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Iranian female rappers

"Kaash mishod hameh chi ro beh zaboon biaaram" (wish I could say everything). Rumi Video [www.RapSun.com]


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Be open! whats wrong with

by bande khoda (not verified) on

Be open! whats wrong with experiment?


How dreadful

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Poor Rumi mixed up in idiotic noise they call 'music'.

I wish people would look up the origins of Rap before they spew this kind of noise pollution.


Puzzled and astrays

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

Zaherash chon goor e kafar por helal;
Batenash ghahr e Khoda Azz e va Jall;


Moghaled ha ye Gharbzadeh don't mess up our beautiful Rumi!

by gol-dust on

Be original! Now you are mixing up our deep poetry with uneducated, backward and deprived American music? How pathetic! I guess, that's what would happen when you get lost in a different culture and you are confused about your own, since you never knew it to begin with!

This is supposed to be spiritual not a trashy rap! Do rap as you wish, but leave Rumi out of it please! Thank you!


Rumi's Shock!!!

by Niyaz (not verified) on

Rumi was a "real" & "pure" revolutinary & his writings are eternal!
The work on the video even though is an alternative to the cold, the old, & "for the money" singing of "Shajarian" & alike it was much better if the performers did not copy cat American Rap!
The Rumi's Shock should be comined with someting of very pure & innovative instead in order to bring the Iranian young out of their pre-fabricated world & present them with a life time awakening!