Donbale khoda nagard

"Don't look for God" song by Anonymous Sinners

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Dear All

by Anonym (not verified) on

I think that I have answered all proper questions as fairly, decently and gently as possible. I am not making a 'political' thing out of this because I think that unforturnately some people think that this is my intent. Very poor and wicked judgement they have indeed.

I am defending God, not any religious leader of any religion.

Dear Eva, your idea of what God is supposed to be is faulty. You are in error. Also, who said 'Supreme Leader' is God's representative on this earth? You did, because I didn't. Again, I am not talking politics here. God is not just for Iranians, Arabs or Israelies. He is for all Humanity.


There is no Choice in religion Dear Anonym

by Iva (not verified) on

"If you don't want to believe in God then that is your choice."

Take that statement to, in our case, Iran which is an islamic mandated country and tell that to the supreme leader and add that you also would like to promote Free Choice. Then you will learn that there is no Choice in religion.

Also, you need a refresher course in God ... God knows what's in your heart, mind, under a rock, in a galaxy 10 million light years from us, what happened 1 million year ago to a mosquito and finlly what will happen 10 million years from this very moment ... So, again what's with all that testing?! could this be a way to make folks fall for something that doesn't exist, but need to be proven that it really does exist .. so people bow to the one who is in contact with that entity (i.e. he is not human being, he is Supreme Leader because he is God's represntative on earth and he may not be questioned)... Think about it ... I hope you still believe God has given you brain power to think and use logic, right?!


Re: Salar

by Anonym (not verified) on

I am glad that you responded the way you did.

Some people like you and the ones I mentioned earlier will never change. You with your hardened hearts and cruel and twisted thoughts.

You talk about "arrogance". Who is the arrogant one, I speak for people to help each other and be kind to each other. IS THAT ARROGANT? You ridicule my beliefs by saying "72 virgins ... molest underage 9 year old girls...", THAT IS ARROGANT! People are not stupid as you hope them to be. They can read your writings and mine and compare.

My reply is to the GOOD individuals who might be reading this wicked non-sense propagated by you and your kind who we all know about.

If you have a better idea of what our creator is supposed to do then say it and we will compare it with mine. If not, then shut the hell up and stop spreading lies and trying to fool good poeple.

What is so "cruel" about God's creation you baffon? Would it be better if we were not created at all? Or is it better that we are created and we prove to our creator that we, as independent and self thinking creations, can make a good world for ourselves and for reward we will spend an ethernity of happiness?

One thing that you will never understand is that humans have commited much evil falsely in his name and under all religions. Don't attribute that to God or any single one of his religions alone!

I give you some more information so that you and your cruel kind can laugh some more. Even though I am a regular person, I have had revelations from our good lord God almighty himself. Now can you ever comprehend that? No, I thought not, you think I am 6 years old and someone has filled my head with non-sense. You poor miserable person. I await further ridicule from you and your kind.


To Anonym and all those blind believers

by Salar (not verified) on

Where do you get all your so accurate, and of course, verifiable information? Your ignorance and arrogance is almost comical. Are you for real man, or this stuff you said, (laughing hard as I write this and think of your writing, honest) you are just joking? How old are you, 6?

But lets say what you said you really believed, then (man I can’t stop laughing dude, seriously how old are you?) then this god you describe must be one twisted being, to create something and give it the ability to do so much wrong for what? The reward of eternal life with 72 virgins and rivers of milk and honey sitting next to a twisted minded guy who likes to molest underage 9 year old girls. What is this, some twisted, sick game to amuse the creator? No thanks man, I much rather not believe in such twisted and cruel being and if I have to go to hell for it then be it. Looks to me those who believe in your god the most end up inflicting the most cruelty in this world as well. I guess believing in a cruel, twisted creator makes you also twisted and cruel and gives the right justification to do so.


Re: Eva and Azad99

by Anonym (not verified) on


When it is said that "God is all knowing" it is meant that he knows what goes on in your heart and your mind. There is nothing we can hide from him. Also for your information, I am not the kind of religious person as you assume me to be.

