Groom slaps bride!

Wedding in Dehdasht, Lurestan Province


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Now dude looks like a lady...

by Saman on

Not to worry. The bride got her revenge while performing a forced “honeymoon blow job” that evening.


Right, because Iranian men

by fekr (not verified) on

Right, because Iranian men are the only ones in the world who abuse their wives. But, then I wander, how come there are women's shelters in every country. No, abuse is not unique to Iranians, or uncivilized people. It's rampant and occurs everywhere in the world.



by SALTY on

Har dam az in baagh bari miresad. This numnuts shamed all Lur men, yours truely included!


Oh Abarmard

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

You Messiah you. Haven't you heard of the guy with the habbit of beating his wife untill her brothers took care of him and he didn't dare after that.
I like to be the sister of that bride and take care of the groom, too bad it's not possible.


Flag as Offensive!

by eroonman on

I would like this video removed from this site if possible.



حیونباشی (not verified)

‫حیونیم دیگه، چکنیم؟



by Mensa (not verified) on

I truly feel sorry for the bride....of all days on her wedding day. But the grander picture is the lack of women's rights in Iran and many other countries. I believe in a god...a kind and caring god....but why, why, why does he allow women to be treated like this throughout history. I am an Iranian man, who has lived in this country all of my life...and I can tell you that to me the two individuals that I am the most proud of in my life are my sister and my mom...for their strength, perseverance, and intellect. I am in my medical residency currently and I can tell you that for all of you chauvanists out there...women are as intelligent if not more...they have one more advantage and that is endless compassion and patience.

Long live Iran
Freedom for Iranian women
Down with the IRI



by Abarmard on

Just horrible.

Azerbaijani Turk, I agree with you. Also these are "Iranians" who pretend to be civilized and talk against the action of this man on the video while they are not much better hearing their logic or responses.

If you all noticed, many of you tend to perceive that violent act is the answer, similar to the man in the video.

American Wife

to the wife in this video

by American Wife on

My dear, please give me a call.  I've got Lorena Bobbit's phone number on my speed dial.  You should give her a call....:-)


Truth is bitter

by MITRA Khuzestani (not verified) on

Truth is bitter sometimes!

First of all this is domestic violence and for this poor bride started early! I wish we had more footage to what happen I bit the groom was beaten up later on! I hope. Abuse happens in every corner , just because you and I do not see it does not mean it does not happen. Unfortunatley in Iran women's rights are not the piority.When a girl is dragged in the street of TEHRAN for bad hejabi, and people stand around and watch, what can we say for the rest of the situations that involves women.

Domestic violence happens in the most modern societies, the difference is the women have MORE rights and oppurtunities to fight it.



Good Comments from civilized Iranians

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Thank you for some of your feedback. It clearly shows how some Iranians still haven't learned how to properly discuss and argue and to listen to each others view without insulting and making it personalized and calling someone else's family names.

Let me reiterate myself women harassment, oppression and discrimination is a common practice in a chauvinistic, male dominated Iran.

Men have killed their wife or daughters when they even did something wrong or looked at a stranger.

One must tell the truth and address the issue.

Responding like a uncivilized person who pretends treats women right clearly shows anger problems what if that individual is the opposite sex.

Women rights and freedom must be established in Iran and their place in Iranian society must be recognized. Women are the integral part of Iranian society.

However; under the current regime and current tradition and culture most Iranian men still don't understand that hitting women and their children is a crime against humanity.

Zendeh bad Iran, Iranian women
Zendeh Bad Iran's minority

Amir Nasiri


One good thing came out of the wedding video is..

by don't marry iranian man blindly (not verified) on

Iranian women who are dating, please, please, please don't marry him with out meeting his family. Buy a ticket and go to Iran and stay with his family for one month, what you will see in that family happening is what you will have to live with! Don't think for a second that their Medical Degrees and their specialties has changed their mind-set. The moment you marry this type of man is the moment their character changes and they start treating you with different set of rules and expectations. Even divorce from this type of men will not set you free if you have a child.


‫به امیر ناصری

God (not verified)

‫برو بچه کنار. تو وقتی میگی کامون پرکتیس یعنی روی این مسئلة الاغ بودن سهه میذاری.... همه میزنند، پس توام بزن.... برو جانم پی کارت.

‫بنظرم از این کلیپها باید بیشتر گذاشته شوند که همه به دیدنشون شرم کنند. این یک پدیده مخصوص ایران نیست، این نوع حیوانیت به کل آدمیت مربوطه و ریشیش سلطهجوئیه حیوانی بر حیوان دیگرست. در تمدن غرب این بیشرمی را به الکل خوری ارتباط میدند که چه بسا این خو را تشدید میکند ولی عاملش نیست.


To: Amir Nasiri - NO, it is not well accepted to beat women!!!

by farrad02 on

I don't know which part of Iran you came from sir, but in Tehran it was not at all accepted or okay for a man to beat his wife or daughters. It may have been a norm and well accepted in your family. Don't generalize your own norms on the rest of the population! In 40 years, I have never once seen a man beating his wife or heard about it, without it ending up in the courts and followed up by divorce!

And in this wedding video, judging from the bride's response and hand gestures, it's obvious there is some history behind this exchange. There must have been some argument or fight earlier. And the biting of the finger was a continuation of that argument, followed by the slap in the face! 

Chera kose sher migi, ye mamlekat ro alaki bi aberoo mikoni?!!



It is a common thing in Iran, stop pretending you all are angels

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Man beating women, their wifes and daughters.

It is well accepted and common practice.

Stop pretending that Iran is an nagel and Iranian are gods.

In order to improve our practices and our behaviors we need to address the problems.

