Covert ops against Iran

Seymore Hersh on CNN's Late Edition talking about the covert ops going on inside of Iran right now

Also read Seymor Hersh's article in the New Yorker "Preparing the Battlefiled": "Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country's religious leadership. The covert activities involve support of the minority Ahwazi Arab and Baluchi groups and other dissident organizations. They also include gathering intelligence about Iran's suspected nuclear-weapons program..." >>> FULL TEXT


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to K Nassery

by Mehdi-Palang on

excuse me my friend....

What did the US do in 1963??

( do you mean 1953? )

These covert actions which you speak of mean the spilt blood of innocents.  The only way "this government" is going to be brought down is when the US and Israel stop threatening it and when the faults and shortcomings of the regime itself become apparent to the people of Iran. 

How can any domestic opposition be established if there is always the threat of foreign invasion looming in the air?

The US and UK messed with us back in 1953 and prevented us from having the kind of government that we wanted to have back then; then they interfered with the revolution of 1979 and pushed Saddam to take one of Iran's most precious provinces (Khusestan).  We had 8 years of war + sactions.  In the 90's there was an internal opposition established (giving us Khatami).  In 1999 the world saw that the IRI acted like any other power-hungry government as it violently suppressed the University riots.  Now we have arrived in the early part of this decade, and we (Iran) were internationally branded terrorists ("member of the axis of evil") by the hardliner Bush; thus clamping down on any domestic opposition movements because of the fear of foreign invasion.

I welcome anyones elses thoughts...


Leftist and Israeli

by XerXes (not verified) on

All Zionazis leftist and many right wings are all in denial that Iran is the super power of the middle east and none can do nothing about. Are they going to attack? So what is that going to do?
get Iran out of the NPT and remember to get the bomb ASAP and return the favor to Zionazis?

K Nassery

I thought that our CIA was totally incompetent...

by K Nassery on

You mean, that they are actually inside of Iran causing destabilization and forcing the regime to change...perhaps respond to the minorities demand for Humanitarian rights......

If al Quds members were being kidnapped on Iranian soil and taken to Iraq and Afghanistan for interrogation, I'm sure we'd hear about it.  How could the Iranians keep quiet about such events. 

 It's more likely that we are capturing al Quds inside of Iraq and Afghanistan where al Quds is running operations.  Iranians wouldn't complain about this because everyone would have to admit that Iran is training and helping attack Americans every day. I'm pretty sure that would mean we are at war with Iran and not in some kind of cold war.  We may have been stupid to go into Iraq, but we aren't complete idiots and we will go after Iranians that are causing trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I have listened to six Iranians who have recently been to Iran.  They claim that in the cities that they visted, the common people want his regime to end and for a democratic government that represents the will of the people to take over.  They'd like to do it peacefully, if they could. 

Maybe, the US could redeem itself in Iran.  If covert operations peacefully turn over this regime, it might make up for the bad thing that we did in 1963.  Kinda like setting the clock back to the correct time.  Hersh mentioned Charlie Wilson's War.  It seems covert ops can bring down the USSR, perhaps it will bring down the theocratic reigme in Tehran.



Janam Faadaye Rahbar

by jijo (not verified) on

Janam Faadaye Rahbar



by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its the policy of Dubaya to destabilize Iran. In this path, he has put 3 air craft carriers in Persian Gulf (only one was needed for Iraq genocide ) and various Israeli "leaks". This is the strategy, it is clearly understood a real attack will not happen. However between sanctions and the disinformation strategy, they are hoping for regime change. Time will tell how it plays, but its already been dismissed in Iranian radio. Peace to all.


that has not stopped Rajavi's gang from continuing to agitate fo

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

Have these poeple - the Mojahedins - done all those things out of their own enegy and paid for their activities? I think better they remember the last Perserkönig and his destiny. he also had counted with a little help of his freinds. In the moment as he needed their help they did not know him any more. so was it with sadam. As lang as he could be instrumenalized by his "friends" performing their purposes he was good, no terrorist any more and so on. As he asked for payment for his services begann his unfortune. The islamic republic of Iran is UNTOUCHABLE, UNVULNERABLE, UNCONQURABLE: because the founder of that republic have sacrificed blood and life to achieve what they have now. mr. Brown, that briton, means Mojahedins are no terrorists. Will try to keep them in Irak. A very dautfull idea. on the other day i read in the media: Brown claims proofs from Iran! The aditive: "he said that in his family-assembly and later to his best friends" was not present. Anyway I do not think that any attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran would ever take place. A support for it would be a unnecessary surplus. The best "possibility" to attack Iran was in a time as his majesty was stil in land and had weapons and american experts who could have helped him if the possibilty were a real one. It was not. Then came sarrakhss. I read in Time magazin: he sat down on the ground and cried. That was the commander of devilish job, a vietnam "veteran". since then the only possibility is stand. Attack on Iran is IMPOSSIBLE.


