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Farah Diba Pahlavi speaks to online fans during Berlin visit



Dogiush -the biggest obstacle to democracy

by Fair (not verified) on

Hey LIAR. Call me all the names you want, can you prove any of your statements? You say they are true, can you provide ONE REFERENCE? JUST ONE! Or are people supposed to just believe you because you say it? I get equally upset with lies from the west or Israel (which I criticize very much as well), but that is not what we are talking about here- STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT. It is very simple- you spewed out lie after lie after lie. I challenged you time and again. You say you don't have time to provide proof. But you have plenty of time to feed people BS and label people who actually stand up to question your BS. You say people want to move forward and not have a monarchy, yet you yourself cannot tolerate someone questioning you. So how are you different than Shah, Khomeini, Khamenei, Saddam Hussein, or any other autocrat? Stop being a HYPOCRITE, take responsibility for your actions and your words, and stop lying and labelling people You are PATHETIC, and people like you are the biggest obstacle to democracy in Iran, always have, and always will be. You are the ones who can't stand other opinions, and don't like it when people actually think for themselves and ask questions. Be FAIR.


Anonymouse8 / Unfair

by Dariush (not verified) on

I think your writing is in respond to Fair/Unfair or someone else not me. I am not for pahlavis. It is Unfair who is a Pahlavi lover. You might want to correct it.

Unfair, as I said, if you think my comments are not true and it bothers you, I am surprised you are not exploded by the lies and untrue statements from west and Israel. You never criticize them.
All my statements are true, I just don't waste my time getting you proof, since you will not accept the anyway.
Who gives a damn about pahlavis anyway. They are bunch of thieves.


Ask yourselves

by Casual observer (not verified) on

OK but all of you ask yourself...out of the two, which one represents you better in the eyes of the entire world? Her or Ahmadinejad? Would you rather Iranian be synonymous with Bin Ladin cronies with a nuclear arsenal and terrorist friends everywhere...or the most modern, advanced, progressive country in the middle east at the time? Given time, it could have surpassed Europe and even the US. Alas, that we don't deserve it. Go ahead spend the rest of your lives bickering over stupid things, see where it will get ya.NO wait, see what it has already gotten us!!


Why Iranians don't support her?

by Elisenda (not verified) on

I'm not Iranian but I love Iran. I'm Spanish. I'm very surprised about some of the post made by some of you due to the lack of respect towards your Empress. Maybe you are not monarchist and this is your right and must be respected; maybe others blame Her of the current existence of the Ayatollah's regime. I can't understand why some of you hate Her. In spite of try to be united againts the dictatorship, you are figthing among yourself. The Iranian monarchy can play an important role trying to join under the same umbrella those of you that are againts de Ayatollah's. Later, when you win the freedom for your country, you will debate about what political system you prefer: Republic,Monarchy, Parlamientary Monarchy, ... but first, please, unite you around what can gather againts the tyranny. Shahbanou, if I was Iranian I didn't have any doubt: I would support you.I remember old times when the name of Iran was respected and admired everywhere. Of course, the monarchy did many important mistakes, but those that live in democracy know that our democracies are not perfect as well.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You just can't make this stuff up.

Well, you have made up all of these ridiculous names that you use on this website. So, your credibility is nonexistent.

The lady is not an orphan. An orphan is a child who has lost both parents. That same dictionary you are referring to also defines you as someone wilth mutliple personality disorder.

How these Pahlavi losers came to power in Iran is a question that most historians never asked. Maybe, no one cares.

Read a history book. Or have it read to you. Maybe they have the "pop-up" variety in order to hold your attention, as you are clearly afflicted with ADD.

Isn't it odd that most Iranians have never heard her speak Azari or Gilaki? She is the most confused person in Iranian history.

No. It's odd that you have access to the internet. Mental asylums are apparently too liberal.

Iran doesn't need any type of monarchy. Iran needs a democratic republic. And Iran's social freedoms should mirror that of Amsterdam. Anything short of that is just unfair.

You spouted this same line of BS before. What social freedoms  from Amsterdam do you want Iran to have?

