Democracy and Islamic Republic

Ayatollah Montahhari's TV interview in 1979

Motahhari Motahhari was an Iranian scholar, cleric, University lecturer, and politician. Motahhari is considered among the important influences on the ideologies of the Islamic Republic, and was a co-founder of Hosseiniye Ershad and the Combatant Clergy Association (Jāme'e-ye Rowhāniyat-e Mobārez). Motahhari was a disciple of Ayatollah Khomeini during the Shah's reign and formed the Council of Revolution of Iran at Khomeini's request. Motahhari also wrote several books on Islam, Iran, and historical topics. He taught philosophy at Tehran University. Motahhari was assassinated on May 1, 1979.




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Your few lines basically sums it all up. However I do not think if it was public's fault to hand over the country to these blood sucking superstitious bunch of illiterate Akhunds.

Fact of the matter is, the playing powers namely USA(at the expense being accused of playing the blame game), did not want any group with possible communist tendencies to take control of the Iran. If you recall, back in 1970's Soviet Union still was a communist country. Super powers could not afford for Iran to become or controlled by communist group, namely [Tudeh Party of Iran]; the [Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (OIPFG)] and the breakaway [Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (IPFG)].

While Khomeini was in Paris, he was visited by President Carters envoy, William Ramsey Clark, US General Attorney at the time. Meanwhile, Shah met with Alfred Atherton, William Sullivan, Cyrus Vance, President Carter, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1977 and ask USA for her support to sub do the opposition.

Six month before Shah fled country, a CIA analyst, in August of 1978 concluded that Iran was NOT in danger of collapse. Meanwhile, William H. Sullivan, US ambassador to Tehran assured Shah that USA will intervene, MILITARILY to protect the crown, and stabilize the situation. However Jimmy Carter could not decide how to do this, besides US did not want a military coup, so Carter sent NATO commander to Iran to neutralize the Army, a trip that Shah was not aware of.

In essence, one might conclude that USA wanted and helped Khomeini to STEAL the real revolution from people.


Jahanshah Rashidian

Motahhari was one the most

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Motahhari was one the most reactionary Mullahs of his time. He stood for a complete islamo-arabisation of Iranian society and used to belittling and demonising ancient Persian values. He insulted Ferdawsi because his Shahnameh resulted into a revival of persian language. Motahhari was one of the architects of Cultural Revolution which was violently imposed after his death.  


Akhonds are smarter than you & me

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they say what ever it is required to get by. All I can say is good riddance this guy is gone. Now if only we could get rid of the rest.....


Good Question: Salty

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I was too young when the revolution happend, and I was not involved in it and in fact like many millions watched it from the distance. But I remember when all these things were happening I was asking myself: do we really want an Islamic Republic? After the Shah fled and he put Bakhtiar in charge, I wished they would have stopped. But they didn't, because the revolution was on automatic pilot. No one could stop it. Islam like all other religions has many good qualities. But forcing people to behave in a certain way is another matter. Mr. Motahari can say all he wants about a democratic Islamic state. But it does not change the fact that after 30 years of an Islamic republic, we have the same problems as before the revolution. I remember we had a clergy class that we respected and now look what happened to them. We admired Khomeini and Motahari and others but now we look at all of them as a bunch of people who conspired to fool people. And they did get fooled, all because of the same Islam which could be a source of goodness.  Were millions of people who have put us in this situation really so gullible?


Anon 999999999999999

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The ignorant one is you! Just reading your comment says it all. Apparently you are a sunni and don't like the shie version of islam. I guess in your view Saudi Arabia and the rest of the blood suckers in Middle East are just awesome. In your view Iranians suck and islam is great; never mind the fact that in your dear islam they stone people and butt in everybody's business to make sure they do "amereh beh maroof nahy az monkar". (If you know Persian)
Somebody tells me I'm considered half as a man, I'll tell them they can go .... themselves.
With regards
Feminist Atheist.


To: Anonymous9999999999999

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When you say "you will take your ill wishes against Islam into hell fire.", is that your own personal opinion or is that the "true Islam" that you so proudly promote?

When you say "Islam as a thriving in the entire world", are counting all the forced conversions to come up with this conclusion or not?
And by forced conversion I mean like in a country like Egypt where if you don't belong to one of the three recognized religions you cannot even get an identification document, let alone get an education, a job, or even a passport to leave. You're basically a subhuman.
And by forced conversion I mean like in all Islamic countries you are only allowed to marry a Muslim, so if your spouse is of a different religion they HAVE to convert to Islam to be recognized as your legal spouse, and then apply for identification documents, and then a passport to go and visit your relatives, and every time someone does one of these 'pious fraud' conversions your Islamic Embassy, and all the other Islamic Embassies everywhere on this planet, add one more Muslim to their statistics. Is that what you are talking about when you say Islam is thriving in the world?