Such A Clown!by Zion on Mon Jun 30, 2008

by faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Such A Clown!
These past 4 years, how many times has he predicted a US invasion of Iran taking place in a few months?
my answer:
is thousends and one times. But HE has only made use of his freedom of speech and is not to blame, so I think. But SHAME upon us "IRANIAN"s that WE write and read million times more that the pigs and shakals bark and grunt. Put the blame on me that i read the nonecenses and put the blame on all of us "IRANIAN"s that we repeat these barkings and gruntings and force us to read them again and again. For reporting about an Iranian Film which has won the best preis in Moscow Film festival is "IRANIAN" apparently not good enough. However because of certain condditions i do want want to miss our "IRANIAN". Greeting


Gore Vidal

by Jad Bal Jad Tarzan's lion in the cartoon (not verified) on

If Iranians are not happy with Iran ,they'll do something about it. Bush can't help. Iraniand don't trust Americans. And if any of you are worried about Iran , if a war breaks out you'll need to decide between your us passport or a piece of land where you were born in.A piece of land where you are not welcome , you can't live in nor can you revive to what it used to be.I hope they don't attack Iran but if they do it will be the end of the only government in the world that is standing up to the made up country of Israel and its American buddies. US is a great country but its politicians are amongst the biggest idiots in the world.Left or right. And by the way , it's hiliarious to see how rich Iranians are now the new republicans :-)


Such A Clown!

by Zion on

These past 4 years, how many times has he predicted a US invasion of Iran taking place in a few months?! Such a joke. Funnier yet is those desperate leftist souls who still act as if this clown has any legitimacy left. LOL.


to mahmoudg

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Part of Hersh's article talks about bombs going off in mosques and public places. Now, I understand the narrow-minded mentality of some Iranians, you know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But this really is too much. You want to stand up with the US government and say you're with them, while they promote violence that is not surgical and is already killing civilians? Shame on you and your creed. The IRI is not the problem, it's only a symptom...a symptom of the cancer in Iranian society exemplified by the sort of mentality that would see fellow Iranian civilian die at the hands of foreigners just to make a small jab at IRI. What is the difference between you and IRI? They kill Iranians in the name of Islam and self-interest. You would have Americans kill them in the name of oil and hegemony. We, Iranians, should remember the likes of you, so that after the mullahs, we hang you from every pole in Iran!


What surgical attack?

by Anonymouszzzz (not verified) on


Which surgical attack are you referring to? The shock and aw campaign? or was it the mission accomplished you are overly excited about?

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's civilians are dead, and if they hadn't killed Sadam, you can bet he would be running Iraq right now.

Stop buying into all the BS you read in the western media. Mullah's are there to stay, and they deserve it as they've been more patriotic to iran than all who chose to abandon their home land in favor of the porn culture.

It's sad to say but it's the stock market that will decide if there will be an attack, at which time you will see the people in Iran rally behind the mullahs like you've never seen before.

The vatan fooroosh minority and their viking superiors will be wise to take note.


Support for any attack against Iran is treasonous

by AnonymousTehrani (not verified) on

Iran has every right to defend itself against those internal enemies who support an attack on its facilities. In 1988, Saddam's Iranian proxies, the Mojahedin-e Khalq, attacked Iran along its western border. The Rajavist forces were badly routed. However, that has not stopped Rajavi's gang from continuing to agitate for an attack against Iran, whether in the U.S. or European media or on the comments section of As bad as the mollahs' regime is (and it is definitely a lousy government), the Rajavist-Pahlavist mercenaries (i.e. the so-called "opposition" to the IRI) who are paid by their masters in Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv to put out propaganda, will make Iran's future far worse.


It's disgusting!

by Farzad B (not verified) on

I'm amazed how some so-called Iranians could be so naive! Surgical attack with the expense of thousand and thousands loss of lives? If Americans could do their jobs with surgical attacks as quickly and cleanly as you wish, they would have done that in Iraq and Afghanistan to change regimes long time ago. If you want to advocate war, please at least don't consider yourself Iranian.



by Dariush (not verified) on


to mahmoudg

by Mehdi-Palang on

I don't know when you last were in Iran, but the Iranians that are living there don't see things the way the do.  What you talk about is dangerously foolish.  How do you think those surgical strikes will be carried out? 

You do know that they are proposing to use mini-nukes on the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility don't you?  You do know that the city of Esfahan is near Natanz and the nuclear fall-out which results will dangerously harm the inhabitants of Esfahan and neighboring cities, right? 

This "surgical" attack will kill thousands of innocent Iranian citizens immediately.  Do you really think that the great mass of Iranians will then rally around America's cause, after it has murdered innocent Iranians?  I (personally) don't think so.  I think that it will further drive them into the arms of the most anti-American people of Iran's society. 

Hence the regime (and the mentality of the regime) will be strengthened and will last for generations to come.

I really hope you reconsider your position. 

 (also do you know what the bomb's radiation will do to Iran's pristine wilderness?)  For generations to come Iranian women will give birth to deformed children due to the bomb's harmful effects.




by mahmoudg on

Until the Islamic Regime is in place the world will not see peace.  Have said and will say it again, surgical attacks will undermine the regime and the people will do the rest.  Unless we are all on board on this, America will divy up Iran strarting with Khuzestan and ending with other provinces.  We iranians have to band together to remove the regime but keep the integrity of iran in tact.  Whether we like it or not US will attack, it is up to us Iranians to let the Congress and the administration (be it Democrats or Republicans) know, we will stand for regime change, but not breakup.