Faramarz Aslani and Babak Amini

Washington DC Concert

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Since Parham seems to know how to get Faramarz Aslani online, it would be fun if he would come back and chat with the users.




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thank you Nader

by IRANdokht on

I guess you misunderstood me a bit.

A classic song is going to last forever whether it was done by Banaan, by Dariush Rafee, Mohammad Nouri or Aslani. They all have different styles and yet their music lasted forever.

When was the last time you saw Aslani?

Have you heard any of his work with Rumi nation? Aslani's style works for him, his voice and his music doesn't need to change to keep his fans interested.

Aslani was never a pop singer throwing huge concerts with a large band. His faithful audience is usually happier to see him up close, and informal with his guitar in hand, singing the familiar tunes we all cared about. He's not into Pop Star scene, he never was, and that's what sets him apart from the people you named.

I am a Dariush fan too, he's a responsible artist who has a dear place in our hearts, but the rest of the pop stars I can do without, whether they evolved or not. I'm happier listening to their old songs that meant something to me rather than the new ones you seem so excited about.

thanks for not taking my previous comment too seriously, I did not mean it as an insult and I hope I did not offend you.




by Nader on

First of all, thanks for the "art" lesson!

Comparing Bannan with Faramarz Aslani however, shows lack of argument. (think about it!!!). This is like matching up Smokey Robinson with Rod Steward!?

Two completely different league!

You cannot even compare him to likes of Googoosh, Dariush, Ebi and other "artists" who had their own style, but have moved on eversince. Faramarz Aslani created some great music before the revolution, however, he fell behind!Others have improved their "ART" throughout the years. They are all coming up with new stuff every day. This can't be said about an artist who still plays the same tune I am afraid!? I stick to my guns on this one and thanks for your input as well.

Sorry to burst your bubble...

By the way, as a courtesy to you, I'll let you have the last word on this subject. How about that?



by IRANdokht on

Art doesn't go out of style. The beautiful music that is done so well, that touches your soul and makes room in your heart, does not go out of style.

These beautiful old songs bring back memories, that's why they become classic! People still listen to Banaan, and that was more than 4 decades ago.

Your view of "very past" is just ridiculous!!



Aslani ruled 3/4 decades ago...

by Nader on

I loved his voice, music and style (I have respect for this guy). However, that was almost 4 decades ago and since, he has "nothing" new to offer. It's to the point that anytime I hear "deevar" & other songs, I turn away quickly.

I thought we had moved on?!

Let's stop living in the "VERY" past!




by ThePope on

I don't know if I'm a fan or a bit fanatic when it comes to Faramarz Aslani's music. All I know is that he rules, period. His music (songs) is original and different,,, cuz it comes from the heart. So you can listen to it with the heart and enjoy with the soul!! What Shahbal says in the beginig of the first clip is so true, ageh ye rooz... song is one of Iran's best song ever, a real master piece.

Thanks Party Girl.

ps: He really smokes a lot! Only when he's singing or playing the guitar you don't see him smoke. dat eez soo bad!



by maziar 58 (not verified) on

thanks for reviving the old memories.
down with IRI


You made my day!

by IRANdokht on

What a great post Party Girl! Youd did it again!

I've been a fan of Faramarz Aslani since the first time I ever heard him sing... Aslani is a talented and genuine artist.

Of course Babak Amini is one of our best and talented musicians too, what a pleasure to see them both. 

I loved these clips! You made my day!

Thank you