Harf e Zan

Song for women

A new song by Shahin Najafi and Tapesh-2012 in support of women. Meanwhile in a statement issued by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, nearly 50 international human rights and women’s organizations have expressed their solidarity with Iranian women and the women’s movement, in recognition of June 12th, the national day of solidarity of Iranian women, in objection to discriminatory laws>>>FULL TEXT


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lots of footage from "Sagkoshi"

by farhadb (not verified) on

Should be mentioned that much of this video uses footage from Bahrami Beizai's latest film, "Sagkoshi", featuring actress Mojdeh Shamsaii.


Ya rosari ya tosari

by Salar (not verified) on

I believe during the height of its implementation by IRI khatami was the minister of Ershad, what reformist he was. He reformed the society into rosari ba tosari. hooorah



by Monda on

I'm so touched by the tone of this song and the lyrics. Excellent effort, thanks for sharing.


Damet garm

by Woman lover (not verified) on

Afshin joon, damet garm! Continue your great work.


Kudos to the singer and Shima.

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

The song indeed applies to many women around the world subjected to cruelty and abuse. I highly recommend the documentary; The Great Silence: Rape in the Congo. It shows what the African women really go through when they are caught in the middle of battle zone. Please watch it.



by faryad (not verified) on

cheghadr in ahang taskin avar ast. cheghadre khobeh keh yek mard digheh az adam hemayat bekoneh.



by IRANdokht on

what a touching song!

I am proud of the men who speak up against domestic violence. Powerful statement.