Googoosh on Arab TV

Thrills Dubai TV audience

Sings her most famous song "Talagh" (divorce) in a sexy, breathtaking performance. (The Arab girls ain't bad either;0)


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she has a positive attitude

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She has faced many adversities, from her addiction, revolution and old age, she is handling it better than most. Its a mistake to compare her to classical (like golha) Iranian singers, she does a different music.

Darius Kadivar

pilot & Kadivarfan

by Darius Kadivar on

Your most welcome to say out loud what you think. thanks for sharing but Well I hope that day will come for all of us to see her perform in our country and for our countrymen without censorship.

Who knows after all Chris De Burge was invited to Iran ( even if I am not a great fan of his music) so who knows ? ;0)


She is not that great as you think!

by Anonymous6574 (not verified) on

In one of her concerts she was supposed to give the benefit of the concert to the Iranians who are stuck in Turkey and Pakistan but after the show she refused to pay the money to Mr. Nadari for transferring to Turkey with the pretext that she did not make enough money in her concert, although it was sold out!!!!.


Gogoosh, IRan Pride

by Homayun on

Wonderful, I love her always. She's our, I mean Iran's cultural visiting card. What an energy, what a gift..


My Moto: Be Positive, Optimistic and don't fall in routines


Dear Daruis

by pilot (not verified) on

Dear mr kadivar,I guss you misunderstant me ,Iam not complaining of googhooch ,all Iam saying ,why our people in side Iran cannot enjoy this talent, becouse of bunch of Arabs occupying our country.?



by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Like many Iranians who are investing their money and asset in UAE and the rest of the gulf nation, artists and Iranian performers are singing on their land.

Ebi, the so called Iranian national icon did not sing the song (Persian Gulf) because it was on the contract and would offend the Arab audience and the host.

UAE and the rest of the Gulf nations have Iranian bloods on their hand. Our girls are prostituting there to earn money. Our loved ones are begging on their streets and cleaning their shit. UAE is submitting to the UN to take on our Islands (which god know maybe the Mullahs have already given away). They have killed many Iranian workers and treated them like garbage.

Anyone who invest in any of the Gulf nations or any performer who performs there or any Iranian who visits there is a traitor and not an Iranian.

Zendeh Bad Iran va Irani

Darius Kadivar

Ramesh and Gatebeh Ain't Bad either ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

For our Arab Friends:Another of our National Icons rocks on Stage 1977:

Watch Video

One of the girls dancing reminds me of French actress Sophie Marceau in LA BOUM

Darius Kadivar

Secular Arabs are As good as Secular Iranians

by Darius Kadivar on

Culture and Music is not a property of any nation is it ? Otherwise why claim to any universality ? ...

Besides its also a way of getting them to learn and appreciate our language so why complain ?




Sexy to Kadivar Alone

by KadivarFan (not verified) on

I love Googoosh and it's always nice to see her in new or old clips, so thank you for sharing. But, come on, Mr. Kadivar, sexy? It was not. She was modestly if a bit dawdily dressed and coiffed. Breathtaking? It was not. She was lipsyncing (it becomes evident several times when she falls behind the tune).


She is the best. She was

by copper moon (not verified) on

She is the best. She was having fun and enjoying herself; good for her.


I've seen much better performances...

by AnonymouslyYours (not verified) on

that was the worst performance by Googoosh i've ever seen. her looks were shocking, and the performance (especially the dancing)was horrendous. She getting too old for this type of performance.


shame on us

by pilot (not verified) on

that is shame that she performed for Arab youth,in Arab country ,but she can do it for her own people and inside of her own country?shame on us.



by Parham on

I bet you she could rock Turkey the same way!