Cycling through Iran

Two British cyclists go to Iran on their way from England to Australia

Cycling through Iran, eating honey sweets, getting arrested and escaping into Pakistan.


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by Paulo (not verified) on

Thanks for the comments. I produced the series and thank the corrections people are making.



by i <3 iran! (not verified) on

Did anyone tell her she doesn't have to wear a chador, but perhaps just a hejab (head covering) and long pants/long sleeved shirt? I did that in Tehran...also a long jacket over pants.

I understand it must be frustrating for her to wear things she's not accustomed to, but maybe she should be more culturally sensitive. When I know the world does not revolve around my customs and culture, so when I travel to a new country I appreciate that culture for what it is and respect it. Maybe it's just me, but when traveling in Pakistan, I would try to know about some of its customs before arriving. For example, I think failing to wear the long shawl around your neck, covering the front area, in Pakistan is almost seen as being naked. I think Angelina Jolie set a good example when she traveled to Kashmir to visit the earthquake victims and wore more modest clothing and even a headscarf!

Anyways, I do think it's a cool journey they're taking and they're fun people! :) I just had to add my 2 cents!

Party Girl

Information on the cyclists

by Party Girl on

Greetings Abarmard:

The video was posted on YouTube just a few weeks ago, on April 1st, 2008.  Here's the couple's channel description for those who want to know more about what their adventures:

"About Bike2Oz video series.
Bike2Oz is the unfolding story of a young school teacher who convinced her partner to cycle with her from Oxford to Sydney.Rather than damage the climate by flying, they choose to pedal the 12,000km hopping on cargo ships to get across the oceans. They partied for car free day in Italy,dodged arrest in Iran, get groped in Pakistan and fell ill in India.
Watch the series and find out if their relationship (and the planet) survived the epic trip?

We will release episodes each week so either subscribe to recieve new episodes automatically or check back here each Wednesday. Enjoy the trip!

Please tell your friends by linking to this page."


This film must be sever years old

by Abarmard on

That was the time that the Zayandeh Rood river was dried up. Of course this year is another possibility since already most of the country is praying for rain.


escaping Iran-going to Pakistan

by Anonymoushly (not verified) on

Escaping Iran to go to Pakistan is like: Az chaleh dar oomadan o oftadan too chaah!

Party girl joon is there anyone we can contact to let them know that Poolak is not Iranian chocolate?


thanks for all your good postings


Regarding this film clip about Isfahan

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Isfahan was Iran's Capital in the 1600s, during the Safavid dynasty.

The Safavid dynasty was a dictatorship like all the kings that ruled Iran.

The Safavids were so bad that they gave up their throne to an Afghan warlord.

After the Safavids, an Afghan dude, the Afshars, the Qajars and finally, the barbaric Pahlavis. In January 1979, Iranians said enough is enough and did bathroom on the system called monarchy.

Anyhow, the Isfahan clip was cool. They treated the English woman like a princess.

It is so sad to see that this poor woman was sexually assaulted in Pakistan by a 15 year old boy. Everyone knows that Pakistan is an American ally. Isn't Pakistan, a western ally for women's rights?

In Pakistan there is a belief that Banazair Butto was assassinated by her husband.

If this is true, then why in Allah's name is America backing such a sexist society as Pakistan.


put a fan

by ImtheKing (not verified) on

Aya maloom shod chetor in khanoom ba chador-chaghchoor yeh dast zireh aftabeh esfahan pa zad bedooneh inkeh yeh ghatreh aragh as pishonish berizeh. Agar fekresho bokonim ina as kavir va sistan-baloochesstan ham bayad ghozashteh bashan. Akhareh dastan chi shod, in 2 varzes-kar akhar be inglisse bar-ghastan?