The cannabis bars?

The redlight district with storefront prostitutes "marketing" themselves in the window?

"Needle Park", where intravenous drug users gather to inject themselves and each other?

Iran is a country. Amsterdam is a city in The Netherlands, which happens to be a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY.

ali hakkak

A woman with a big spirit

by ali hakkak on

She truly is one of the greatest women we've ever had in our history. I don't need to convince the readers by giving examples and explanations. If you can put your TAASOB aisde you can see it clearly too.



Do not bother yourself

by hassan khorram (not verified) on

Dear friends:

Do not bother yourself. The third world program for

nearly everything is already written with big

characters in the first world and is updated each x

times 10 years depends on the knowledge of people living

there. So the third word or poor people had no choice of

deciding about their future. The first country just

playing with the by changing the characters they realize

that are good for that situations. So, it is better to

think about yourself and try to change just yourself

to enjoy your life and to be kind with others.

Listen to khayyam robaeyyat to learn more about

the value of time and enjoying from every minute.

Good luck and enjoy.


Dear Empress:

by A former marxist/revolutinary (not verified) on

You need to forgive us as we committed a lot of sins against you and our country. We were young and delusional. Now that we have sobered up, all is lost for everyone. Past may never come back, but our conscience may be redeemed, if we admit what we did. I know that your heart is big enough to forgive us, your enemy once-upon-a-time.


You are a bunch of Sad Stubborn People

by Behrooz (not verified) on

Just look at the these comments and the stupid nonsense that these people spew
After 30 years of destruction, misery, executions, imprisonment, economic and social devastation, extreme backhandedness lose of the respect and our place with regards to the rest of the world.
Still these idiots are pumping the same old BS IRI and communist propaganda about the Pahlavi and are still trying to legitimize their idiotic disasterus mayhem of revolution.

After being drown in this s**t up to their eye balls, they still are trying to make excuses and legitimize their actions in 1979.

How freaking sad

What is it with us Iranians and admission of our blunder? We prefer to die but not to admit to the well establishes fact that we were taken for a ride and WE WERE WRONG. It seems to me that being stubborn is in our blood. and yet we want democracy too

Well guys and girls dream on

With your behavior and Lejajat may be mullahs are the best you deserve

Also with regards to on “your chin” comments:. Well mate can tell me what freaking dreams are you talking about.
Today out country is on the brink of social and economic annihilation. We are sleep walking towards another destructive war and if that is not enough the integrity and borders of our country is being threatened by a few inferior tribal Arabs whom we let to stay in The Persian Gulf islands in the first place.

Until you people admit your mistake you are going no where and that's a promise

An kas keh nadaanad va nadaanad keh nadaanad
Dar Jahle Morakkab abad Ad dahr Bemaanad


Man Farah Raa Doost Daarem: En

by Abol Danesh, Author (not verified) on

Aayaaa meedaaneed cheraa man farah raa dost daaram? Bedeen daleel ke "An" neest...


I agree, can't really hate people who are irrelevent

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

and superfluous.

Dariush: why don't you show me one thing where Farah did something positive to stop Saddam's support from the US? Even though her family was living and paying taxes in America.

Also, Saddam held on to Iranian territory for close to a whole year, no thanks to the Pahlavi's "concerns."

Just like now when they have a chance to come and say condemn Bush or Clinton for nearly starting a war with Iran, and what do they do? Keep "hoping" for a foreign hand to put them back in power, "in whatever capacity they can serve". What pathetic family.

YOU BE FAIR. Everyone knows the Pahlavi family was so out of touch with reality that they kept thinking the IRI would fall any day. When she had a chance to do something for Iran by lobbying Reagan, or speaking at the UN in defense of Iran, she sat back and smiled. And that's why she's irrelevant to the majority of Iranians who have no desire for this aristorcratic bullshit.

The next generation does not KNOW or CARE about the Pahlavis other than what they read in HISTORY books.


Farah Pahlavi, the REAL STORY

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Farah was born in Tehran as Farah Diba, the only child of Sohrab Diba and his wife, Farideh Ghotbi. Her mother was originally from Gilan and her father, who died when she was a child, was an officer in the Imperial Iranian Army whose family was originally from Iranian Azarbaijan.


