Dancing Haji Firooz Doll

Haft Seen

I had a special Haft Seen this year since I got a personal dancing Haji Firuz from Iran . But among all Haft Seen items I love Sabzeh the best>>>See photos


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That was a stupid remark from haxxez

by sassss (not verified) on

Why do we not put the "modern Iranian flag"? Because it represents a terroristic regime and against Iranian belief and culture. Do you know some religious poeple within the Islamic republic want to end persian traditions such as Persian New Year? For example, they want to ban the 4-shambe sore which is the persian festival of jumping over fire the tuesday night before new year. Get a grip buddy...we will never bow down to the terrorist regime in iran and it disappoints me obama is seeming to do just that


the flag....

by haxxez (not verified) on

What is your problem? why don't you put the modern Iranian flag. Regardless of your beliefs towards the Islamic Republic, Iran's flag now looks different. So stop worshiping the past and put the modern flag.


That was the last thing China had not made!

by farrad02 on

Now there is a Haji Firooz, made in China (no doubt)!


cute African Iranian...

by cute (not verified) on



very kule

by urstruly (not verified) on

I WANT ONE..................