Darvish Jo does Kiosk

Singing "Jaade-ye Khoshbakhti"

Words and music by Arash Sobhani, performed by Kiosk from the CD "Adam-e Mamooli". www.kiosk-music.com


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by Abol Danesh, Author (not verified) on

...It would be nice to sing this song in a duet with Yaghami ...each getting a turn to sing a piece of song in interval...

By the way where is Korosh? Must be chasing the pretty girls around the bushes...

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اهنگ قشنگ نيست ولي اين يارو خيلي باحاله ،خدا حفظش كنه.

Alahazrat Hajagha

Love it...

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

I love it I love it I love it


That was great; love to see

by RZ (not verified) on

That was great; love to see the gole yakh too


Speaking Persian

by darvishjo on

Jamshid, yes I can speak Persian. My ability to do that is better when I am around someone regularly who speaks Persian but doesn't speak English very well. That way I get lots of pracice. Right now all the Iranians I see speak English very well and that is the language we use most of the time, so I don't get much practice speaking Persian and it isn't as strong as I would like. It gets weaker when you don't use it.

The 'VOA show was great, but to me the best thing was that great chance to see Aslani sing and talk about his music. I think Aslani really liked the clip by the girl Roxy who sang Age Ye Rooz. Her clip is excellent and I like it too. He was nice about my clip (ruvashi) but I don't think he was the one who chose it for the broadcast. It think the VOA crew was responsible for that.

Majid, Gol-e Yakh is a song I like. I don't know what song I'll do next. I have to have time and be in the mood. I'm in the mood now but I don't have time! I need several very long sessions listening and playing before I can record one of these, and I just can't squeeze it in at the moment because of other work. I will probably do it sooner or later. If I had total control over all of my time I'd probalby play guitar and sing 8-10 hours a day, but that's a dream.





by bystander (not verified) on

This s better than then original version! Good job.


Darvish Joe

by jamshid on

Just curious, I noticed you are writing in Farsi. In another thread you mentioned that you use dictionaries for word to word translation.

But it seems that you have more mastery in Farsi than that. Can you actually speak Farsi?

P.S. You were mentioned on TV,  I guess your fan base is rapidly growing!


"Gol-e yakh" it is, Darvish

by Majid on

That's the song that I can invision you doing it beautifully.

One more thing, you surprised me with your Farsi writing! and the knowledge and use of our "zarb-o-l masal" promptly!

More power to you and please ignor that nasty comment .



Very talented

by Abarmard on

Love the song and the singer. Great job


Damet Garm Darvish Jo...

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

Damet Garm Darvish..........
I love this song and you sing it very well....:-)
All the best Bro.......


Persian Sweetness

by darvishjo on

خود فارسی شکر است ولی بعضیها که به این زبان صحبت میکنند افکارشان واقعا تلخ است


با این همه نون خور

Shazdeh Effat Mirza and his little nephew (not verified)

با این همه نون خور، همین یکی رو کم داشتیم


What this song means to me

by darvishjo on

این آهنگ خیلی داستان خوبی است نه فقط در مورد زندگی در یک شهر بزرگ ایرانی بلکه بطور کلی این آهنگ داستانیست از زندگی و مشکلات اش در تمام دنیا. من فکر میکنم هر کس میتواند معنی کلمات «هر طرف که میری همه جا بنبسته» قشنگ بفهمد.


This is why I wanted to sing the song. It is a nice melody with words that express my own feelings. I really respect the ability of a writer like Arash Sobhani to produce such a powerful universal message!

Darius Kadivar

Dear Jo was also mentioned on VOA ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


DarvishJoe, well done. I

by jamshid on

DarvishJoe, well done. I enjoyed your other two songs better though. It seems you excel with classics. I think I agree with n.zanincanada, Kourosh Yaghmai should be next on your list, specially his 1970s instant classic hit, "gole yakh" (flower of ice):



I love to see this guy

by Sibil (not verified) on

To go to Iran and have a concert for Iranian people :)



by Majid on

I just love what you pick to perform....LOL

Very nicely done, and I'm a big fan of both Kiosk and DARVISH!

This the third video being posted here, keep it up Darvish Joe.