In Iranian culture a female's surname remains unchanged from birth to death. The Iranian identity card, the "Shenas-nameh" is proof of this.

Farah's father died when she was young.

The dictionary defines orphan as:

a child deprived by death of one or usually both parents.


Farah Pahlavi has no respect for her father. She is an ingrate. All she does is complain.

She stole from the Iranian treasury, relocated to Maryland, USA and spends all the money she stole from 70 million Iranians in the land that did not permit her former husband to seek medical treatment.

Let us not forget she is an Egyptian citizen, traveling with an Egyptian Passport.

Isn't it odd that most Iranians have never heard her speak Azari or Gilaki? She is the most confused person in Iranian history.

It is interesting that she talks about freedom, yet her husband was a dictator.

Microsoft Encarta writes:

"The Iranian 1906 constitution remained law until 1979, but after 1925 it was ignored in practice by the Pahlavi dynasty shahs, who created a highly centralized government over which they ruled as virtual dictators."


Microsoft by the way is a corporation started by Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, and a former Harvard University student.

You just can't make this stuff up.

The Pahlavis are, were, and will always be "bad news".

How these Pahlavi losers came to power in Iran is a question that most historians never asked. Maybe, no one cares.

Iran doesn't need any type of monarchy. Iran needs a democratic republic. And Iran's social freedoms should mirror that of Amsterdam. Anything short of that is just unfair.



by Fair (not verified) on

YO Dariush- I get angry because you HAVE NO REGARD FOR TRUTH, not because I "love anybody". I would get just as angry if you lied about Khomeini or anyone else.

When will you realize- it is not about who you support, but having RESPECT FOR THE TRUTH.

I am getting angry because you LIE.

So once again, PROVIDE JUST ONE REFERENCE that proves that Pahlavis "cheered Saddam Hussein to get the job done sooner". (Not condemning the west for arming Saddam is not the same as cheering Saddam on - He also didn't condemn the US for arming Iran in Iran contra- so does that mean he cheered on the mullahs?? What a MORON you are).

But no, you won't do that, will you. You will just add more lies to your repertoire:

"and promoting use of military force toward Iran in interviews"

Once again, PROVIDE JUST ONE REFERENCE where the Pahlavis promoted the use of military force toward Iran.


In fact, Reza Pahlavi has stated the following very consistently:

"Any kind of foreign military action against my country will immediately galvanize Iranians against it, myself included, and would therefore neutralize a political movement which plays a pivotal role in bringing about democratic change in Iran."

reference: //www.meib.org/articles/0111_mei.htm

Stand behind what you say. If you cannot, don't label people, it proves how full of BS you are once again.

I am tired of your LYING, FAILURE to back up what you say, and pathetic LABELING of those who question your BS. You deserve every word I am telling you here and more.



Farah is where i draw the line of hating Pahlavis

by Anonymous999999 (not verified) on

But any one's standard, i mean anyones, even Prophet Muhammad himself, she represent modesty, love, honor till death...i love you Farah, and but I am happy that revolution took place.


I am an IR and Farah Lover at the same time....

by Anonymous999999 (not verified) on

we should all be proud of her...she is a typical iranian woman...no matter what she would stand-up for her husband...Lover you Farah...my Hamshahri...


Dear Farah: It’s over

by on your chin (not verified) on

Dear Farah:
It’s over sister. Seriously … it’s over sister. Easy on the hand held homemade videos! Life is too short sister. Enjoy your remaining time on earth and “forgattabout-et”. Take a break and spend some time in sunny Brazil or something. I’ll buy the one-way ticket.
Aerosmith wrote a song back in 1973 called “Dream on” … sister. Our dreams are much more realistic than yours. Move on with your life and let old times go…sister.

The new generation…looking ahead.



by Dariush (not verified) on

If you are not a Pahlavi lover, why are you getting so angry. You are not going to tell me because my comments are unjust, are you?
In that case all this injustice from west and Israel must blow you up. I say it as it is!
The fact that they did not condemn the west for providing Saddam with chemical bombs and etc and promoting use of military force toward Iran in interviews are cheering to kill Iranians!

