Condoms & sex ed

Iranian condom factory and classes on sex



Iran on the move

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

To greatness. By the way the enemies of Iran, be aware of the sizes of Iranian you know what, they might get you with it :p


RE: Anonymous211

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

Yes for young people or a couple that have never used condoms before, many mistakes can be done. I worked as a sex ed two years ago, and what he showed young people was that never use sharp nails or teeth to open the condom package, know which side is the right side, check for holes or anything suspicious, and if you put it on wrong, dont turn it around and try again, throw it away.


sheep skin condom

by al (not verified) on

is sheep skin condom still an in thing in iran? or do they go direct to the source instead! in Quom, as tarvijd/recommended in Islam?


embarrassed at 4:20 !

by al (not verified) on

don't let these women fool ya! and funny out of the whole clipp you picked a 420 moment!!


Condoms SUCK

by MM (not verified) on

I hate condoms :D


To Fatollah

by bachehdar (not verified) on

Fatollah jan it's not a matter of affording kids or not, shit happens!!!!


Oach! No Scalpel Vasectomy

by Faribors Maleknasri B.S. (not verified) on

I noticed at 1:05 minutes into the video clip there is shot of a 'No Scalpel Vasectomy' (NSV) clinic. NSV was developed in China in 1974. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia using two specialized instruments: an extracutaneous vas deferens fixation clamp and dissecting clamp. The primary difference between NSV and conventional incisional technique lies in the delivery of the vas deferens. In a traditional vasectomy, the surgeon makes one or two incisions to gain access to the vas deferens; in the no-scalpel method, a small puncture in size is all that required. The puncture hole is gently stretched to pull the vas deferens. Then the vas deferens is cut and both ends are cauterized and closed with titanium clips or tied. This method results in fewer complications and rarely requires sutures to close the surgical site. Recovery time is usually faster and less painful because the procedure itself is less traumatic.
Studies indicated that NSV has a lower incidence of infection and hematoma due to small puncture wound, no suture closure, minimal dissection and tissue trauma.


To John Carpenter III

by Deprived Iranian Man (not verified) on

They can give you "oral sex ANY TIME", but they don't ! You idiot, they are not making condoms for oral sex !


Just curious

by Anonymous211 (not verified) on

Does putting on a condom that complicated that there is a need for a class....Really?
Also those couples that are coming in who look like they are 40 and above, i really doubt they need training in how to have sex...The class they need is how to spice up the sex :)
Also I have to say that i really liked the different colors of condoms. Although as a guy i don't care for the pink one.


Barikalla! get so good at

by onmo (not verified) on

Barikalla! get so good at making these condoms safely and professionally so that you/we can export it worldwide... we can have a lot of things to export other than oil!
Bazam khanooma! Affarrin!


40 year old virgins!

by lily (not verified) on

Some of the male students are old, like 40!!!! forty year old virgin?! hahaha!


I felt bad for the embrassement of the chadori at 4:20.... akheyyyy


they made all this for mullahs

by hajiagha on

mullahs have so much sex and they need condom

ha ha ha ha


Sex vis a vis Iranian Women

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Who says Iranian Women are puritanical and frigid?
Iranian Women are the horniest sluts around. God bless them. They can give me oral sex any time. Look at the movie all those Iranian Women making rubbers (Condoms).


too late! On the other hand,

by Fatollah (not verified) on

too late! On the other hand, most do not afford many children in Iran anymore!