Women in Iran are treate like dogs by male counter parts. They are like commodities and are treated like animals.

On the other hand men are ass######## and have no prides specially now days.

Our country has become so primitive and backward that moving forward will take a century.


Lur Luriiii

by Luri (not verified) on

As my cousin in Tehran would say "Lur Luriiiiii"


1 more reason not to marry

by gilley (not verified) on

1 more reason not to marry an iranian man.


one dispeakable act is followed with another

by Azerbaijani Turk (not verified) on

I was appalled and sickened by this idiot doing what he did but It is so disappointing to see some responding to this idiot by our own magnificent Iranian racism. some who supposedly defending this poor woman are calling her ethnic group "sad rahmat be Khar". What can we expect from one who reacts to one disturbing action by another disgusting one.

Racism will split Iran into pieces, and biggest contributors are these khar chanting mob mentality “educated” Persian and persianized racists.


There is no difference

by Farzaneh H (not verified) on

There is no difference between the idiotic mentality of this animal in the video clip and those who believe in bombings for solving problems.


seeking solution

by omidvar (not verified) on

It is a tradition, and not just an isolated act of violence.
It is a tradition that rises from ignorance and therefore the answer can not be what our friend Parthian suggested. Using force, that is exactly what those people believe "zoor baradar-e khodast!" Who cares if they are Fars or turk or lur or..... if they are in Iran's soil, they are Iranian thus they are one of us. Their problem is our problem and we need to make them aware. Our Intellectuals, must seek solution. To bring awarness to these people is the only humane and logical way.


couple of observations

by Parthian on

One question: is this tradition, or did the bride do something he did not like? It seemed he wanted to get up to fight somebody.  Either way, the act is absolutely outrageous.

 The second observation I have is about the people writing feedback. Just about everyone here is ready to beat the crap out of this bully, because as some have said, "that is the only way these kinds of people understand what they did wrong". I tend to agree with this, only a bigger bully can teach a smaller bully a lesson, and there is always a bigger bully out there. Now imagine we have people like at a large scale (i.e. IR) why is force not justified to remove them from power? It is a same mentality, only institutionalized, sanctioned in a form of government. I hope U.S bombs the hell out of IR (Majlis, mullahs houses). That is the only language they understand.


That guy is peace of S*&t

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

If he was man enough, he wouldn't beat a woman. I just wonder where the bride's family is at to allow such terrible act gets away. Idiots like him should be given lesson.


Please stop the racism here

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

I know Arab guys, Turks, Kurds or Lurs that are quite gentlemen and treat their wives like queen. Just some men are assholes no matter where they come from.


How come there is nobody

by Nima (not verified) on

How come there is nobody there to beat his a$$. I would pay anything to have been there to beat this guy up; this is the only way to teach these types of people will learn, a good old-fashioned ass-whooping. Does the bride not have any brothers?

Party Girl

Domestic Violence

by Party Girl on

How very sad.

The scene you just witnessed is representative of violence, specifically, domestic violence.  Before you rush to generalize and stereotype any group of people, please consider you are watching a very disturbed man committing an act of violence on his wedding day.  End of the sad story.

Violence towards women is not limited to physical abuse, nor to any particular ethnic, religious, economic, or social group.  It could and does happen anywhere, even in the most affluent urban families, even in the most educated families, even in the United States of America.

Be shocked, be outraged, but please use the generated energy to understand and identify abuse better.  Be vigilant.  It could be happening near you.  Reach out and help those who need help getting out of violent and abusive situations. 

Arash Monzavi-Kia


by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Buddy, I thought that we were friends enough for you to invite me to your Lori wedding :-) Pah, now I'm not going to invite you to our Turki weddings either! 

Arash M-K

PS: If there is a wedding on my maternal side (Fars of Shiraz), you may be invited to see some real Persians. 


These are Ghezelbash Lurs (Turkish Lurs) , not real Lurs

by samsam1111 on

Ghezel bash Turkish tribes (as evident in their dress & accent) moved in southern Luristan in Safavid time & became Luricized in Dehdasht & southern Luristan in which they are majority as in Hamadan province & large Turkish majority.. Lurs in Khoram-Abad & north Luristan , don,t even consider them Lurs . The dumb Groom and his mom look more to be Arabs of Bani-Taraf or Bani-kaab tribes of southern Lurestan border with khuzestan.

 ""This is a tradition in southern Iran among Bakhtiaris""

 I am born in Tehran , from Bakhtiari -Nahavandi parents & there is no such traditions in their weddings . pls don,t generalize . If this video was titled Arab wedding , the Admistration would have been here pronto calling it ethnic bashing as once happend to Ebi's Arab video...Cheers!!!


how can we change these traditions?

by omidvar (not verified) on

yea, it is the tradition! I wish I could import feminism to the villages of Iran and in to the minds of those people.


No tradition

by choghok on

There is no way this is normal or tradition. The guy was furious an wanted to leave because of a she bit him. It could be that he find her too open and dislike it since it breaks his taboos.

Anyway he is the result of the bringing up by his surroundings and his mother that does not teach him to be nice to his own wife.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Settle down baba...

by The Groom (not verified) on

During our courtship, she'd bite me sometimes. I told her I didn't like it, numerous times. Right before the ceremony, I had a feeling she was going to bite me hard. I asked her again, not to do that.
She promised not to bite. But when I put the cake in her mouth, she bit the sh*t out of my finger! I thought I lost that finger; that's where I lost it, and reacted! Those sharp teeth sent pain throughout my body!
Looking back, maybe I should have controlled myself more, but that was a uncompulsive reaction.

* * *

Since the wedding, we have forgiven each other, and I don't feel her teeth, anywhere , on my body any more ;-)