Global moms: Iran

Three months, three Iranian families

Justine Shapiro, an American filmmaker ( and mom, and her six-year-old son Mateo visit Iran, where they share daily life with three families over three months.




The Mums are lovely

by yetanotherexmuslim on

We know our people are just lovely and wonderful for their hospitality.

We just have to change our Dear President and his Tyrant Boss Rahbare Zalem to reflect the true nature of our culture.

I look forward to see the full film.

HajiAgha, it is nice to have you back.


There would be love if human made barriers are broken!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

It was so moving to see the warm relation between an American jewish woman and a devouted muslim woman .They are suppose to be enemies,but when we dig deeper,we are all from the human family.
We should start having dialouge and exchange ideas,to get to know eachother and see the similarities.
Unity in diversity is possible ,even old enemies can forgive and start fresh.

If these two ladies found friendship.why can't the rest of the two nation?


why 6 millon Iranian are out of Iran

by hajiagha on

باید پرسید این اخوند ها اجازه دادند برید از تو زندان اوین هم فیلم بگیرید اخوند ها مثل افتاب پرست هستند و مرتب رنگ عوض می کنند یک روز دار می زنند و با ساطور گردن می زنند و یک روز دیگر ادا می کنند ادم شدند برو اقا من تو سپاه و سازمان تبلیغات و قوه قضائه و مجلس شما رفت و امد می کردم شما حروم زاده هستید و دشمن خوبی ها حالا امریکا می خواهد دو تا بمب بیا ندازد ایران و ما راحت شویم افتادند به گوز دادن


brave moms...

by Azar (not verified) on

The second mom is Leyly Rashidi, the actress and the daughter of Davood Rashidi the Actor.My son(then 7) and I loved her performance in Zizi Gooloo. I'm not sure if she is still working but I wish her the best. Way to go for the fimmaker too.


Very nice...

by Nadias on



Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Mona 19

Well done : )

by Mona 19 on

Beautiful! I also enjoyed watching your other documentary(promises). Great Work :)

Looking forward to watch the rest of the movie,Global moms.




Iranian moms

by natnaz (not verified) on

I can't wait to see the whole movie.I also like to find out about the third iranian mom too.She was in Iran for three months and got a good taste of iran.When the the lady was reading the letter and addmitted her friendship to the american jewish lady,it brought tears to my eyes.Well done.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Damesh garm...zan( single mother), jewish, aamreekaaee,rafteh Iraan,...baareekallah baabaa..!