Completing Shamlou

Wife Aida working on Shamlou's unfinished works

JadidOnline: [WATCH] The late leading Iranian poet, Ahmad Shamlou, and his wife, Aida, lived and worked together for 40 years. Aida is now working on Shamlou's unfinished works, publishing them and preserving his legacy. In an exclusive interview with Jadid Online, she tells the story of their love and partnership in life  [WATCH] >>>FULL TEXT


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Mona Jan

by Shaer on

Thank You For The "Wonderful" Link  To Shamlou Reciting Khayyam's Poetry ..

I Found Two (2) More Recitations By Shamlou Of Khayyam At The Same YouTube Channel ..

I Never Forget That In The Early  80's I Came Across The Entire Cassette Tape Of This, And I Used To Listen To It Continuously ..

Although I "Love" Mowlana In My Heart, Nevertheless The "Genius" Of Khayyam Does Something To Your Entire "Soul" ..

I Am Always In "Awe" Of The Great Geniuses That Our Beloved Land Has Produced ..

Many Thanks Again .. :)

Mona 19

Many Thanks...

by Mona 19 on

... Great & Beautiful Soul..Rouheshan shad

Mrs.Shamloo Many Thanks to you for all your hard works, and Very interesting Video( I enjoyed watching it and listening to your voice) I do appreciate it...I love all his poems, and Ofoghe roshan is my favorite.

Yad va khatereshan gherami bad

Bahram9821,Many thanks to you for sharing it with us.

Shaer,Thank You for the links.



Enjoy :) 

one of his tape is Robaeeiate Khayyam...VERY NICE.


Ofoghe Roshan



What a Pitty

by Danesh, Abol Hassan, (not verified) on

Great writes, great poets, great thinkers, great mind at the end must be burried in the proximity of this or that obscure imamzaddeh as if all the great stuff of mind and achievement and their great iranian spirits are monopolized by these dubious dieties...

Let's from there on set aside a parcel of iranian soil for these great iranian minds for their burrial sites so in this way they are honored as truly Iranians Heroes belonging to Iranian heritage and Iranian spirit of greatness...

Enough of Imazaddeh! Enough!


Thank God there are no likes

by Critic (not verified) on

Thank God there are no likes of Shamloo around any more!



by Majid on

Age kasi Shamlou baashe, Ida peidaa meesheh! 


zanaaye irani yaad beghiran,

by Anonymous9999999999999 (not verified) on

in rooza az in zana dighe peida nemishe.


Very Nice Indeed

by Shaer on

Many Thanks .. :)

For More information on Shamlou, please Check The Following Links:

Official Website: //

Wikipaedia: //


Thank for the link. That was

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Thank for the link. That was very nice.