Dard e Del

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Great Song, Crap video

by Irandoost2008 (not verified) on

This song is not his latest.
This video is not made by him and has nothing to do with the context of the song. I wish you would point that out.

Stuff like this could get him in trouble if/when he travels to iran.


Yas is a great rapper

by پیام on

and he allways carries a message on social issues in his songs. Love all of his work.


forget about older Generation with no offense !

by Saraamin on

They are living in their memoirs , past is gone and as a human you have to let go of certain stuff ,For me  as a young Iranian this is the manifesto ;we have to try to be positive , innovative and caring , we have to mix up with other cultures and enjoy the likelihood ,Forget about Conspiracy theories our older generation always ranting about , it's a new world and we have million chances to make a difference , don't stuck in your Iranian community , lets mix up with everybody else , staying away of pride and prejudice would be a key to happiness for us .it's a beautiful world and we are going to be future leaders , so be kind and love everybody , i met a Pakistani girl from Austin , TX ,she runs a group for Children of Pakistan , it was the first time i was meeting up with a Pakistani  and she was so alike Iranians.however in the middle east the problem is neighbor countries are not foes nor friends , sometimes foes actually , but when you meet up with them , you ll see they are flesh and bones like you , and you can actually like them and make them your friend . in my view the problem of Iranian community is they are not mixing up with other cultures and living in the past is the worst part , so forget them with no offense of course and move forwards future!Wish you  all the best



Loved it...

by Kiana (not verified) on

As a javoon who was raised here and knows about the struggles of my people back home I loved it and am so glad that there are Iranians such as YAS in the Entertainment business that haven't totally forgotten and turned a blind eye on what is going on it Iran...Dorood...Also sometimes I feel that we are too proud but for what...Yes I am proud of being Iranian and EFTEKHAR meekonam ke Irani hastam but I feel sad for us...honestly why is it that we have such a hard time uniting and agreeing...all i see and hear is talk, talk, talk (specially on the Iranian Channels)and I really think the generation before mine (revolution generation) has a harder time with this...Any Ideas?



by Saraamin on

I ve never listened 2 him ,but in NG latest article about iran they interviewed him and mentioned his name , i liked the lyric.he is so damn right , we are just so proud of the past and so embarassed of now !4 example i had to prove to my italian friend that they dont pay the price of girls for marriage in iran by camel or other animal !!give me a break !!!what if someday when we say we are iranian , nobody would ask anymore Qs ?i wish...