Guards confront beach goers

Crowd shows resistance and start booing

... as they try to drag a person out of a crowd in Noshahr, northern Iran.



What has happened

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Once proud people now we are afraid of people with sticks. What happend to the Iranian warrior?

I am also one of those cowards. I am doing nothing too. However, I am just burning inside why I can't do anything. My life is passing infront of my eyes and I hear and see and watch what is happening to my mother land and I can't do anything.

Like a kid I sit in the corner sometimes after watching clip like this and cry.

I am just praying for my people and beloved nation.

However, I have studied history and I know this is not forvere, time and patience will prevail. I now for fact the next generartion of Iranian will not put up with this crap.

My father's generation (baby boomers) are tired and confused, my genration (X-Generation) has been traumatized the y generation will do it.



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

If you do not see anything please pry open those eyes. The man is clearly striking people with a heavy Side Handle Baton, and he is not wearing swim wear, he is clearly a basiji. And is this an appropriate response a "matalak"?If this happened prior to 1979 it would be all over western papers calling it violation of human rights, and now you claim you cannot even see anything. You have been brainwashed my friend.


To Abarmard

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

You could be right but that doesn't change the fact that Xerexes claims his IRI regime is a democracy and super power in the region. Talk about a guy who is drinking his own Kool Aid...


This doesn't show anything

by Abarmard on

I am not sure what happened and it's unfair to judge without a clear understanding! Looks more like a fight than a social police wanting to just arrest some young people. Is it possible that a guy said a "matalak" and started all this? I don't know!


Iran is NO political democracy..

by Fair (not verified) on

Quite the opposite-

Iran is a great people held hostage by their worst- a bunch of dinosaurs who insist it is a mistake to enter the 21st century.

The people have spoken in this scene and many many scenes like this.

Xerxes, please do not disgrace the great name of Xerxes, and you cannot fool Iranians with this stuff anymore. They have had 30 years of REAL education - on the streets of our country faced with the reality of mullahs, not what they say, NOT in universities in the US, Europe, or the USSR. Iranian people have had a real education in our own society, and they cannot and will not be fooled anymore.

We are poised for greatness and rising from the ashes. The fossils and dinosaurs who rule us today are obsolete, our people have finally outgrown them.

Finally, after 1400 years. Thanks Allah:)



Iran is a political democracy

by XerXes (not verified) on

Don't get fooled by this little acts. these are a natural Transitional situation. It happened anywhere in the world before they became free!
Socially we need to work on our traditions and beliefs, politically we are fine and doing better day by day.

Iran is a great country with a great future. It's a super power of the region and it gained it all be herself.


great stature

by Wondering (not verified) on

compliments to you all for your charisma and wisdom. There is indeed grounds for a great formula, though one can't help but wonder if all corners of this room are properly ceiled.


تا قبر دروغ چرا

مش قاسم (not verified)

تا قبر دروغ چرا آ آ آ آ آ

کار کار بریتانیا ست خودم با همین چشم‌هایم دیدم


civil disobedience

by shirazie (not verified) on

May be we found our Gandhi or Dr. King finally..

Disobey stupid laws and they will go away


these begheyrat British people!!!

by Ha Ha Ha (not verified) on

I know for a fact , british spies were involved in causing this , Janjal!!, to make our IRI look bad.
they have noshame, they make the scene and then video it and then send it all over,I can see their crossed eyes!!!!I personally recognized Tony Blair,in the crowed.


au contraire.............

by maziar 58 (not verified) on




The mullahs are worried that

by sad (not verified) on

The mullahs are worried that the Iranian youth are becoming too Westernized.Bring on the Burka, the stone age, ..Moving backward is what we Iranian do best.

why are they not westernized when they try to build nuclear technology/weapon, use the Internet, Refine their oils, Use cell phones, flying on airplanes, driving cars, consume drugs invented in the West, extracting their oil, watching tv, listening to radio, etc.....????

