Daryoosh Khajehnoori

Sings "Morgh-e-Zakhmi" live in Concert at Sa'adabad palace in Tehran


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Persian Power!

by Bravo (not verified) on

The most beautiful part of the lyric is the girl's way of singing. Not only she does it most artistically and powerfully but her joy emanating from the beauty of her art is radiant. She beams in the highest form of power and beauty. It is like a dancer at the pick of her performance radiating light and beauty.

Such an exuberant and perfect performance is seldom seen abroad where many por-efadeh iranian pop singers produce affected and junk music. I can only compare it to top western singer performances.

No you are not dreaming! This is open above-ground Iran and Iranian power radiating!


Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

When I see such profound & exquisite piece of Art & performance in Iran today, I am more HOPEFUL for future of Iran & Iranians of all background... Only love can conqure and heal our hearts...

We are all a single voice like a single musical instrument, a miracle of individuality... But only when we come together and play in harmony we can create a glorious symphony in which we realize our belonging to eachother, this planet, cosmos & the universe...

I shared this piece with many of my friends, Iranians, Europeans, and Americans! They all were moved by it ! Especially the non-Iranians who were able to connect somewhat deeper than I thought with us, without even really understanding the lyrics! You see the POWER? How proud I am as an Iranian to share this with all good people who have a heart to feel... And feel deeper than what the world has to offer on superficial level all over...

Thank you iranian.com to bring this beautiful Iranian Musicians & Artists to our attention...

Peace & Love


blind, prejudiced and jealous!

by Amazed (not verified) on

IT is amazing to see some guys to be so brainwashed and prejudiced that when they see something open in front of their eyes they still try to deny and ignore it.

Just read this: "I love this music because it is motivator, modern and secular. Because of these characteristics, it is hardly tolerated by Islamists in Iran. This music now lurks in the underground to emerge in Iran. "

It is sad and laughable to read such prejudiced comments by shallow propagandists.

They see the event happening in 'open' in the country in front of the broad public and being filmed by several cameras in the most technical manner yet they call it 'underground', hidden and untolerated!

This program must have been advertised publicly beforehand and organized by the help of some government agencies. Then how could it be 'underground' and untolerated?!

You cannot believe these blind propagandists for the rest of their judgments on Iran.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Underground Music

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

As long as I remember, 1970th can be taken as a focal point of crossings between classic music and the modern in Iran. Soon, along with others, it got a colour of social protest incorporating the then traditional and political context. As a means of modern communication and an aid to collectively growing intellectualism, it could not follow the classic music which could not rekindle and exacerbate collective feelings for modern thoughts.

Although ancient Persian music influenced neighbour cultures, immutably fell itself into half religious, half patriarchal norms after the islamo-Arabo culture was imposed upon Persia.

I love this music because it is motivator, modern and secular. Because of these characteristics, it is hardly tolerated by Islamists in Iran. This music now lurks in the underground to emerge in Iran. This undergroung music is now popular because it has all reasons to be a protest music.


Here is Iran

by Iroonie (not verified) on

This is Iran. It is not fake. Believe it. It is real. Are you surprised? Let's all go home.


Is it TRUE?? Am I dreaming??

by vienna (not verified) on

Is it TRUE?? Am I dreaming?? I certainly hope the SaadAbad Palace is being by such a creative and talented people constructively!!


it looks fake to me...

by Anonymous999999 (not verified) on

this is funny in a ridiculous way!! it is simply not Iranian cluture therefore it is fake.


Very nice !!!

by AnonymousPB (not verified) on

Very nice !!!


For JJ

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

JJ is that you playing drum kit back there or do you have a twin brother?!



by Dariush (not verified) on

Lady in background has a very good voice too. She should sing more!


The censors were asleep!

by farrad02 on

The IRI censors must have been sleeping at the controls that day!



Beautiful background ... is this Iran's W.H.?

by // (not verified) on

Is this where Iran's presidents live and do business?
This is beautiful.


nice music

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Beautiful music!



by Kamangir on

Nice voice and performance!!!



by Killjoy (not verified) on

Beautiful performance!