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beautiful country

by Parthian on

Yes, absolutely gorgeous, with unparallel splendor, but under the most cruel, the darkest of dark tyrannies. Occupied by those who show little respect to it, or its true culture. It is like taking Bustan or Golestan of Saadi, and bury it underground. Absolutely shameful..and shame on all of us Iranians for allowing it to happen....



I'm just a messenger, and I'm telling it like it is

by farrad02 on

Yes, my points were all negative, but they are also all true. Don't blame the messenger if you don't like the message!

It is not about having luxury or not. Having a clean bathroom is NOT a luxury! Having access to reasonable health services is not a luxury for tourists! These are make or break issues for a tourism industry!

The issues I listed are all management related and rather easy to fix. But there is no will to fix them.

So, my point here was to let people know that if you send an American or European friend to Iran now, they will most likely see problems. Just get them prepared and manage their expectation! YES, they will have lots of beautiful scenery to look at, but they will also see a lot of problems with the very basic things!!!

When it comes to toruists, there are some basics that HAVE TO be there! And Iran is lacking those basics for tourism right now!



Too Nagative!

by nitemustfall on

Although many of the comments made by FARRAD02 are correct, he seems too nagative about the issues. I just came back from Iran and found it as beautiful as ever and saw lots of tourists. Yes, it is not the most conenient place to visit, but tourists who choose to go to Iran are not there for the luxury.   



Let's admit it; Iran's tourism industry is broken!

by farrad02 on

There is no acceptable standard being implemented for hotel and restaurant industries in Iran.

You can drive from one end of Iran to another and you will be hard pressed to find ONE (1) clean toilet!

Eating in roadside restaurants means taking your life into your own hands!

Road and informational signs are often non-strandard, poorly translated or inaccurate in the information they convey!

Tourist guides are often ill-informed and/or unable to speak proper English!

Tourists are hassled and forced to were Hijab. Police behavior and handling of foreigners is often rude and embarrassing!

No international credit cards are accepted or usable in Iran!

Access to acceptable foreign exchange and financial services are non-existent in Iran!

If you get sick or hurt in Iran, you better have a lot of cash or your chances of getting medical help is slim to none!

Historical sites and ancient ruins are practically left to further ruin!!!! There is very little maintenance and upkeep. Even iconic places such as Azadi (Shahyad) Tower and Persepolis are either falling apart or left in lengthy and never-ending restoration projects that are nothing but an excuse for the regime's custodians to get rich!  

There are hardly any cafes or other casual and fun dining and entertainment outlets that torurists can lounge and enjoy after a day of walking and trakking! This is especially a problem near the historical sites!!! where you expect tourists to be an d to need refreshments and food in Iran's extreme weather conditions!

Should I continue?!!! How much time do you have!

YES!! Iran is a beautiful country. But it is a country that is NOT very inviting at the moment!

Just compare Iran (in the categories mentioned above) with any country in the region that is not in war or occupied by foreign forces or radical Muslim tribes and you will admit the sad truth!


Mona 19

My Fairest Land...

by Mona 19 on

has occupied UNIQUE PLACE in the history of the World.In the days of early GREATNESS she was a veritable Queen among nations,Unrivaled in CIVILIZATION,in POWER,and in SPLENDER.

She gave to the world Great kings and Statemen,Prophets and Poets,Philosophers and artist.Zoraster,Cyrus and Darius, Hafiz and Firdowsi,Saadi and Umar Khayyam are but a few of her many famous sons.

Her Creftsmen were unsurpassed in skill; her carpets were matchless, her steel blades unequaled, her pottery world famous. In all parts of the Near and Middle East she has left traces of her former greatness.~ Abdul-Baha