Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

ABC report

Really interesting. Azar Nafisi also provides her opinion on the subject: "... That is why it is so exciting to be a woman in Iran!"


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i was in iran over summer,

by Sami86 on

i was in iran over summer, and i really think out of all my cousins and my family and mty cousins friends i was the only one without plastic surgery. we went to a party with my 18 yr old cousin and she said how all the girls and most the guys have done their nose....and a few had done it more then once......



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Iranian guys with small girly noses look gay. Sofia Lauren the Italian actress of th 1960s was told not to get a nose job for the risk of losing work. The faomous actrees in the film "Dirty Dancing" got a nose job and did not get one film offer afterwards.


she even looked excited for women in Iran...Scary!

by Mondacantlogin (not verified) on

Another good clip. Thanks again PartyGirl.

It's definitely time for another female expert on Iranian social phenomena!


آذر خانم

امیر کبیر در بیمارستان امیر اعلم دنبال جراح برای آذر نفیسی (not verified)

باز از اون گنده گوزی های فرانسوی کردی؟
اگر زنان ایرانی برای آزادی دنبال جراحی بینی هستند، چرا شما برای رهائی از جهل، اقدام به جراحی مغز نمیکنید؟


I agree

by Iva (not verified) on

I agree with many others who said Nafisi's comment "it is so exciting to be a woman in Iran today" way out of touch.

Perhaps by exciteing Nafisi means

1) Taken to jail, raped and killed (case: Canadian journalist in Evin and Medical student in Hamedan)
2) Subject of descrimination (One of many cases: limited number of females, regardless of their scores are allowed into universities)
3) Lack of basic freedom (case: women must obey dress code or risk being arrested and beaten up).


man ham vaghti shenidam ke

by kofri (not verified) on

man ham vaghti shenidam ke Nafisi migeh "it's exciting living in Iran as a woman" loghate mashang omad be zehnam! hata be khiyale sayer aghsahr zanan dar iran. kojayash excitign ke jaye yekii az in zanha bashi ke ehtemal taraf shodan ba gasht o zahreh mari hay digeh daran? man nimigeram ke chi hast manzoresh az exciting!!! yeki be man komak koneh!! yade kartoone oftam "man midonam ma hamamoon akharesh mimireem"!!!


exciting living in Iran as a woman,give me a break!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

They have to cover themselves from head to toe in blak especially in small towns .These poor souls living in the south have the hardest time.These women live in a living hell.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I was avoiding this topic

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I can't stand the crap news stories about Iran. But Azar Nafisi is the biggest douchenozzle in Iranian punditry existence. The first commenter is right about her. She's a giant fame whore. Don't censor that because it's a western saying that has little to do with sex and more to do with selling your soul for fame. I didn't learn a single thing from what she said, except that she's a bigger douchenozzle than I thought before watching this. I think she should just keep reading Lolita and visit other cities in the world and write about reading it there. Iranians are not deprived, jesus christ god. If they were, would they go in droves to get their amazing sexy hooked schnozzles cut off? No. They'd eat rats and squirrels.


You guy are unbelievable

by Hosni (not verified) on

It appears every time there is somewhat a good news coming out of Iran, some people actually get upset and start making pessimistic comments or making fun of it. For most of us who live abroad and haven't seen Iran in many decades, there is a resentment towards anything coming from Iran, good or bad. That perhaps is rooted to a wasted life time, ALONE and away from home.


اقدس خانوم




اقدس خانوم پنجاه سالش بود که  خواب دید خدا جلوش وایستاده، پرسید......

- خدایا من کی‌ می‌میرم؟

- سی‌ و پنج سال دیگه !

اقدس خانوم بیدار شد و فرداش هر چی‌ داشت فروخت و خرج جراحی کرد، لبهاش قلوه ای، پوست صورت مثل دومبک، شیکم به کمر چسبیده،  ممه هاش که دیگه نگو ، از در کلینیک که اومد بیرون یه ماشین زد بهش و قزل قورتکی رفت اون دنیا!

اونجا خدا رو دوباره دید و گفت...

- تو به من گفتی‌ سی‌ و پنج سال دیگه ! پس چی‌ شد؟؟

- اه..اه..اه... ماشالله انقد جوون شدی بجا نیاوردم...باهاس ببخشین !



Iranians And Fashion!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

This is nothing new. Iranians have always been fashion conscious. Iranian women AND men who could afford it had plastic surgery decades ago.

When it came to fashion, Tehran was competing with Rome, London, New York and Paris.

Wealthier, fashion-conscious Iranians would fly to the fashion capitals of the world such as Rome, Paris and London to do their shopping of the latest arrivals. Men were also as well-dressed as women.

As for the plastic surgery, I heard about it as a kid and I am more than half a century old, now.

Contrary to what Ms. Nafisi claims, this has very little to do with Iranians' deprivity. If anything, it has to do with Iranians being able to spend more money on themselves.

Here's a joke:

At the age of thirty an average California woman has more plastic in her body than your Honda!



by Saeed K. (not verified) on

Aren't y'all always lecturing your foreign friends about Iran??
"Oh, Iranians like this...Iranians hate that...In Iran, people do Iran nobody does that..."

Each and everyone of you would have expressed your opinion, had you been asked.

Well they didn't ask YOU!

They asked HER, and she answered.

Get a life y'all!


is it exciting to be a woman in Iran?

by IRANdokht on

Is she out of her friggin' mind???

We're signing petitions here for Esha who was thrown in prison when trying to write about the 1 million signature campaign! so many women are fighting for equal rights and to stop the injustices done to women. So many of them are in jail or were killed...

Why is she so giddy and excited about women's life in Iran? is she going to live in Iran now? or is she sitting out here comfortably thinking women in Iran got it good?

Party Girl jan thanks for showing her true colors.


PS: I never liked her book anyway LOL


How about Azar?

by XerXes (not verified) on

She talks as if it's the reason of liberation to have cosmetic surgery in Iran. Well, how about Nafisi herself? She lives here, why did she have it?


Reading Nafisi bs in Miami

by A.P. (not verified) on

Right ON!


Azar Nafisi is pathetic

by reading-nafisi-b.s.-in-Miami (not verified) on

Isn't it amazing that Azar Nafisi has emerged as the ultimate expert on EVERYTHING related to Iran and Iranian women? Is there ever any subject about which she might simply say: "I don't know?!!" Since she has run out of political opportunities in Washington to opine about her extensive knowledge about EVERYTHING on Iran, she is now selling her expert opinion about plastic surgery, fashion, etc. I find this pathetic.