Direct U.S.-Iran talks

New Yorkers talking directly to Iranians -- on the phone

Voice of America Persian TV report by Behnam Nateghi.



I hate islamic...

by allah akber NOT (not verified) on

Why the only female is an islamist? is she talking with her bosses? the Mullah in Ghom? She is poison land, making USA streets trashy like her brain.
It is funny..she is islamist, still she has slept with those guys...without losing her virginity!

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Only Love

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

Back to Work

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As my home
Yet the foolish
Come and ask me
For my addresss
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AbolHassan H Danesh


Iranians Sign Up to Be

by sick of hizbollahi (not verified) on

Iranians Sign Up to Be "Sacrificed For Holy Qods" At Protest
Meanwhile in the Islamic Republic:

Iran held massive "Death to America - Death to Israel" protests today.

Oh... And, "Death to the UK," too!

Watch the pictures of the protest:




Good effort!

by farrad02 on

Dialogue and relations opening looks like about the only thing that can lead to a political opening and possibly some level of pluralism.



remove that islamic whore

by scared (not verified) on

The islamic whore is messing up your idea..throw her out...and use a normal person.


how does the authority of

by navidddddddddddd (not verified) on

how does the authority of any region, area, or community do to wrongdoers and criminals. does it sit and talk with them

in the world community, irans government is carrying out terrorist activities abroud while severely supressing its own ppl,

how could the world biggest superpower possibly sit and talk with such a government?

THE ONLY time criminals are allowed to talk with their procecuters is after they are put in trial,

when are the mollahs going to be put on trial?


Vasseh Faatee tumboon nemishe

by EnoughBeards (not verified) on

Talking and listening to disembodied Persian and American voices across the earth is not enough. Let's start with even worse enemies: The Iranian-Americans who are pro-IRI (like the gay boys in NYC Ashura)and those who are against.


The girl in Hijab and "Q"s comment

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

Just look at the only Iranian girl at the table: she is wearing an Islamic scarf. And read "Q"'s comment. This has been set up by the Islamists of Iran. The rest is up to you.


Beautiful idea

by Majid on

A Chinese proverb says " every long journey starts with one step".


Every little bit helps, thanks for the effort


I wonder......

by Hungry (not verified) on

Can we use those telephones to order some authentic Persian take-out?

The Persian restaurants here in the states are getting lazier and lousier.


Who is that Fati Komondo

by more anonymous (not verified) on

Who is that Fati Komondo sitting there?


this was great...more please

by anon3 (not verified) on

this was great...more please


Bravo, that's what I call peace activism

by Q on



People Talk Politicians Don't!

by Mehdi on

Isn't it amazing that people can talk to each other but politicians refuse to talk! Who are these politicians representing? Who do they work for, if not for their own people?


What a bountiful idea,

by Azadi (not verified) on

What a bountiful idea, bravo. Hundred times better than those who just saber rattle and want just to start a war.