Meantime, a recent poll conducted by Iranian Students Polling Association (ISPA) on the Islamic dress code (Hijab) revealed that 79% of Tehranis are in favor of better Islamic attires for women.

The results also indicated that 21% of the participants believed the current female clothing is improper, while 66% others not only viewed it as improper, but also asked for preventative measures.

Also, 24% of the participants described Chador (overall clothing), 30% manteau and wimple and 25% manteau and scarf as the proper clothing for women.

The polling results further showed that 65% of Tehrani citizens believe the best way to improve the present situation regarding women's code of dressing is education and propagation of the proper dress code culture in the society.



We are witnessing the

by mkq (not verified) on

We are witnessing the gradual death of Iran under the Islamic Occupation on Tazis. How sad.


I am part of the nation of bi-ghairats

by Iva (not verified) on

Mr. Hakim,

I am no different .. the desease of Islam has affected me just as well and has turned me, a member of that once proud nation, to a bi-ghairat.

I have accepted the fact that majority of member of Iranians has accepted the hoocus pocus of islam and have become supertition in nature and accept every junk and myth that is thrown their way.


You can be anti Islam and antiwar at the same time.

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

Some people here think if you critisize Islam, you are a neocon.


Satanic forces of Islam

by CS on

Isn't it wonderful that nowhere in Iran can human live without the Satanic forces of Islam interferes and destroys there lives?


To ToofanZeGreat

by ImtheKing on


Toofan jan thak you for your explanations, things become clearer. Else, any solutions to solve our cockroach problem should come from all iran-lovers (leaving inside and outside Iran) it would else be a partial incomplete solution leading to another cockroach rulers


Zendeh bad Iran


Calling Islam a disease

by Sarzamine man (not verified) on

These backward actions is brought to us by Islam in the first place, what are you talking about. The government is not our problem, our problem roots in our belief, as long as we blindly follow some murderous, uneducated thieves Arab from dark ages, as long as we go cry for Ostekhonhaye posideye Emam Reza who according to many historical document have just stoled from Iranian we will never see happiness in our country, I can bet that Emam Reza can come out of his grave right now and govern us for another good 400 years, therefore it is this backward mentality that needs to be changed and you are right nobody can do it for us except ourself.


I think

by ToofanZeGreat on

A young girl probably was sitting at the beach and she had pulled her scarf to far back, or she had taken it off, its this young girl fighting with two chador women (police) in the beginning, after a while dark clothed male civillian police show up, they cant pull her away, in the end, two more ordinary soldiers are called to the scene because of the people gathering around, thats when the guy with the white shirt tries to pull away one of the black clothed civillian police guys and throw him into the water, before a soldier tells him to calm down. If the girl is taken away or not, who knows, this happend infront of me in Tabriz once, we gathered around like this, the girl got away quickly, but they arrested several men who argued with them..


This is how governments change

by ToofanZeGreat on

Brave people facing the totalitarian police eye to eye, not sitting miles away in the US, licking some neocon crack, calling Islam a disease and begging for a nuke raid on Iran like a good dog.



by siamack salari (not verified) on

Regardless of what is going on, this is such a depressing clip.



by ImtheKing on


This video is totally meaningless!! Put something smart, if you are short on clips put a music or something like that until you find something which is worth to be seen


what was all about?

by dariushagha1 (not verified) on

we are getting crazier by minutes? what was all about?


Dear Iva, you be a baa gheyrat

by Hakim (not verified) on

Dear Iva, you be a ba gheyrat and do something please.


Brought to you by:

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

Islam e nazanin. Enjoy.


I can't understand what is

by Anonymous99 (not verified) on

I can't understand what is going on here?
Who are they trying to grab? and why?



by Iva (not verified) on

Hoooo ... next, people should holler Heeeee ... as in Hoooo Heeeee ... everyone knows that "chagoo-keshaa" are really really scared of Hoooo Heeee!

The woman at the beginning of the clip was right on the money ... a proud nation has been turned into a "bi-ghairat" nation.