ABOUT. Meanwhile, Hillary stays married to this hillbilly, despite it all. WHY? Because she has NO SELF RESPECT!!!. If she did, she would have left him a long time ago. For a spouse to still be there and remain in the marriage after all of this infidelity on the part of the other spouse clearly indicates a HUGE character flaw. Instead, she chooses to stick around, because she's using Bubba to further her own agenda.

That takes me back to an earlier statement. If a person is so shallow that she allows herself to be used like that and she uses her own husband, what do you think she is going to the American people, or worse yet, to the Iranian people?

This woman has no pride, no dignity, and no sense of values beyond her own self-aggrandizement.



You know whats sad?

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

This video is being used by FOX to promote anti hillary sentiment, and viewers on that site are attacking her for not letting people use their first amendment rights.. Our country is being used by the Dumb and Dumber for their own agenda, by people who read the word Nepotist, and go "Mjau?". This is how low the situation has sunk.. khoda pishe familamon bashe to Iran vah komakeshon kone..


Good for the protestors!

by Anonymous33 (not verified) on

I feel proud of these young people, both for taking a peaceful stance against tyrants like hillary (and the tyranny of US foreign policy in general) and for exposing the hypocrisy of these candidates and their institutions.


To: Hassan-e Kocheh Chap

by Honest hassan (not verified) on

Dear fellow Hassan:
First of all, you have a beautiful name!
I realize english is the second language to most of readers here, and I really don't expect mastership. But if someone has gone through the trouble of finding a clip and kindly is sharing it with us all, why can't she just preview her comment-once- before posting it? I bet she would have found at least 4-5 dictation/grammer mistakes that she made, and corrected them.
I don't have a strong stand when it comes to Hillary, so the topic was not that important to me, and I saw people with more knowledge about the issues already commented on the substance, so I thought I just make a comment about the writing. Admittingly, it was a bit rude, and I here apologize to you and to the author.
Honest Hassan


To : Q

by Roohollah (not verified) on

Thanks for taking the time and comment on my comment. I have seen your comments on this site before and you seem to be an intelligent person.

My opinion of Hillary has neither improved, nor worsened because of this clip. Please allow me give you an example to illustrate my point:
You rent a University room, incur some expenses, and do much leg work, to honor the victims of 1988 mass executions, with a graceful ceremony. A few pro-IRI people show up, carring the picture of their hero, the late Laajevardi, invoking freedom of speech.
Now, do have the right to shut them up? No. But do you have the right to ask them to leave and take their hero's picture with them? Absolutely!
They can rent the room the next day and celebrate their hero.

* * *
Now I realize this is an extreme example, but a democratic system does allow these kind of interferences.
It is YOUR party, and as much as you respect other people's freedom of speech, you are not expected to welcome everybody and anybody, because you may forsee tention,disruption, chaos, violence, or just shift of focus ; You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. THAT, does not make you an undemocratic person. That said, you should, as we all try to do, still respect their right to express their opinion. Just elsewhere. No matter how unpleasant that opinion seems to us.
Thank you for reading this :-)


reply to Hassan

by Hassan-e Kocheh Chap (not verified) on

Instead of wasting time analyzing ppl's writing, I would suggest taking a class where they teach you how to read "between the lines" and focus on the "topic."


Hillary hecklers heaved, FREEDOM of SPEECH

by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

The Grammy goes to Obama, not Clinton
Mon, 11 Feb 2008 20:19:32
Senator Barack Obama
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has beaten former president Bill Clinton and will take home the 'Best Spoken Word Album' Grammy.

Illinois' senator bagged the prize in a contest almost as closely watched as the US primaries, the 2008 Grammy Awards.
1.I have asked myself what could be the real motivation for Senator Hillary to candidate for presidency of the United States. I revued the history and found a name which had just shaked the "free western world". a young girl named MONIKA LEWINSKY. The story does not need to be repeated hier. The person who was damaged from such intimacy between the husband of the Hillary and that girl in the presidential office in white house during office workingshours and was deeply impredded and psychologically down in result was just this hillary. She has never forgotten that trauma, she can never put aside that dilema. So she wants now to pull into white house as president of the united states in order to be able to pay back to her husband what he has done to her. That can be her only real motivation. she is aware of the fact that she can pay back just the same only if she is president and not only senator.
2. Now please look at Obama:The 46-year-old is a popular orator, senator and groundbreaking presidential candidate and will now be able to add 'Grammy Award winner' to his list of accomplishments.

Obama's album, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, was announced as a Grammy winner at a pre-show news conference at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Bill Clinton was nominated for his book Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World; Jimmy Carter's Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bringing Peace to a Changing World was chosen in the same category.
as i have noticed - right or wrong, it will me send to me by so much helpfull blogers of the "IRANIAN", wrapped in very polite and nice words in most advising manner only from an older friend and friendly uncle - "IRANIAN"s and Iranians would prefere Obama. At least he has got the Grammy and this is a plus point for him. Greeting


"Disrupt" my ass, this was not "chaos"

by Q on

people were standing quietly holding a sign, they weren't even trying to disrupt anything. Get a grip Roohollah, Hillary's people over reacted and they will pay for it at the polls.

If she had any integrity, she would have defused the situation by addressing the protesters instead of sending goons to rip their signs.


Hillary (Iran War agenda)

by Terminator (not verified) on

Hillary Voters,

Last year, she mentioned, "IRAN WAR will take place if she gets approval from the U.S. Congress, there will be a second Bosnian War. There is no difference between Bush and Clinton, one is more serious and the one is less serious. The U.S. congress might give the signal before this election. By the way, IRAN OIL book is out in the stores, too. IRAN has the third major oil in the region. The opposition group named MOJAHEDIN have been redesignated by the British House of Lords and Commons at the same time.



by Roohollah (not verified) on

Democracy does not mean chaos. If YOU organize a meeting in support of Hillary/McCain/Shah/Noonbarbaree, you have every right to kick out whoever is protesting/disrupting/dissenting. They can always come out and go across the street and shout your ass off, but a right to disrupt others' meetings is not a democratic privilege.


Was this in America in 2008?

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

Is it a harbinger of what to expect if Hillary
gets elected?


Even Ahmadinejad

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

Even Ahmadinejad has more tolarance than these people. Who cares if someone is holding a sign, not only she doesn't address that but they have the nerves to kick them out? What a democracy. Saali keh nekoost az bahaarash paydaast


While you are at it...

by Honest Hassan (not verified) on

at the University that is, TAKE A f*ing class in WRITING!!


thsi hillary clinton woman...

by aaboodaanee (not verified) on

lord have mercy on us all if this woman is elected as president!
she will move the capital to the tel aviv!


The Empire building

by farokh2000 on

You are totally correct in your observation. Hillary has nothing of her own initiative and is totally a puppet. That is why she is scrambling, first with tears, then changing managers, left and right. She is determined to get into the WH, just like the current residents were 7 years ago.

We know what happened when they did and the effects of that disaster will not go away for decades to come.

Unfortunately in this country, you have to be filthy rich and have the special interest groups on your side to get elected(or selected in  case of the current occupiers).

Hope things change and a qualified and honest person is elected, otherwise the World would have to deal with this Empire building process for another 4 years.