Unfortunately for you, it seems that your opinion is more symbolic of "Garbage" because it is conjectured and illogical. If "they" put something in my head, it sure sounds like that it seems to be better for humanity than yours.

So believe what you want to believe. I for one, will not dream of changing your mind.


I think that you did not comprehend the words properly. If you don't want to believe in God then that is your choice.

When this video is being shown, it has already provided the opportunity for some people to express their opinion. Are you saying that's it and no more arguments? You need try to be more Just.


You have now read my opinion and the arguments of these two opposing people. Judge for yourselves which is more helpful. I am not asking them or you to become religious. All I am saying is to consider what I told you about God. If it makes sense, then accept it. If not, then believe what you want. No one, I repeat not one should be forced to accept God.


Bassir, Blind?!

by Theosopher (not verified) on

Atal Matal toutouleh,

Could the Designer, Programmer, implementor and controller of a specific and meticulous program be blind?

Atal matal...




To Anonym

by Iva (not verified) on

you said, "God did what he did to see if we humans could overcome the limits of our physical bodies, greed, lust for power, hurting the innocent and other evil. If we could make the good decisions instead of bad. If we could help and support each other instead of hurting and abusing."

Doesn't the god you worship is ALL KNOWING GOD? What's with all the testing that God is doing, as so called religious people say he does? Like someone faces great hardship and supertitious people say, oh God is testing this man? But God knows everything and there is no need to test. If you believe in garbage that religious people have put in your head then you must blame God for the suffering ... he/she/it is ultimately responsible for creation of all things that cause suffering even when he knew the outcome!!!


The most likely answer

by hazratee on

It is all about control of population just like all the viruses, microbes and bacteria that their primary function is to kill in order to control the population growth of all species. It is by design after all.


The RAP sounded cool but the message is bad

by Anonym (not verified) on

Dear people:

It is not God who is responsible for the misery, pain and injustice in this world. It is we human beings who should take that responsibility.

Here is what I think of God. Please reflect;

First we must understand what God stands for and why were we created and placed in this world?

Let us assume the following (just for kicks):

* God is the the omnipotent creator of all things.

* God stands for all that is Good and Just.

* God created Human beings and gave them the ability to think and make decisions (good or evil).

* God put the human beings in a created temporary world separated from his own. In this world (let's name it Earth) that is suited for our life form, we were created into physical bodies capable of enjoying pleasures and suffering pains.

* God kept his existance hidden from us (at least from the great majority of us) so that we could be tested. Tested on what you may ask?

* God did what he did to see if we humans could overcome the limits of our physical bodies, greed, lust for power, hurting the innocent and other evil. If we could make the good decisions instead of bad. If we could help and support each other instead of hurting and abusing.

And what of the sufferings in this world. Why does God allow that? Because if he helped, then it would nullify the testing of his other Humans in this world. The people who could help or prevent the suffering for others.

What of the sufferings then? It hurts! Yes. But God is not unjust. For the people who suffered, if they were good, kind and loved God then there is unimaginable rewards in the next life that is certain to come. The people who caused the suffering or did not help to ease it will get their punishment too in the next life. That is what the test of life in this world is for. We must not get too comfortable. Yes, most of us live up to 70 or 80 years old which seems a long time but it ends. The life of this world is merely a test, a menagerie or a vanity for some. Always be there to help other people in any possible way we can and do not dismiss God's existance. For your own sake.


Opportunism disguised as humanism!!

by Azad99 (not verified) on

Ok, there is so much suffering in the world but instead of making a call to action for people to put an end to poverty and war, what do our lovely Iranians do?!! Use these sufferings as an opportunity to make a case against the existence of God in their never ending "Theism vs Atheism" and "Islam vs secularism" debates!!!!



by IRANdokht on

I am even more outraged now but completely speechless




by Majid on

And I thought I would never ever like rap !

Great job.


Absolutely fantastic!

by Mehdi on

I loved it. Great upbeat music, great lyrics, great voice and a very good video to go along with. Thanks for posting!


The message is great

by Abarmard on

But the rap is not good.