Fokker crash

Plane crash at Tehran's Mehrabad

PRESS TV, January 2, 2008 -- A Fokker 100 plane has crashed at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport when it was attempting take-off for Shiraz in snowy weather. A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, Reza Jafarzadeh, told IRNA that no one has been injured during the crash but the plane, one of Iran's national airline Iran Air, has been seriously damaged.




by HUSAIN NAMAZI (not verified) on

Good Morning(salaam) brothers & sisters.
Let me explain Iran,
Iran is a better place for all the religions of the world, But why do everybody thinks the one-side of Iran not the other-side? Let me explain Muslim Religion Says to keep 'hijab' and in other countries we can not find that much. If in other country u find also they will be sacrificing by saying we r headoff hectic of doing this even in iran u may find but After the Revolution of Ayyatullah komaini made shah iran out and Islamic rules corect in the land of Imam Reza(a.s) & Bibi Masumeen(s.a).
special blessedfull land no body can brhave rubbish in Moulas place u have to keep RESPECT.



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I mean why talk about old stories? On january 17th, just yesterday happend some very awful accident on heathrow international airport. This message is specially for the ones who like to speculate. Hier we go:British plane makes emergency landing
Thu, 17 Jan 2008 17:31:28
British Airways passenger plane has made an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport, forcing PM Gordon Brown to delay his visit to China.

British Air ways Boeing 777 made the emergency landing at 1242 GMT, British Airports Authority (BAA) said on Thursday.

TV footage from the scene showed the aircraft's left wing had come away from the fuselage and that emergency chutes had been deployed.

The airport's southern runway is currently closed, but the northern runway is still in operation.

In a statement, British Airways said all 136 passengers had been evacuated from the plane with three minor injuries.

A spokesman for London's Metropolitan Police said there was nothing to suggest the incident was terror-related.

The incident happened as Prime Minister Gordon Brown was due to leave Heathrow for China and India. His flight was delayed due to the incident.
Please start NOW.


To good Hold days

by Omid (not verified) on

Iran vatane hame iroonia ast. Man kary nadaram regim alan che joory ast va dar zamane chah che joory bood. Khode mardoom entekhab kardan in regima chon khode toode rafte tooye kooche regime sabet ra az bein borde. Tarafdare regime akhoondaye bi vafa nistam chon regime dictatorie va srakoobie va zede ensany. Ama taraftare regime chah am nistam chon oon zamanam begir begir bood oonn zamanam dictatory bood kheily regime mozakhlafy bood va in saltanat talabay bi farhang ke los angeles zendegy mikonand nayand began ke zamane shah kheily khoob bood chon vaze kheily iroonya bad bood. Amin iroonia raftand jangidan bareye defah kardane myhan vakhty ke in nekbataye arab keshvaremoona hamle kardan. Va shoma shah doosta rahat dar los angeles keyf mikardin. Berin ghon shim khar ghahvehaye bi vafa va bozdel. Man hamishe vatanhama defa mikonam kessafatahey koonde.
Vive l'Iran.


Where Iran was and it is now...!?!?

by Good Old Days (not verified) on

Back in March of 1979 when I left Mehrabad airport on a beautiful, clean, safe, and classy Boeing 747, Iran Air had daily flights all the way to New York. The Iran Air staff and stewardesses were clean, educated, dressed well, handsome, polite, civilized, etc. Back in those days Iran's protocols were different than today's Islamic Republic where filth, backwardness, mediocrity, and misery are encouraged and rewarded.

I hope the situation in Iran deteriorates even beyond the current miserable conditions. After all, the inhabitants of Iran deserve to travel in the same fashion their ancestor used to do, on a back of a camel!?! After all they deserve it! They had all the best and decided to give them up all for the Ayadollah Khayehmani!?


To XerXes

by Fatollah (not verified) on

check your fatcs staright, This plane is not a Boeing! Besides, why complain!?


Nothing new

by gholabi (not verified) on

I was in Iran last month, people in general are afraid of flying any Iranian operated plane, and since the stupid government has rationed the gas for cars, the only other option for travelers are Trains and smelly buses. But good luck getting ticket for that, you have to book a week in advance or know people in high places. And this new Imam Khomaini's airport is about an hour out of Tehran in the middle of nowhere. The road to airport is not safe, not only because of road conditions, but because there have been reports of highway rubbery and abductions. Anyway, if you go back home stay away from planes and airports if you can.


Imam Hussein

by Anonymously (not verified) on

This one dude keeps calling for Imam Hussein. Did he ever arrive? Was he late like the fire dept.?


It's so shameful! The fire

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

It's so shameful! The fire fighters arrive after all the passengers have been evacuated! Just imagine! It's in the airport and they should be standing by all the time!


First of all this is a

by Gfunk (not verified) on

First of all this is a Fokker and the US has nothing to do with its spare part. I have heard that it was the pilot's error that caused the crash. He forgot to de-ice the plane before take off.
Is it possible for us to have a civil discussion about something relating to Iran ??? Or do we have to curse each other ?


They are standing there like

by Kiana (not verified) on

They are standing there like an idol and there is no help or fire truck and these idiots want to defend this country! It is a miracle that more people don't lose their lives in this country. It is sad........... Go enrich your uranium godoukhlar! Posfuzeha!


I told you so

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

I wrote an article in a few years ago after the crash of the C130 military cargo and pointed to the sad fact of mismanagement, and the dissaray the civil aviation authority in Iran is in. Iran air had the best record in the world going into the revolution and now is at the bottom of the pile with all these accidents in the last 20 years. How much further does all the great things Iran had accomplished has to be nullififed under this deamonic regime???