Shirin Vazin

Enghadr lily beh laalaaye in

by Shirin Vazin on

Enghadr lily beh laalaaye in Pahlavi-haa nabaayad gozaasht!



Stop feeding people BS

by Fair (not verified) on

Yo Dariush.

There you go again, never being embarrassed enough to stop LYING.

Provide evidence for the following verbal diarrhea:

"When west was providing chemical bombs to Saddam, Pahlavis were cheering them to get the job done faster no matter how."

When where and how did they ever cheer Saddam Hussein for anything. Come on, I DARE you to provide even ONE REFERENCE. In fact if it wasn't for Pahlavis, Saddam Hussein would have taken Khuzestan in 5 days as he had dreamed.

I am sick of you LYING, and treating all readers as stupid. You have failed every attempt to stand behind ANY of your claims. Would you like me to point the readers to your MANY other lies on this website? So perhaps you are referring to yourself by the following:

"The fact that they still think they can fool Iranians is an insult."

Be ASHAMED of yourself you LIAR. By not having ANY RESPECT FOR TRUTH, you just perpetuate your own STUPIDITY and help bring an otherwise great nation down into your toilet.

And don't call me a Pahlavi supporter either, because I have claimed unequivocally many many times that I am not.


Kaveh Nouraee

Mr. Abarmard

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Surely she knows what the West has done, and yes, to stand up and voice her opinion about the current state of affairs would be nationalistic. But voicing an opinion about a bombing that quite honestly won't happen....I'm not so sure about that. Besides, it's not an anti-Iran campaign. It's an anti-IRI campaign.

Do you honestly think she wants her son to be king? It's one thing to want to return to an Iran that is free from the IRI and all that goes with it. Maybe Reza wants it for himself, maybe not. Unless he speaks for himself, one way or another, we don't really know. I haven't heard anything other than the "whatever the people choose" routine. But there's a part of me that says maybe she doesn't want that. She's given up enough already. She lost her country, she's lost her husband, she's lost her youngest daughter. The stresses of life in exile, being hated by so many, certainly hastened the Shah's death and played a huge role in Leila's death. Why would she want to see her son in a position where he could be harmed? For some momentary regal glory? I don't think it's worth it to them anymore. Whether anyone likes her or not, it's fair to say that Farah Pahlavi doesn't owe anyone a thing. If she wanted to, she could have declined to speak. The fact that she did shows me that it wasn't meaningless.


I pity them

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

How sad and pathetic. Farah and all the monarchists live in their own delusions; Farah is sending "messages" to the Iranian people (her 250 supporters)! And the woman at the end of the clip sends her regards to "Reza Shah-e dovom"! I really pty them. .

These are the same people who had made their own birthdays into National Holidays, named half of Iran streets after their own names, made the national anthem about their own family and had school children sing their praise...etc Now, they are so desperately trying to fake the same feeling by fooling themselves.



by n.zanincanadai on

As a dumb person I have the following question: - What has she done for Iran in the past 2 years? Really, what? If anyone is going to answer this please do not include items that are slogans and don't include museum visits and such. What concrete thing has she done for Iran? - Why doesn't she just enjoy her money? Why does she do this to herself and us? She lost a daughter I'm sure tv commercials make her cry. But for god's sake what happened to dignity and grace? Rich people know nothing about what to do with cash.