I’ll see you in your Islamic hell.



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Whenever I see or read  Khomaini's speeches or that of his so called thinkers like Mofateh, Beheshti or this joker. I always ask myself what was wrong with the generations before me? that instead of rallying around Bakhtiar they followed Khomaini to complete distruction!


to Anonymous I

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you obviously don't know Islam because you are ignorant. Islam in against lying to people and using religion as a tool. Iran needs some kind of secular Gov. so that people don't blame everything on Islam and they can come to conclusion that it is them (iranian people) that suck not Islam. and Iranians don't follow the true Islam any ways. they believe in their fake imams. I"m not saying arabs are any better, but at least they haven't changed their religion.


To anonymous 9999999999

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Iran and Saudi Arabia follow the exact laws and rules of Islam; they are the good muslims. Islam is wonderful; it allows guys beat up their wives and punish adulterous by stoning. Just can't get enough of this jougouri magouri.



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I am looking forward to tomorrow's vocabulary.


Today's Vocabulary

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To Anonymous9's

I am not so sure about Islam being thriving in the globe; but, surely, it is BOMBastic!


Biased Statistics

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West for higher birth rate among negligent Muslim immigrants and/or for Muslim new immigrants from poor African countries arriving on a daily basis; and not by the act of conversion.


Don't Kid A Kidder

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To Anonymous9's


IR is Islam, or at least Shia Islam; Islam is IR.

Fooled me once shame on you; fooled me twice shame on me.

Got it?

Nader Vanaki

to JJ and mahmoudg

by Nader Vanaki on

You are both missing the point.

Listen carefully.  He is citing the root cause of the revolution which is our constitution.  Had the Shah just recognized this as a defacto principle history would have been different.


to mahmoudg

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You can criticize the IR as much as you like and I will join in if I agree with you. but IR has nothing to do with Islam. they don't represent Islam. infact majority of the people were very religous at Shah's time, but since this "islamic" gov. came to power, people have lost respect for islam because they wrongly think that IR represents Islam. so, actualy you should love IR because it helped to ruin Islam in Iran. but as far as Islam as a religion, it is thriving in the entire world, except in Iran. all muslim nations are going back to islam. Since Islam is the truth people with understanding will always Love Islam and its prophit. Most iranians understand this point too and they don't associate the liers in IR with true Islam. so you will take your ill wishes against Islam into hell fire.

Jahanshah Javid

Persians and Arabs

by Jahanshah Javid on

mahmoudg, I strongly disagree with your reference to Persians and Arabs. I do not believe "Persians" are better or superior compared to any other race nor do I believe "Arabs" are savages, as you seem to suggest. In a free, democratic society, race, ethnicity, religion... have no value as such. We are all equal.


Decrepit system

by mahmoudg on

As you so eloquently put it JJ, Luther, is now realzing that this system was dead on arrival.  I think deep inside he (Rafsanjani) also believes that Islam is a failed institution (as are all religions) and the only way to cling to power is to come across as a reformist and perhaps buy another decade for this system.  Needles to say Islam was a failure from its inception and nothing can save it.  The power of the people and particualry the Persians will sweep these ideologues to the side and perhaps with it the entire region will become free of this Arab infestation.


Charand Parand

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وی را بی جهت «استاد»نمیخواندند؛ او در فن «سفسطه آخوندی» استاد بود. به عنوان نمونه در یکی از سخنرانی ها گفت: « در اسلام بین حقوق زن و مرد تساوی هست اما تشابه نیست» و پرت وپلاهائی از این قبیل...

Jahanshah Javid

Power & politics

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Interesting how the top leaders of the revolution from Khomeini to Motahhari, Beheshti, Rafsanjani and Khamenei, ... all changed their views on freedom and democracy and what and Islamic Republic truly is. Once in power, they pushed aside all those who disagreed, especially those who did not share their views on theocracy and clerical rule.

Here Motahhari questions democracy and denies people having the right to have their own preferred ideology, or to have no ideology at all.

This of course turned out to be a key issue and that is if you do not believe in Islam or Islamic rule, you cannot participate in the political process, you cannot question the essence of Velayat e Faghih or the Vali e Faghih, you cannot question "Islamic" interference in people's private and public lives, you cannot question blatant inequalities between men and women and Muslims and non-Muslims, you cannot question archaic and cruel sharia laws...