Alegator Tears

by Dariush (not verified) on

The situation in Gajar was bad. In Reza shah era wasn't any better. In Mohammad Reza shah times it got a little better as the result of Mosaddegh's efforts fighting the British and Soviet and nationalizing the oil that produced some revenue which transformed to power for shah and making some progress. Otherwise British and Soviet Union may have still be ruling Iran. So thanks to Mossadegh and his cabinet not shah.
As abarmard pointed out none of them ever said a word against U.S. crimes against Iran in the past and today. And I must add if they ever condemn anyone, was president carter for forcing shah to give freedom to Iranians as they blame carter for revolution. When west was providing chemical bombs to Saddam, Pahlavis were cheering them to get the job done faster no matter how.
The fact that they still think they can fool Iranians is an insult.


a true Iranian patriot

by -sohrab (not verified) on

a true Iranian patriot



by Donya (not verified) on

I just love watching her, she has so much class and grace. She is not materialistic at all! Therefore those stupid comments regarding her "stealing" wealth, jewlery, art, etc... is B.S. I have herd her say many times that those were all possessions of Iran. They left everything there. I hope to have her return home to Iran. So she can feel all the love people have been suppressing to release to her. WE LOVE YOU SHAHBANOO! We're all waiting, and we're all sorry for our mistakes.


I don't see Pahlavis

by Abarmard on

I don't see Pahlavi family today using their image and media access to criticize anti Iranian campaign. I would expect them to stand tall and strong and voice their opinion against bombing Iran. That's a nationalistic thing to do. What she said here is nothing, worthless, meaningless and pointless.

She is getting older and knows what the West has done to us, now it's the time to voice her anger/points against these warmongers. But she can't. She is thinking that she would possibly ruin her son's chances to be a king. I would argue that no. Actually she would increase it.

No hope in Pahlavis, not a drop of hope.

tow ham baa maa naboodi...

Kaveh Nouraee

Actress? Some of you are just stupid

by Kaveh Nouraee on

When she was forced to leave Iran in 1979, with suppsedly everyone hating her, to have people from back home want to hear from her would make anyone emotional, except for some of you who think in the warped way that you do.

So she has expensive jewelry and a haute couture wardrobe. Big deal. She has proven time and time again that she holds more class and elegance in one finger than some people do in their entire body. And it has nothing to do with her wardrobe or her accessories.

If more Iranians conducted themselves with even a fraction of the Shahbanou's comportment, the rest of the world would certainly have greater respect and reverence for our country and our people than they do now.



by PH (not verified) on

I soooo DISLIKE(not hate) the bademjaan dor-e ghab chins around her!
They haven't changed one bit from the days of past.
Yes, she is crying and I don't believe it's an act. In fact they are genuine tears. Wouldn't you cry if you were in her shoes?
After all she is an Iranian and she has lost a lot, including her vatan and the life she used to lead.
But she is an Iranian woman, she is behaving like let's say... my aunt would behave, (my aunt had no responsibility as a queen!)
My aunt would cry too for what we have lost.
She would cry too if the people of Iran(some)showed that they still liked her -- Taht-e taseer gharar migireem.
But remember she was a QUEEN. She had so much more responsibility towards the people of Iran.
But unfortunately by 1979 it was way too late for her to try and do anything. Way too late.
I don't dislike her at all as a person, but I feel she failed as a queen in many ways --depending on how much they'd let her use her powers at that time.(?)



by No Fan of Farah (not verified) on

Like those surrounding Fararh in this clip, you are just another romantic fool. What do you know about Soraya and her part in promoting or demoting the Pahlavis. You, and other commentators were not even conceived when Soraya was a queen so what's all this about how she was better or worse? All you know is that she was beautiful, from the photos, and she was divorced by the Shah. So keep your wise comments for your round the dinner table chit chats.


Why do all iranians forget good deeds!

by Ali J (not verified) on

Ok, iam not saying that the Pahlavi regime didnt make any mistakes, they did, so does ALL people and ALL regimes. Why dont you remember all the progess Iran made during their regime. Do you guys even know how Iran looked like in the previous, Qajar regime? I think we all should have a bit "ensaaf". As i said iam not saying that they didnt make any mistakes, but please dont forget all progress they made in Iran, all the infrastructure work, work in health care & education, how much the economy boomed! So you say they were corrupt? the islamic goverment of Iran spent 14 MILLION dollars to locate all the "Treasures" the Shah and His family brought out of Iran. 14 MILLION DOLLARS, what did they fing out - nothing! Believe me if they would they would definitly report it!
God has good plans for Iran, He hasent forgotten iranians and their cry!
Ali J